Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday Shopping Session

What better start to a Saturday then kick it off with a little shopping?! 

We've got my favorite pieces from Lilly's summer line, my favorite recent purchases (many of which were/are still on sale) and a couple sale highlights.. let's go!

I couldn't let the release of Lilly Pulitzer's summer line go by without highlighting my top five pieces…
Scuba to Cuba: Deanna Tank Top Romper // I've been really liking rompers and I love that this one has shoulder straps, looks very lightweight and has a cute belt tie.

Feeling Tanked: Riled Tassel Infinitely Loop Scarf // If I didn't already have a handful of Lilly scarves, this would already be in my shopping cart.  I love the color combo (seems a little toned down than other items in this pattern) and the tassels on the scarf.

Tusk in the Sun: 5" Buttercup Shorts // The elephant pattern is adorable and I love any of the scallop type shorts

Hot Wings: Britton Short Sleeve Henley Dress // This dress is perfect because the dresses that run S/M/L are usually a little bit more comfortable material and great for day to day outfits.

Scuba to Cuba: Sleeveless Essie Top // In addition to this pattern, I think this style of shirt is new - it resembles the much loved Elsa tops and is only available for pre-order right now but looks like a winner.

A couple favorite recent purchases… 
all of my recent purchases and wish list picks are currently on sale! 

Ever since I was so impressed with Old Navy's flannels this winter - I've popped in there from time to time.  I said I had to run into Old Navy the other day and my stepdad was taken back and said did we go back to middle school, ha!  I haven't really been in there in a while and I was wondering if it was just winter they were doing well with this year but they are not letting down.  I started off with these shorts and wore them two days in a row before Bermuda that I had to take advantage of the 50% off sale a little bit ago and get these too.
As far as other shorts (I don't want to go too overboard so I'm waiting) but I've got my eye on these and these (I love anything navy blue/white - clearly).  The second pair looks SO comfortable - I love these comfy/cute shorts that are in this year.

This dress (also comes in black/black pattern/orange and there is a red pattern similar) was one of my favorite picks - it's light weight (sometimes maxi dresses don't breathe) AND comes in petite or tall - I always have to get maxi dresses hemmed so I was really impressed when this one arrived ready to wear!

Since I now know that Old Navy has petite sizes online - other dresses on the wish list are: this one and especially this one.

Last but not least from Old Navy - I've been slightly into rompers this year (late to jump on that train) but I ordered this one (also comes in plain black) thinking it was 50/50 if I'd like it -- Win! I loved it, very light and comfortable and I can't wait to wear it!
 As far as rompers - I've got my eye on this one.


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  1. ooooh I love that black and white maxi from Old Navy - I just got the email from them this morning that bathing suits are 10 dollars today but I may also have to look for that dress!! Thanks for the find :-)

  2. I love shopping! Love that scarf and those maxi dresses. I don't like rompers on my body, but that black one is pretty fabulous looking.

  3. I bought the Old Navy floral shorts and a soft coral pair for a cruise to Hawaii recently. They are the most comfortable shorts I've worn in a while. I loved them and they were perfect for our trip!

  4. Great shopping picks and purchases, girl! Old navy is one of my favorite places to shop - they've really upped their game in recent years.

  5. Old Navy is KILLING IT lately! I love it. They also run the best sales and promos, so it's perfect!