Friday, May 29, 2015

Feta Dip & Other Favorites {Friday Favorites}

Well, now I could kind of go for a popsicle.  Or ice cream.  Or any summer treat really.
I love weeks that start on Tuesdays.  I think that's my new favorite.  That could be my only favorite for today and I'd be all set.

I like to enjoy "summer Fridays" but there really isn't such a thing as take the day off Monday.
And there should be! It was like I was just getting into the swing of the week but at the same time it was already Wednesday and now here we are… at Friday!

I kind of slacked on my five last week because well, I was enjoying a weekend away :) so let's get back on track this week… I think I've even got more than five to make up for it.

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{O N E} Favorite Recipe 
Feta Dip… Need I say more?
Olive Oil
Block of Feta Cheese
Tomatoes (I used about 3 medium sized ones)
A bunch of green onions
Greek Seasoning 
*see below*
Baguette, Tostitos, Crackers for dipping

1. Sprinkle olive oil on the empty plate - don't hold back, get a good amount on there
2. Cut up the green onions, tomatoes and feta (this could be done earlier in the day also to save time)
3. Toss all three ingredients onto the plate
4. Sprinkle the Greek seasoning on top (see below about what we used) and mix everything around
5. Sprinkle a little more seasoning on after mixing
6. Serve and enjoy :)

The Seasoning:  The only Greek seasoning at the grocery store just didn't look right so I mixed up my own on a whim.  Garlic powder, garlic salt, pepper, oregano.  That's what I used and it worked fabulously - I wouldn't change a thing next time.

To be festive, my Mom and I just used a plastic star plate that we had in our Fourth of July stash and any plate will do but we found it works really nicely to have a plate with a little bit of side to it, not just a flat one

I would have for sure served this with a baguette if we had not been grilling and I knew we'd all be having buns on our main courses (hamburgers, hotdogs, sausages, etc.) so I used tostitos and they worked great but I definitely want to try a warm baguette next time.

There were five of us and this plate was wiped clean at the end.  I'm telling you, SO good.

{T W O} Every Weekend Home
Starting off this new year it was my dream to be home for an entire month.  We dated long distance, then we're on the go with wedding planning, out of town weddings, visiting friends, etc. so when this year started we made a rule that we MUST leave two weekends free and at home every month and it was the best decision ever.  (summer is the only exception to the rule) I'm becoming more and more of a homebody and I love it.  Don't get me wrong, we still travel a very good bit and I love that too - we've got friends to visit, trips  to take, football games to watch, family to see, activities to try out so some how our weekends are always filling up.
This month we spent EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND. AT. HOME. 
(well we did go away for the holiday weekend but that was only half the weekend so it counts as being home too!)  
It was fabulous and I'm so glad it finally happened.  it was the perfect month to have before summer when everyone gets crazy and then fall hits and it seems we get even crazier.  
So long to the "off" months. But looking forward to the busy which = fun.

{T H R E E} Favorite Outfit(s)
 Outfit One - top: similar style (same store) // pants: loft // necklace: kendra scott // purse: kate spade (same style, lighter color pink, on sale!)
Outfit Two: romper: nordstrom (on sale) // long necklace: kendra scott // 
short necklace: nadri

{F O U R} Favorite Birthday Babes & Favorite Moment of the Week
I talked about this in my Memorial Day post but it was a big birthday week in this family! The pups are such a huge part of our family (if you couldn't tell that already by the picture overloads) so we had to give them a little extra treat to celebrate.  In addition to the corn on the cob they eat got a homemade ice cream (recipe coming next week) and a birthday cookie brought home from Saint Michaels.

Nash, our family dog who lives with my parents (I cried when I moved out and had to say "goodbye") turned five on Wednesday and Miss Stella Artois (or sass as I like to call her - her initials and an extra s never hurt anyone) turned 1/2 a year yesterday.

I always love doing a "favorite moment of the week" because it's the little things that are fun to remember.  Combining two into one here, my favorite moment was paying Nash a surprise visit, alone. I had to pass my parents house to run to a produce store and even though I just saw my mom at work and was seeing my step-dad over the weekend, I felt bad blowing Nash off.  I popped in for a quick five minute visit and it was so worth it.  He loves Stella but bless his heart, right now she is in a phase where for the first 20 minutes of the visit she just jumps all over him and he sweetly lets her but you can tell he doesn't love it. It's not all about the animals - I was happy to have a couple minutes to say hi to my parents too.

{F I V E} Five Ways I'd Spend a Target Gift Card
with this giveaway going on I thought I'd share five (going with the trend of Fridays) ways I'd spend a Target gift card

1. Summer dresses (my favorite Target clothing item)
2. outdoor entertaining supplies
3. Treats for Stella
4. Treat myself to some magazines
5. Pick some new makeup items or nail polish

If there was any money left on the gift card I'd hit Starbucks for my favorite - sweetened lemonade and some gormet drink for Derek (you can tell which one of us him is the bigger diva in the house)

** I had a great time reading the couple Own it posts that were up yesterday - Owning it that I was enjoying the weekend instead of remembering to post a reminder for this month but the Own It linkup will be back the last Thursday of June (6/25) and I'll post a reminder the Friday before.  I'm already looking forward to reading the posts - always such great reads! **


  1. The feta dip is one of my go-to's for parties. In fact, I'm bringing it to a get together tomorrow haha. So yummy (it's the Greek seasoning--I've made this dip into pasta and used it with fish too. It's so good!).
    Love how you'd spend your money at Target--they have so many cute summer dresses and outfits, it's hard not to find something you love!
    Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

  2. That romper is so adorable! The color is really pretty!

  3. Girl I can always count on you for a good recipe! Love the feta dip! The romper is super cute! Target gift cards go way too quickly for me and it rare I spend one one me. :

  4. That feta dip sounds incredible - something I'll be making for sure!! I'm so with you - going away is fun, but when your house is actually where you want to be you know it's for good reason!!! Hope you have the best weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. That feta dip would definitely be a perfect party app for summer! So glad you got to enjoy your weekends at home - we've been pretty good about sticking to one a month, but I have a feeling that may change with all of the summer activities coming up! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  6. Okay I'll be honest, I basically stopped reading after the feta dip so I could print it and add everything ot my grocery list. I am obsessed with feta! Can't wait to make this! Have a great wknd!

  7. Still loving all your bright outfits and accessories... gorgeous! And I totally agree that Mondays off are the best because we all hate and dread Mondays :-P

    Happy Friday <3

  8. #1 all the way!! i love it. have a great weekend! ELLE SEES

  9. Love that romper and that feta dip sounds sooo good!

  10. Love love the romper! Have a great weekend!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  11. I love the idea of weekends at home- it is so nice to regroup! Happy weekend!

  12. Love your outfits. you have great accessories, love that KS bag. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Give me all the feta! Your pic of the puppies are so cute!

  14. Love that romper, totally checking that out! And weekends at home are the best (: Happy weekend, my friend!

  15. Um that feta dip looks and sounds amazing. In the summer, I end up eating so many dips and salads because it feels too warm to cook a whole dinner. I hate turning the stove on.

  16. Oh my wow that feta dip looks amazing! Loving your outfits and that picture of Stella and Nash is too funny!

  17. I love a good feta dip, this one looks so yummy! :) Perfect for the summer and those outfits are totally cute too! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  18. That dip looks amazing and it's perfect for summer. Loving the pink and blues/teals wardrobe combos.

  19. Since the wedding is over we have grown to love relaxing weekends at home too! It's so nice to just enjoy your home. Also, that feta dip looks amazing! Have a great weekend!

  20. Um, yes please to feta dip! Holy moly that looks delicious. I'm glad that you finally got to be home every weekend for a month - that is quite the accomplishment! It's so hard for Ryan and I since our weekends are already cut in half due to his work schedule, so I like being at home, too when we can! And, happy birthday to all the pups! Have a great weekend, lady.

  21. WOW that dip looks amazing!!!!! Can't wait to try it :)
    Happy Friday!!

  22. The Feta Dip looks delicious! Your dogs are adorable :)
    Here's to a busy summer.

  23. OMG that feta dip looks amazing! Definitely making that soon! have an amazing weekend girl!

  24. Oh my goodness that feta dip! I need that ASAP! Have a great weekend!


  25. Oh my goodness that feta dip! I need that ASAP! Have a great weekend!


  26. The dip...PTL. And you in that romper is so, so cute!

  27. We stay home a lot or we do one-day road trips. I like travel, too, but it's nice to relax a little and not put on make-up, not care if I haven't shaved my legs in a week, etc.

  28. Oh my gosh that feta dip looks AMAZING. I love love love greek salad.
    Have a great weekend!

  29. That feta dip looks awesome! I'll have to add it to a list of what I can eat/ make after having the baby!

  30. girl good vibes coming your way for that target giftcard!! :) Hope you win! and that feta dip. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM haha seriously looks so good
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  31. That feta dip looks delicious! I love the romper, and how you added a pop of color with the pink necklace!