Thursday, April 16, 2015

Four for Thursday

I've seen this little topic swirling around and don't have much to share today so I though I'd join in on the fun! I added in a couple of my own in efforts to make it different.

{Four nicknames}
Tina Mouse (my mom used to call me this when I was little and when my friends found out, it stuck)

{Four movies I’ve watched more than once}
fun fact: I'm not super into movies - I have watched a bunch more than once, but I have a hard time sitting still during them - unless I'm AT the movies.

{Four things in my purse}
Lip gloss
highlighter, pen, paper pad

{Four favorite places to shop}
Lilly Pulitzer

{Four places I’ve lived}
Media, PA {hometown}
Providence, RI {college}
Allentown, PA{internship}
Newtown Square, Pa {settled down}

{Four ultimate favorite foods}
Anything and everything mexican
Pasta salad 

{Four favorite drinks}
White wine {Pino grigio usually, but any of them will do}
Appletini {or any fun fruity martini}

{Four places I’ve traveled}
California {San Diego, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Laguna Beach, San Francisco}
Arizona {Tucson, Scottsdale, Sedona}
Hawaii {Honolulu, Maui}
Florida {West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Tampa, Orlando, Melbourne, St. Petersburg}

{Four placed I’d like to travel}
St. Lucia 
Key West 

{For places I’d like to re-travel to}
West Palm Beach
Texas {All over}

{Four favorite chain restaurants}
I'd love to do my favorites but since most people don't know the local ones, we'll stick with chains
Capital Grille 

{Four tv shows I'm currently watching}
Southern Charm
{Four things I’m looking forward to this year}
First anniversary & anniversary trip in August
Visits (either to see or them to see us) with all our friends this summer
Weddings {we've got a few coming this fall}
All that summer has to offer {grilling, family dinners, weekend getaways, days outside, etc.}

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  1. Tina-mouse, that's so cute! I love cupcakes and champagne, too!!! And Capitol Grille is amazing right? Nashville is one of my favorite cities for sure. Hooray for First anniversary trip this summer :)! THe first year is the best! <3

  2. I wrote this post yesterday! too funny!
    I think they are such fun posts to read!! :)

  3. We love going to Nashville for a quick day trip since it's only about 2 hours from us! We love atlanta too!

  4. So fun getting to know more of the little details about you! :) I love Capital Grill too and Nashville and Southern Charm are definitely some of my favorites for tv shows lately as well! We should grab some pinot grigio's and watch them together haha.
    Can't wait to hear more about your anniversary trip!!! The summer is SO CLOSE!

  5. I didn't know you had been to Melbourne before! I'm from Melbourne! Haha! Not a lot of people go there on vacation so it's always weird to hear someone say they've been there. And yes to London, Paris and Key West! Three of my favorite places in the world!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. Oh how fun - my husband went to college in Providence! I haven't been to an outback in so long and I love their Alice Springs Chicken - used to get it all the time!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  7. Yes to Scandal & Nashville! They are the best. & so is pinot grigio! :)

  8. So many fun things in this post! Yes to all of your TV shows and chain restaurants (Maggianos - my favorite!), and I'm so jealous of all your travels!

  9. Fun post, love this idea. I always carry my coupons around too :).

  10. I love this sort of posts! I have similar TV obsessions as you!

  11. anything mexican and white wine. MY kinda girl!!

  12. SO many fun things!!! I love all those TV shows!!

  13. I love so many of these things. Especially your shows and mexican food. St. Lucia is absolutely gorgeous! I went there on a cruise once and have been dying to go back ever since.

  14. OMG you carry poo-peri around with you. That kills me!! Thank you for linking up!

  15. Yes mexican food! I love Chilis as well. SO good.

  16. love this idea! such a great idea! mexican food is my favorite- and charleston is the BEST! you will love it!

  17. I love this post! I need to do it too. I literally LOL when I read that you carry poo-per-i! It is SO smart to have it with you ALWAYS! We could be besties just by your love for Mexican food and margaritas and your love of travel. If you are ever in Texas (or Houston) pleas let me know! I would love to meet up and meet the person behind this fabulous blog!!

  18. Love this!! I couldn't come up with a post idea today so I didn't do one - this would've been great lol

  19. I love posts like this! It is fun learning more about you. :)

  20. love these posts and I love Revenge tooo!! Emily and Jack forever!

  21. I love that people are doing this post, quick way to get to know bloggers. Love your travel lists.

  22. Last year for spring break we visited Pennsylvania for the first time and it's gorgeous! You're so lucky you live there:)

  23. I love posts like this. Totally stealing this for next week. Happy to say I am a new follower and I look forward to reading more through your blog.

  24. I've been thinking of doing this same post because I also love learning random facts about people! Tina Mouse is such a cute nickname and I love that you carry around a highlighter in your purse! I am guilty of re-watching movies over and over just so I can do something else while "watching a movie" and that's probably why I don't watch TV!

  25. The poo-per-i made me giggle. :) Where in Allentown did you intern? Pino grigio is my fave as well - I picked up a couple bottles at the winery we visited last weekend - so good!

  26. I'm from PA! My parents live near State College still.

    And I don't think I've ever turned down a margarita.

  27. I literally LOLd when I read that you have Poo-per-i in you routes. That is hilarious. I've used it and it totally works! Also southern charm is one of my favs!

  28. I'm the same way when it comes to watching movies! How crazy is it that we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary soon?! Time is flying! Xo, Stephanie