Thursday, April 30, 2015

Own It {Linkup}

Welcome to the first Own it linkup!
Own anything, big or little.
Share that "little thing you do"
Have a confession session.
Things from the past week/month/yesterday or just in general.
Share a few things, a lot of things, go in depth, be simple
Just be you.

It looks like you guys really enjoyed reading some of my favorite ladies own it while I was enjoying beautiful BermudaI really LOVE reading others' posts because everyone goes in a different direction creatively so it's fun to see each take on how to own it.  My other favorite reason is that you can find other people that do those same crazy things you do!

In case you missed it...
Jenn from Going the Distance 
and I owned it too.

And today, I've got another great lady owning it too!
Welcome, Erika from a little bit of everything
I didn't want to skip out on the owning it too so my "vacation week owning it's" are at the bottom.

Let's get started...
{1} Link back to The New Mrs. and/or share the graphic
{2} Link your post at the bottom of this post
{3} Enjoy reading everyone else own it, confess it and have fun!

I wasn't planning on having a guest today but then I found the Queen of owning it, Erika because she featured one of my favorite bloggers, Elise in, you guessed it, her owning it series... how fun!  I then had a couple of you tell me I'd enjoy her "Owning it" series so I just knew I had to invite her over for the linkup today.  Since I switched my blog from private to public I've been joining Erika and her friends in their Friday Favorites series (join in tomorrow!) and now can't wait to continue reading her blog daily... you should too because she is so sweet, would be a blast to hang out with and has the most precious family!

Hey Everyone!!  I'm Erika and I blog over at A Little Bit of Everything.  I'm a Jesus-loving wife, mama to three, blogger, and Rodan + Fields' consultant.  I love all things girly and am not afraid to claim my crazy!  Christina found my blog last week and discovered I have an "Owning It" series over in my neck of the blog-world too (Every month I ask a fellow blogger to guest post and share her crazy).  She asked me to come and participate in her series.  There was absolutely NO way I was saying, "No" to that!  I love owning my crazy and sharing it with others. I'm so happy to be here with you today!  Christina...thank you for having me!!

*I have an issue with doing things in order.  It bothers me to flip through a recipe book and make a recipe on page thirty-three.  Even if page thirty-three looks SO delicious, I'd prefer to start at the beginning and work my way to the end.  Remember that movie where the girl cooks her way through Julia Child's cookbook??  I can relate!  haha!  I remember being young and not allowing myself to color my favorite picture in the coloring book.  I always worked my way through it.  I like to start at the beginning and work my way to the end!

*When my husband is out of town and I get the kids to bed, I often reward myself with food.  It could be strawberries and Nutella, a little bowl of cereal, or a brownie.  But a big majority of the time, this is the way I say, "Way to go, girl!".  Not sure what is better....doing some late night online shopping or eating dessert.  Tab would say, "Eat up!".  :)

*This one is super strange, but I'm owning it!!  ha!  If you ask me how to spell something, I visualize how I would type it.  Does that make sense??  I imagine typing the word and then it's easier for me to spell something out loud.  I know.  Super cray-cray.

*On that same note when I was in junior high a girlfriend asked me how to spell, "crap". Please excuse that language, Grandma!  But that's the word she wanted me to spell.  For some strange reason, I thought it was spelled C-R-A-P-H.  You know how the D-word has an extra random letter at the end that has no phonemic significance?  Well, I thought for some weird reason that crap (or craph) was the same way.  hahaha!!  Needless to say, she spelled it like I told her and her boyfriend laughed and laughed at her.  Oops!  To this day, I know that it's spelled, "C-R-A-P", but if you ask me how to spell it I'll want to put an "H" on the end.

*I'm from a super small country town in Missouri.  My graduating senior class had twelve people.  Yes, twelve.  Eight girls and four boys.  On the seniors' last day, we wanted to go out with a bang.  It was the country after all.  We decided to all drive four-wheelers, three-wheelers, whatever you had to school that day instead of a car.  We all met up before driving into school so if someone didn't have something to drive we all shared.  I drove our four-wheeler, but my very favorite part about it was one of my classmates drove his tractor.  I'm one hundred percent happy I live in the city now, but at times my country roots definitely shine through.  I think back on that last day of school and smile!

*In high school, I would have used the word "athletic" to describe myself.  I'm not even kidding.  But I can't use it anymore.  From fifth grade to graduation I played volleyball.  I played for my school, on club teams, and went to camps each summer.  I was all in and pretty good.  I made All-District...that makes me sound legit, right?  haha!!  So my first year of teaching third grade the school where I taught has a huge kickball tournament the last week of school.  The classes all play each other and then the winners play each other and eventually the number one student team plays the teachers.  That is a BIG game with an announcer, parents watching, and the entire school in attendance.  I was only twenty-two years old I should have been the star on the kickball team, right?  So wrong!  First off...when it was my turn to kick I completely missed the ball.  My leg went right over the top!  Then when I was in the field....the ball went right through my legs.  Needless to say, I would NEVER use the word "athletic" to describe myself again. 

*I'm not an pet person.  Growing up we had a couple random dogs and cats, but none that ever really became a part of the family.  Living out in the country, they were all outside pets.  But my son, Nixon, is obsessed with dogs and has been since he could talk!  I'm mentally preparing myself for getting him a dog when he's seven.  I think I told him that when he was three because it seemed SO FAR AWAY.  Well, he just turned five!!  EEK!!

*I'm a good mix of crazy disorganized and organized.  I lose my debit card ALL THE TIME!  It drives my husband crazy!  But if you asked me where Ebby Lee's blue polka dot dress was or Nixon's baseball belt...I could tell you EXACTLY where they are. 

*The phrase "we should go dancing" has never left my mouth.  (I totally copied this from a friend!)  I think the only time dancing is fun is at a wedding when your doing ridiculous things like the Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance.  

Christina, thank you SO much for having me!!!
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Erika, Thank YOU so much for joining in on the own it fun today! I loved getting to know a little bit more about you!  Now that I've read all your Owning it & Claiming the crazy posts, I'm wondering why I haven't read your blog on a daily basis sooner?!   Your owning it series is fabulous and everyone must check it out!  What a perfect fit for a guest post today - don't you think!?


It's tough to go after Erika but I want to be part of the fun too. These posts seem to be a real favorite all over blog land and I love having girls share their posts - let's face it, they are SO fun to read and it helps connect the blog community and find new friends!

Today I bring you a couple "vacation week" own it's...

1 + Remember when Karly & I both owned calling our mom's too often (which really, never!) well I did it again! You know, vacationing with my husband in bright & sunny Bermuda and I just have to call my mom to say hey in the morning.  I think she even thought I was a little crazy when I started off with my normal, "what are you doing" and she said well it's 7am here.  On a Saturday so I'm just waking up.  Ooops - forgot about that time difference and she probably forgot I'd keep up with my constant need to be in touch.

2 + I may or may not have gotten teary eyed about saying goodbye to Stella and I will own the heck out of that! She's my little baby and my sidekick - I mean, I even pack her up and bring her to the office! Derek gave a toast at dinner one night and I followed it up with "... and cheers also to Stella." Cue the crazy look I got.  Anyway, I may or may not have gotten a little teary eyed picking her back up from the puppy resort.

3 +  I can't stand the fact that we didn't unpack until Tuesday night.  I had high hopes of doing it the night we got back but those went right out the window.  It was just completely eating at me that our clothes/everything were just sitting in the suitcases.  Also that the clutter that the suitcases were causing on our bedroom floor.  Which we have a fairly large sized bedroom so by no means were they in the way.  AT ALL.  Just bothering me that they were there, full of dirty clothes, and sitting.


 Ok, your turn! Link up below - I can't wait to read them all.  If you missed out today, the linkup runs through the weekend so join in or come back the last Thursday (5/28) of next month!

Make sure to pop on over to Erika's blog and say hello! Seriously, you'll lover her!

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  1. Christina, thank you so much for having me today!!! It was fun sharing my crazy and reading yours as well. :)

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Erika's post and also your few, Christina! No shame for calling for your mom - I'm like that too! And I hope to have that closeness with my daughter!

  3. Loved reading Erika's owning it--I just learned that we had high school volleyball and club teams in common!
    And Christina, I don't blame you at all for getting teary eyed leaving Stella. I can totally relate to those feelings! Love this idea for a link up! :)

  4. Oh goodness! This was so much fun! I love reading posts like this!! And listen, Erika, your sweet son needs a dog! He will be the BEST little dog owner ever :).

  5. I 100% called my mom every day on vacation - it's just a natural thing...even when we were in Europe I'd find the time to call her every other day, that's when my husband thought I was crazy lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Sometimes you need that extra night to unwind, instead of unpacking! :)

  7. I found your blog from erikas! So glad I found it !!!!

  8. Haha! So funny, Erika! My favorite story is the tractor story. Hysterical!!

  9. So fun! Erika, we've got to talk about the order thing. Do you even cook stuff you aren't interested in? I'm intrigued! :)

  10. Ha ha!! I love this. Such a fun topic. I'm definitely gonna have to get in on this action. :)

  11. I love these types of posts! & there is no such thing as calling your mom too much, or calling too early!

  12. Erika, it was so fun getting to know you! I love that you come from such a small town. And, your family is darn precious.

    Christina, I still call my mom on vacation, too! I bet miss Stella was so happy to see you - that's always a wonderful feeling coming home to them. :)

  13. Love this new series! I will definitely be joining in next month! Thanks for creating such a fun link-up!

  14. Great new link up! And loved your lineup of awesome ladies while you were on vacay :)

  15. I also have the need to unpack the second we get back from vacations! Laundry is usually humming about an hour after we get home. Loving this link up! Thanks for hosting :)

  16. Cute linkup! Please remind us about this for next month, lady :)

  17. I love Erika's blog and your blog! Thanks for starting this link up:)

  18. Love the cheers to Stella! Haha!

  19. I love all the "owning it" going on in this post. I have to admit that unpacking those suitcases wouldn't bother me one bit, clutter like that doesn't get to me until one day I'll just have to clean it all..and then the cycle repeats for about another month. ;) Hopefully, T doesn't mind to much.

  20. Such a fun post! We all have things that we need to own, and I love your link up!

  21. I love this, Christina! I don't know how I missed it! I definitely hope to link up next time! :)