Sunday, May 3, 2015

Liebster Award + April Review

I'm playing a little bit of catch up around here today with some overdue posts combined into one.

{Liebster Award}
This is a little delayed but I was recently a while ago nominated by Ashley and Chelsea for the Leibster award! This is such a great way to find new blogs.  Speaking of that, make sure to check out both these girls.
They each gave me 10 questions and in the interest of time - I picked five of each of theirs
so, here we go!
 {2015 - what is your biggest goal?}
Definitely just enjoying the year and living in the moment.  Last year aka the year of the weddings (not only our own but plenty others) was so much fun but also so hectic.  We are SO enjoying just flying under the radar and ENJOYING day to day activities and just being normal so to speak.  I'm enjoying living in the moment more, having free time and just doing what we really want to do instead of just saying yes to everything.  So far, so good!

{Prefer to swim in the ocean or the pool?}
I had to think about it a little bit - but the pool.  Definitely the pool.  The water is more calm and usually warmer.  I'd would definitely rather lay by the ocean though.  Love that ocean breeze.

{The Perfect Day}
My perfect day could go in so many directions.  At this point in time with the season we are in I would say a day with not much planned, lots of time outside, a family dinner on the deck (definitely with a glass of wine in hand), possibly a long walk thrown in there too.  Oh, with my friends visiting us too - they would definitely be at that dinner on the deck too.  I guess we should just call it a party on the deck.
Ask me in the fall or winter or even mid summer.. and my answer would most likely vary because I could have SO many answers to this question.

{Most want to travel but have never been}
Definitely England! I've never been anywhere over there but I'm mostly eyeing London.  We talked about going this summer but after our international travel for the honeymoon we decided we want to stick with primarily just domestic travel for a couple years.  But we'll see, we could change our minds!

{Favorite Family Tradition}
Definitely holidays. We have SO many traditions for each holiday - they are a big deal in our house.  We celebrate big.  Absolute favorite would be Christmas Eve/Christmas morning.  We do it big.  Always to dinner at a cute, local restaurant then to church service and just family time at home for Christmas Eve.  The next morning brings matching pajamas, a huge session under the tree and a big ole breakfast - would never miss it!  It's so important to me that I had the holiday talk with my husband BEFORE we got engaged :)

{Favorite Holiday}
Stemming off that last one, it's of course Christmas! I love doing "Christmasy" things all throughout the month of December.

{Anywhere to live.. Where}
My husband and I frequently play this game actually! I can say with certainty it would be Dallas, TX or Beverly Hills, CA.  If we didn't love where we live SO much, we would have probably moved.  In the future we'd love to rent a house in one or both of those locations during the winter to get to experience that different aspect of life but not have to move! win win.

{Dream vacation}
It was Bora Bora but we crossed that off the list for our honeymoon.  {you can read about it here}
Next up I would probably say is traveling to Europe!

{Favorite room in the house}
This is a huge toss up.  I love my peaceful time in my office.  I love cooking in the kitchen.  I love watching TV on my bed.
But I would probably have to say the living room.  We spend the most time in there as a family and it's so cozy and relaxing.


{April Review}
Each month I like to do a little recap of the month - mostly for myself to remember everything :)
It's probably not super interesting since I've shared everything before (unless you missed it!) so it makes for a nice little weekend post…

I finished up sharing the details of our wedding with sharing the little details and how I made my ladies room baskets & bridesmaids survival kits.

We had some great date nights including this one to Bonefish grill.
and a great date night in at home

We did a huge spring closet clean out.  Eight trash bags huge.

We hosted our first holiday.  Sort of.  We hosted an Easter Eve  dinner.

We had the best time and great weather on Easter

Stella got her second haircut and was looking fabulous and I shared a little update on her.

I re-shared some details of our Bora Bora honeymoon.
We got in lots of relaxing and low-key nights
We made a trip up to Syracuse, NY to visit Derek's family on the farm

Our wedding album accidentally was rush ordered and came in after two weeks.

We made it to our first, yet very cold Phillies game with Mom & Steve

We finally enjoyed some spring like weather.

We had a great family birthday celebration for Steve's birthday

We had an amazing trip to Bermuda with recaps coming in May!

It was a fantastic month and I'm so happy spring is finally here and beyond ready for summer!

Favorite April Posts:
A note to future brides
Spring entertaining tips
Four for Thursday
Owning It which lead to the Own it linkup
Easter Recipes which featured the Cadbury Egg Trifle, confetti bars & hash brown casserole
In preparation for our trips I shared vacation planning tips as well as what's in your carry on

Happy Sunday - tonight we're having our first BBQ at the new house & having some family over!


  1. Christmas is my favorite holiday, too! I love everything about it and I pretty much start celebrating right after Halloween! This past week, my husband and I watched some of our friends' boys while they flying home from NYC. I let the 3 year old pick out a book for me to read him before bed and he picked out The Polar Express--he's a boy after my own heart! I loved reading a Christmas book in April haha!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing month! It was fun to read the answers to your questions and the recap since I am a new reader and I think I missed the beginning of the month! Happy May :-)

  3. I would love to go to London, too! My husband has been and loved it, so we are going to try and go at some point in the day! :)

  4. Love this! I'm with you, my favorite part of our apt is the living room. Hope you had a great time at the BBQ :)

  5. Bora Bora and Bermuda! Those pics have me wishing my Maui trip would be much closer. And Im all about the Christmas vibes too