Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October To Do List

Newlywed Bliss
I'm excited for the fun things we have coming and honestly just excited for everyday life! We're having a great time settling in (with the exception of a couple mini-melts) and little things like cooking dinner, sitting together on the couch watching tv and running errands (sort of) are really fun to us right now after all the craziness we've had!

6th Date Night
Each month on the 6th of the month (or close to it - depending what's going on) we're going to have a special date night - something we wouldn't normally do - to celebrate all our little anniversaries during our first year of marriage! Up this month: Ruth's Chris with a wedding gift card :)

Fall Festivities
A trip to pumpkinland, pumpkin picking, decorating for fall, enjoying cool nights on our deck, Halloween, fall crafting, fall recipes - we'll just roll this all into one - I LOVE this time of the year when it's chilly but not to cold and leading up to the holiday season, there's so many activities to partake in!

Penn State Football
We've been slacking on our attendance at games so far (I think we have a good excuse) but we're ready to be back and we'll take a break from our spree of staying at home for the biggest game of the year, a white out and a big tailgate!
Just because we've been slacking in attendance, doesn't mean we haven't been slacking in watching - we even tracked the game in Bora Bora while we were away and when we get our photos back there will be one of Steve and I watching the game just before leaving for the wedding ceremony!
Get Our House Organized  
We are certainty not going to just hang things on the walls so they look finished or put things on bookshelves so it looks decorated - We are going to take our time and get exactly what we want for our house - we don't want to rush so we'll probably save this project for after the holidays (what better of a time then the dead of winter to spend hours on Pinterest figuring out exactly what you want) - but we most certainty will have our house clean and organized and by the end of this month this task should be completed!
Learning to Cook
We're hoping to try out two new recipes a week this month! (so far we've been successful) the other nights we'll go "home" to Mom & Steve's or try a repeat or eat something quick or eat out - on occasion

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