Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bermuda {Part One}

We got back from an amazing getaway to Bermuda last week.
It ended up being under two hours flying time from Philadelphia.
The water was comparable to Bora Bora in certain areas.  The beaches were beautiful.  The grass so green.  The people so nice.  The food so good.  Everything in Bermuda was just perfect.
We'll most definitely be going back.
It wasn't quite to their summer season yet but we highly enjoyed the off season.  Temperatures reached mid to high 70's each day and other than one thunderstorm for an hour or two as well as a quick tropical shower - the weather was perfect! I'd much rather prefer 70's and enjoyable than high 80's and getting so hot you need to run into the ocean.
We stayed at the Fairmont Southampton which was pink (first plus) and was on a beautiful property with lots to do and plenty of restaurants.

{Day One}
Ready for paradise.  We enjoyed a drink or two - the flight attendant said to Derek you look like a doubles kind of guy and doubled up the bloody and before we knew it we were in beautiful Bermuda!
After getting some great views of the island on the ride to the hotel we checked out our room - which they kindly asked if we wanted to upgrade for just a little more than we were already paying before we even arrived - the staff was all so nice and kind! And especially the balcony view.
Within about a half hour we were down by the beach gazing at the beautiful blue water.  We shared lunch right at our beach lounges and of course a tropical cocktail.

We headed back up to the lounge to enjoy happy hour with some complimentary appetizers and my love of the cheese tray grew.
After a little relaxing we took the hotel shuttle down to their restaurant on the water, The Water Lot Inn, and grabbed drinks on the dock before we ate.  The dock was probably our favorite spot - live music with a great singer as well as a beautiful backdrop.
One of many sunsets we enjoyed.
The Inn has been there for years so they have you wait in this little cozy lounge area until your taken to the lower level to your table.
We left completely stuffed and loved every piece of food we ate.

some views of the room… 
like I said above, the kindly reached out to us to upgrade our room before we arrived and we couldn't have been more pleased with it! The extra space was so nice to have. 

{Day Two}
I could sit on balconies for hours - mornings are one of my favorite times and this fabulous balcony was no exception.
We did some light breakfast in the lounge and checked out the shops quickly before checking out the pool - per Derek's request then it was back to the beach!  The hotel was high up on a perch so we took a trolley down to the private beach each day - they were always running so the wait wasn't super long.
Today we actually decided to walk down to the beach instead of taking the trolley and I was so glad we did - the walk gave great views from so many different angles - it was one of my favorite parts!
The views on the way down were so gorgeous
Instead of lunch at our chairs today we decided to sit down for lunch at the Ocean Club complete with nice cold beers and chips/guac appetizer.  We took our time and enjoyed the views and chatting.
Before we settled into our chairs we adventured over to one of the popular beaches close by, Horseshoe Beach, to check out the views over there.
Derek decided to take the adventure of climbing up this rock to check out the view from the top...
I was not having any of it until he said how pretty it was and that it actually wan't that hard to climb up in flip flops so I asked him to come back down to go back up with me.
I was glad I went up because the views of the water were pretty spectacular from the top - much better than the bottom.
After some beach lounging a tropical twenty minute shower popped up so we took cover at the beach bar before heading back up to the pool to finish out the day since the sun was back out within about a half hour.
We went back down to the dock, our favorite and decided to venture into the town of Hamilton for dinner on this night.
We dined on an upstairs balcony at a place called the Pickled Onion which had a really fun vibe.  When we walked back inside it had turned into a bar area.  We both got the New Orleans feel from the main street in town too.
The we stumbled upon one of our favorite spots - I thought this little entry way was an ice cream shop but we could hear great music playing really loudly so we went in to ask how to get to it (if we would have just walked to the side we would have saw) and they let us through and it was this cute little British like bar outside.
We had the best time being outside, dancing and enjoying the music.  One of us was really working the dance floor… 
On the way out I was quite happy to see my (old) initials on the gate to the park!

The rest of our trip and part two on Thursday… 

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