Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Review

It's that time again, time for a little monthly recap...

 Enjoyed as much time as possible on the back deck.

We've had some great BBQ's - hosting them and attending them.

Did a little Cinco de Mayo celebrating.

The night that Stella really pushed our limits, we dumped the dinner plans and dined al fresco across the street with delicious pizza.

Celebrated my wonderful mama and had a great Mother's Day brunch with the whole family.  Stella even brought my flowers for being her puppy mama.

They might not be good, but it's still fun to spend nights at the ballpark cheering on the Phillies.

Found a new favorite restaurant.

Got some flowers for a few places outside of our house and created a little garden.

Took some family photos to get one for the wall with our little pup.

Kicked off the start of summer with a fantastic Memorial Day BBQ.

Finished out the month with a great little weekend getaway to Saint Michaels.

Celebrated a birthday and half birthday for this duo

And of course… enjoyed Stella cuddles.

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  1. Where did you get the tray and glass in the first picture?

  2. Looks like a fabulous month! I hope June is too!

  3. Love all of your outfits! What a great month!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. What a fun month! How cute that Stella got you flowers for mother's day! Also I am loving all your flowers! And that spread for Memorial Day was beautiful!

  5. Such a fun month! I love your dress you wore on Mother's Day! You should do a house tour post! I plan on doing on once we get moved :)

  6. What a great month! Looking at how many pictures you have from this month makes me feel kind of lame for how few of pictures I have from this week...err year. haha. I really need to take more pics!

  7. Such a fun month! Stella looks so much like our dog - too cute!

  8. Pretty sure the best part of May is that adorable Pup + 2 picture... but the deck time has to come in close second!! HURRAH! Spring is here!

  9. You had such an awesome month - I seriously sometimes envy your life, ha! You guys are such a cute couple, and you have a great family.

  10. Loving the idea of a monthly recap! What a fun month you guys had with family and friends! Xo, Stephanie