Thursday, May 28, 2015

Saint Michaels Spotlight

**No own it link up this month but check back for the last Thursday of June - I'll post a reminder the Friday before! Enjoying the holiday weekend was just too sweet :)  I figure if I'm still catching up from the weekend, most others are too.**

In my opinion, the best way to prepare for a trip, quick getaway, etc. is recommendations.  Who knows better than someone who has already BEEN there themselves???  So, I want to be better about sharing actual details from our travel adventures so it can help someone else out in upcoming travels; plus it helps me remember for the future.

Some of the best activities, restaurants, hotels, etc. I've done on trips have been through other's experiences and I really love getting to look see/read about the location beforehand. 

So, today I've got my first travel spotlight… on Saint Michaels

One of my favorite parts of this crazy life is traveling to see all the different places and ways of life.

Saint Michaels is the cutest little quaint and quiet town right on the water.  Think white picket fences, rocking chairs and porch swings, lots of flowers, beautiful greens, quiet streets and plenty of seafood.

Everything in the little town is within walking distance for the most part.  You are never too far from the water and there are boats everywhere.

Carpenter Street Saloon: There was live music, fresh popcorn and it was a great time.  You can also eat here for breakfast and lunch.  There is a main bar on the first floor and a second one on the upper level. This is also the bar I talked about yesterday where everyone was so friendly and we all ate cupcakes.

St. Michaels Crab & Steak House: A huge variety of a menu with indoor seating, outdoor seating as well as an indoor and outdoor bar.  This spot is also dog friendly and was one of our favorite meals - had we of stayed longer, we probably would have been back for more.  We had dinner here the first night as well as an appetizer and drinks the second night.

There's a few cute little markets right within walking distance and so many displays of fresh flowers to bring home and enjoy.

The Preppy Redneck: One of my favorite stops! The cutest little store with everything from clothes to accessories to tons of Scout products, home decor and everything crab.
Two of the pray big pillows came home with us (one for my Mom) and I couldn't be loving it more - it adds a perfect touch to one of our couches.

Flying Fred's: A small little boutique with treats, toys and more for our furry friends.  I was in awe in this store picking out what to bring home for Stella and Nash.  The pink and blue birthday cookies you might have noticed them enjoying for their birthday celebrations were from here as well as a couple more (well enjoyed) treats for each of them.

Patriot Boat Cruises: We love seeing the area we are visiting from the water and got tickets for this boat cruise right away.  There's not a ton to see but it's really nice to be on the water as well as reasonably priced.  There's a snack bar on board so you can enjoy a drink and snack along the little over an hour cruise through the area.

Dog Friendly: This little town is 100% dog friendly! We had no clue and slowly started realizing it - had we known we would have brought our little princess.  Well since she's still a pup she might not have been ready this year, but I definitely foresee Stella and Nash getting a vacation of their own next summer.

A lot of the restaurants with outdoor seating are dog friendly and will even bring over a little water bowl for the pups too.  There are also bowls of water outside most of the stores and canisters of treats on the counters. 

St. Michals Winery: Right on the edge of town this can either be a quick stop or an hour or two adventure.  Wine is $1 per tasting (you can't beat that!) and you can try as many as you'd like of their 18 wines… including a package for all 18! We tried 5-6 and it was perfect for us because Derek primarily likes red and I only like white so we were able to pick the ones we wanted to try.

Biking: In addition to being dog friendly, this area was super bike friendly which we loved! You could bike all over and even just park your bike outside for lunch or dinner - one of my favorite parts.

Marcoritaville: This cute margaritaville type place had the most fun seating in town.  We ate lunch here on our last day and you can't quite beat the atmosphere - or the drinks :)

Some other favorites…
Eats:  The Crab Claw, The Town Dock, 
Treats: JoJo's Cupcakes, Justine's Ice Cream Parlor, 
Shops: Chesapeake Trading Company, The Christmas Shop, Chesapeake Bay Outfitters 

If your in Maryland this is a great vacation town but also from the Philadelphia area it's about two hours away and just under two hours from the DC area. If your into boating - boat right into town.  We had a great time reading on the boats where they were from.

What's your favorite quick weekend getaway??


  1. Thanks for the spotlight. With this quaint place only one state away it's totally a long weekend kind of vacay for me and le husband. The winery is totally my favorite ;)!

  2. I love that you highlighted your trip and gave us all of the details. I will definitely be looking into going here! :)

  3. I loved the more in depth look of this cute little town!! If I ever make it there I'll know what to do and I sure hope I do since it's so gorgeous!!! I love when you don't need your car to get around! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Such a cute little town that I had never heard of, but is now totally on my radar. It reminds me of Cape Cod.. love! And the best part hands down is that it's 100% doggy friendly :-D

  5. this is adorable!!! i would LOVE to be here right about now!

  6. i loved the tour through the town! my mom's fam is from MD, and I never explore it enough.

  7. This place is seriously adorable! So quaint and quiet but still gorgeous and fun!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  8. I seriously can't get over how cute this place is - you found a real gem, and I hope I can visit eventually!

  9. Thanks for sharing! I love how quaint the town is! Exploring the North East is definitely on my traveling list!

  10. I love that it's dog friendly! And $1 tastings? Sign me up!

  11. Sounds like the perfect little town. I wish we had more of those type of quaint towns down here.

  12. Aw I love St. Michaels! We would stay in Easton and bike over to St. Michaels for the wine tastings! I still have some wine from our last trip! One time we tried to bike there and the ferry was closed!! So we had to bike back, like a 20 mile ride with no wine at the end!! :(

  13. I really want to visit this town now! It looks so perfect and picturesque!

  14. I am a California girl, born & raised, but I swear I should have been born on the East Coast! I love cute towns like this!!! My cousin & her family live in D.C and I think we need to go visit them and then make a weekend trip to Saint Michaels. What a darling town! Thanks for spotlighting it! :)

  15. I think I would like Saint Michaels. Looks like it still has a lot of charm and hasn't been too over-commercialized.

  16. This looks so cute it isn't even funny! (as do you!) xo

  17. Wow!! What a beautiful place. That may have to go on my to visit list!!

  18. What a beautiful town! Your pictures are gorgeous! Xo, Stephanie