Sunday, May 31, 2015

June Wants & Must Do's

On the same page as every month - These aren't life changing, huge goals we're talking about here.. Just a couple fun things to hope to add to the month and make it a little bit better… 

1. {Spend a full day out in the sunshine}
I've spent some time sitting out on the deck and a little pool time in Saint Michaels but I'm craving my first summer day by the pool or on the lake

2. {See some growth in my garden}
So far I've planted zucchini, cherry tomatoes and mint and am considering adding more! I hope to see these little babies grow a little bit this month

3. {Grilling: Take Two}
Derek's mastered our new grill and we're highly enjoying our regular favorites.  Last month I was hoping to find some unique grilling recipes and am going to retry this month.

4. {Finish the Man Cave}
We're in the final steps of finishing up our new home decorating and one space that's needing some final decor is the basement which consists of half bar area, half man cave.  I have high hopes to tie up the loose ends down there this month, finish it up and enjoy.

5. {Plan our Anniversary trip}
Hard to believe that once summer is over that means we've been married a year! We're going to do our anniversary trip in August and it's just about time to plan - we're hoping to use up some frequent flyer miles so it's always best to plan early when doing that.

6. {Enjoy those "summer weeknights"}
Let's face it - everyone (well I think everyone) has more fun in the summer.  It stays light way longer, the weather is beautiful and weeknights are much more appeasable.  I hope to have a nice balance of nights at home as well as family dinners, date nights, happy hours with friends and enjoying some summer activities on the weeknights this month.  Those nights are sometimes the best nights. 

A look back at May's Wants & Must Do's… 

1 {Finish the deck setup and outdoor decorating}
Very happy to say yes - now it's time to enjoy.  The furniture is set up, the grill has been broken in, flowers have been added and a wreath is even on our front door.

2 {Don't overload the weekends}
Yes! On Friday I talked about how we were home every weekend this month.  I feel refreshed and ready for all the fun weekends we want to get in this summer.

3 {Finish up a few more rooms and house projects}
Our first floor is complete and the bathrooms are complete.  Getting the outside complete and ready was huge to so I'd say this was a win.

4 {Find some new grilling recipes}
Not so much - definitely working on this again next month.

5 {Host a couple gatherings on the deck}
We didn't get the deck set up until later in the month but we did have a few good gatherings out there.

6 {Enjoy the holiday weekend}
We had a blast splitting our time between Saint Michaels and spending some time at home so another win.

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  1. Looks like a great list for June! Planning your anniversary trip will be a bunch of fun--it's always nice to have a trip to look forward to. You guys have been quite the jet setters already this year! :)

  2. I wish more people would try to make weeknights fun, instead of just living for Fridays.

  3. Your goals sound perfect for the month. And good job on your garden!

  4. Can't wait for June! It's going to be a great month and sounds like you've got lots of fun things planned! Can't wait to see the basement :)

  5. It looks like June is going to be a great month--great goals!
    We rented a condo in South Padre for a week for our 1st anniversary trip in August/September. I'm so looking forward to that trip!

  6. Sounds like June is going to be a fabulous month for you, girlfriend! Here's to hoping you get to tackle each and everyone of your goals... and enjoy it all while you do it (:

  7. What's your plan for your anniversary trip? We did NYC last year for our first anniversary... and I've been obsessing over where we are going this year!!!! Share those grilling recipes... as soon as we get some sunshine, that's on my list!!

  8. Great list of goals for June, girl! I can't wait to see where you plan to go for your anniversary trip - that first one is always fun and special. :)

  9. It's crazy that June is already here! I feel like I need to start making goals like this!

  10. Love the list for June! It amazes me how similar our goals are, guess it's a first year of marriage thing :) Can't wait to hear where you all decide to go for your anniversary!