Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May Goals

So I know we're almost halfway through May but better late than never, right?! These aren't life changing, huge goals we're talking about here.. Just a couple fun things to hope to add to the month and make it a little bit better… 

To briefly name a few that have already been accomplished… 
Celebrate Mom and enjoy Mother's Day
Nights outside on the deck
More weekends home
*see, I said fun and easy :)*

1 {Finish the deck setup and outdoor decorating}
Our deck is almost complete - we've made so much progress - We just need to set up our table/chairs and get some flowers for out there.  We've also got to figure out what we're going to do with our lower deck area and balcony - we've got one more little set of chairs and a side table but because of the construction can't figure out where to set it up.  I also am really really wanting to get some flowers to brighten up the outside and a front door wreath.

2 {Don't overload the weekends}
Our weekends are slowing down which is awesome but I know won't last for long - I think just about everyone is busier when the weather gets nicer.  We have a streak of a few at home and I've been known to overload us with too much activity/to do's/gatherings/etc.  I'm really making an effort to just pick a few things and not overdue it.

3 {Finish up a few more rooms and house projects}
I kind of got side tracked from finishing up our house decorating.  When we moved in some people kept saying you've got to decorate, you've got to get it done but I knew I wasn't in a rush and the perfect time would come and things are slowly falling into place.  BUT we finished building our house last July so I'm determined to have the house fully decorated by the end of June if not before so it's within a year - I'm hoping to finish up the bathrooms and make a lot of progress on the basement aka the Saloon bar/Man cave area.

4 {Find some new grilling recipes}
Kind of going along with this theme of always wanting to be outside - we love to grill in the summer and I'd really like to learn a couple new grilling recipes to spice things up as well as some good summer sides - the Pinterest search should be fun :)

5 {Host a couple gatherings on the deck}
Now that the deck is set up - well enough - I want to host some people out there other than just Derek and I! Should have some plans in motion soon.

6 {Enjoy the holiday weekend}
Our plans for Memorial Day Weekend are still up in the air but all I know is that I want to do something simple, relax and enjoy! We originally talked about flying somewhere but couldn't pull it together in time and are now thinking about a mix of an overnight somewhere and some good time at home.. We shall see!
A look back at April's goals…

1 {Enjoy Easter}
Gosh, it seems like SO long ago but we had the best Easter! Our celebrations lasted all weekend long - Derek and I hosted a pre Easter dinner for my family and then we had a big group together for a brunch on the actual day.

2 {Spring Cleaning}
Yes!! Getting our closet switch done was huge - we just powered through and got it done in the span of one (long) morning.  This past weekend (so I guess a little past April) we did our outside clean up so we're ready to just enjoy.

3 {Big Giveaway}
Another check mark - we took about 6-8 big trash bags to good will earlier in the month.

4 {Vacation}
We had the best time in Bermuda.  I can't say enough good things about that island and it most definitely got us planning our summer getaways too.

5 { Finish our bathrooms}
Sort of?! We're two for four on this one - I'm hoping we can finish off the other two this month.

6 {Be Outside}
Yes! April had a few beautiful weather and we have really been soaking it up - hopefully this will only increase, which so far it has!

7 {Nothing Nights}
Sort of, we're trying more and more to just get home after work, stay home and not have anything planned but it's not quite as easy as it seems!

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  1. Looking good, lady! I think your May goals are awesome. A couples night on the deck sounds fabulous and I think it's so important not to overload the weekends. You want to feel refreshed on Monday, right?

  2. These all look totally attainable. I think it's 100% ok to wait on re-doing and decorating rooms in the house. Sometimes it takes time. I'm surprised everyone said that you should do it so soon, because everyone told us not to rush getting it done until we settled into the house and knew what we really wanted, instead of rushing to get it done and then not loving it. I think your timeline is perfect :)

  3. You did awesome girl and I think you are going to rock the may goals!! I can't wait to see what grilling recipes you come up with! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Oh my goodness.....decorating! I think within a year is fine! That's my goal at least because we're having to put things together since we didn't bring much into our marriage, plus my decorating style has matured a bit. I like your goal about not overloading the weekends--I need to do that, too. If I can only make it to the end of the school year!

  5. Great list! And I totally need to co-sign the "don't overload the weekends" one as I'm totally guilty of that and then I wonder why they go by so fast, and I got nothing done or relaxed at all.

    Looking forward to seeing your new grilling recipes :)

  6. So many great goals and things to look forward to. Knowing you, you'll accomplish them all!

  7. These are great goals! We're trying to work on not overloading our weekends as well. Its hard to do but so worth it getting to relax at home!


  8. How are we already practically half way through May?! Time is flying! Mmmmm, I love the grilling recipes goal! Share your faves, pretty please?!

  9. You're doing great! I love that so many of them center around being outdoors. I took a little pause from monthly goals, but I think it's time I kick my butt into gear again.

  10. Such great goals, friend. I hope to host more events on our patio this month too!

  11. we definitely try to slow down on the weekends. Especially since we have such a go go go week.

    These definitely sound achievable and nothing too hard especially if you're trying to not overload on the weekends.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  12. I love your goal to take the weekends slow. It hasn't been possible for us lately and the business won't end for a few more weeks. But after that, I'm totally relaxing!

  13. Great goals and the focus on the shift in seasons is fun. Do y'all have a grill basket? Such a great way to make a whole meal outside ;)

  14. Love your goals for doing less on weekends, it seems that when the weather warms up especially we get SO hectic. Maybe I'm showing my age, but I'm down for some more low-key relaxation at home!

  15. Love your goals :) I need more weekends at home and nothing nights too! Gosh, Easter does seem like forever ago, doesn't it?!

  16. Pinterest, as you probably know, has all the best recipes! I found a good dessert recipe for the grill - a grilled strawberry shortcake sandwich. Who knew?!

  17. The home decorating would have to be my favorite goal! Finding the perfect pieces for each room is always such a run time. I'm constantly finding new things to add. Great list!

  18. Great goals! I have a few for May. 1. Spend more time outside (which can be difficult with a baby). 2. Finish some DIY projects. Hmm...the first is easy, but the second might be tough. :)

  19. I'm also on the hunt for some new grilling recipes, so hopefully we can both spice up our outdoor time with some yummy new flavors :)