Friday, May 22, 2015

The Long Weekend is Upon Us {Friday Favorites}

I'm already in weekend mode over here as we kicked off our long weekend last night so I'll just jump right in today.

We headed out last night for a little getaway to a new place - just for the first part of the weekend.  I'm looking forward to spending the second half relaxing and enjoying things around home.  Our usual family Memorial Day Weekend BBQ will round out the weekend so I can't wait to log a little time at "home" aka my parents house.

{O N E} Family Pictures
We've got more than enough pictures of the three of us together but none that I felt were "wall worthy."  
We are nearing the end of our decorating and I was dying to get a picture of our family of three up on the wall somewhere AND the site I like to order canvases was having a sale.  
So, we quickly threw on some coordinating outfits, rushed before hosting a dinner and asked my Mom (thanks, mom!) to snap a few pictures of us quickly while we were all too hot in the humidity that day.
We'll be more prepared for our Christmas Card photo session :) but it worked! And I got my canvas ordered.
And the winner for the wall… 

{T W O} Favorite Outfit
This week was a mix of everything, huge humidity, some rainy days and some days where things have cooled down a little bit, so this long sleeve/shorts combo was perfect to run errands last weekend.
shorts: target (less than $20!) // shirt: similar style // long necklace: kendra scott // 
short necklace: nadri

{T H R E E} Stella's Favorite
Stella has been in heaven this week! A while back the sweet people at sent Stella some puppy treats and a set of keys to help her teething (original post here).  She has chewed the keys to death and they are by far her favorite toy.  I quickly reached out to the Chewy crew and they were so kind to send Stella a new set of keys plus two other nylabone teether toys.  
We were both so excited to see the package on our doorstep (they always have the quickest delivery) and Stella has honestly been playing with all three toys non-stop!

{F O U R} The Bachelorette is Back
The Bachelorette is back! I feel like this show is  a l w a y s  on - somehow the premiere always comes so quickly.  Now, I didn't pay too much attention this week because we were busy just about every night and let's face it - the back to back two night stuff is always way too much but I'm super pumped that the guys picked Kaitlin over Britt. 

I came across this article with 21 of the best made up jobs from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.  Some of them have gotten pretty fun and I always love checking them out on the first night.  
My favorite is still Kelly Travis as "dog lover."  

{F I V E} Favorite Pin(s)
I am really loving the three quarter length/royal blue/floral romper look… 
one // two // three

{Favorite Moments of the Week}
Well we made it to the holiday weekend in no time thanks to another super busy week.  I'm starting to think I'm going to need to make some more free time for us on weekends because our week nights keep somehow filling up.

With a neighborhood spring party and an impromptu massage/panera date night - it feels like we started the long weekend early.

A quick and easy mexican dinner on the deck with family was the perfect start to the week.  Making the chicken in the crockpot is the best because I wasn't in the kitchen the whole time.  It was also my parent's anniversary this week so we enjoyed a cookie cake in their honor :)
 Have you ever done pushups with a pup on your back?! I don't know why Stella needs to play so close while I'm working out but thanks, girl for helping burn a couple extra calories with your extra puppy pounds!  Similarly, I couldn't do crunches in peace either. 
It really is the little things in life… 

ENJOY this long weekend ahead and I hope it's a fabulous start to this summer season!


  1. Awww, your family pictures are awesome. I love the colors you wore with the background, so pretty.

    Speaking of pretty, love, love, love that outfit! The pink just pops.

    Glad you were able to kind of start the weekend early! Hope you have a fabulous three days!

  2. Yay for a long weekend! Your family pics are so cute! And obsessing over that floral romper (well all three actually haha)! And your Target shorts are amazing... and so cheap. I think I need them! Have an awesome weekend!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. The family photo came out great!! And I am seriously in love with your favorite outfit for the week--perfect for cool mornings and warm afternoons :)
    I love how you ended the week, too--it sounds and looks perfect! Enjoy your long weekend and snuggle Stella for me--she's so darn cute!!

  4. I saw that funny made up job article too - I mean some of them are pretty far out "free spirit" included LOL!! Such cute family photos! Enjoy your long weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Any week involving mexican food and cookie cake is a good one in my book. ;) Happy Anniversary to your parents! Great family photos!! Clicking through those links from your favorite outfit now -- your shorts are too cute! Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  6. LOVING that outfit with the bright top and the floral shorts... so pretty! And yummmm to cookie-cake!

    Happy Friday gurlie and have a fabulous holiday weekend <3

  7. I love your outfit! It screams SUMMER!! I love getting family pictures taken and yours turned out great!! Have a great weekend!

  8. Love the family photos! They are all so good. Those shorts in hour favorite outfit are awesome!! I love the whole combo.

  9. Your wall worthy pic is fantastic!! I'm obsessed with tempers right now too... I haven't bought one but keep thinking about it!! Love your fav outfit, jealous of your cookie cake, and admire sweet love notes!!

  10. Those shorts are perfect!! What a great outfit. AND your family picture is adorable!!! Love!!!

  11. Per the norm, I love everything about this post. Your family photos turned out great - little miss Stella is such a diva! I love that she wanted to work out with you. I need to pick up those floral shorts stat, and I'm also in love with those rompers! Have a fabulous weekend, lady!

  12. Love the family photos! And really, really love the shorts in your outfit. I think I'm due for a Target trip this weekend. Hope you have a great one!

  13. Love that pink top & shorts together! And I'm loving that blue romper trend as well :) Looks like you all have had a great week & I hope you have a great trip! I'm pretty excited to watch The Bachelorette as well. I'm recapping it on my blog on Tuesdays if you want to check it out.

  14. Those pictures are great, and I love your outfit!! Those floral shorts are so cute. That note is so sweet too. :-) Have a great weekend!

  15. Your outfit from this week was PERFECT!! SO cute!! Stella is so dang cute! The picture that made the wall is perfection! Getting Ava to look at the camera is quite the task, so props to your mom for getting Stella to focus. Have a great three day weekend and enjoy the time with your family!

  16. I love little notes too :) So sweet!! Your outfit of the week is perfect, I love the pops of color!! Enjoy your long weekend!!

  17. I am OBSESSED with that outfit. SO stinkin cute. Like I need that entire outfit in my closet ASAP.

    And you're pictures came out great! Have a great 3 day weekend! :)

  18. That outfit is perfection! I love how bright the top is, and I always love the look of long sleeves on top, shorts on bottom (probably why I'm also obsessed with all three of those rompers...). My dog won't leave me alone when I work out on the floor either!

  19. Your impromptu pictures are gorgeous - definitely wall worthy :) Loving that hot pink top! Hope you have a great look weekend! xoxo

  20. How cute is your little Stella helping you work out! She's like your little trainer :)
    And I LOVElovelove that outfit with the floral shorts. So gorgeous!

  21. Stella is so cute! Another nice teething treat is a frozen water bottle inside an old sock.

  22. Awww I love that third photo of the three of you - they are ALL frame-worthy :) And thanks to the link for those floral shorts, I might be purchasing those right about now ;) Have a great weekend!

  23. Your favorites are great! Of course I love Stella! My dog does the same thing whenever I am trying to do any kind of's hilarious! haha :) I love quartered sleeves too so that romper is amazing! Oh and the Bachelorette looks like it's going to be pretty good this season!

    Hope your Memorial Day is relaxing! :)

  24. Your family photos turned out so well! I am loving all of those rompers and your shorts from Target {so many great finds}! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Xo, Stephanie