Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter DIY Inspiration + April Goals

I am so ready for Easter this year. I love Easter; such a bright and cheery holiday.

Another day to celebrate all He does and has done for us.  Because of traveling, I unfortunately haven't been able to attend Easter service the past two years.  That will make this Sunday even more special :)  It's hard to miss church on Easter when He is the reason for the day.

This year we are doing an Easter dinner and and Easter brunch the next day.
One a small gathering.  One a big gathering filled with great people.
Double the deliciousness.  Double the festiveness. Yes!

Planning for the holidays is one of my favorite things.
I love searching Pinterest and finding all the DIY and different inspirations.
I'm not doing anything huge for Easter - a couple desserts mainly, but it was fantastic searching.
My favorite finds below.

{Centerpieces & Tablescapes} 
one // two // three // 
four // five // six
I love the glass candle stick holders with the glittery eggs on top of them.  So beautiful yet so easy.

{Sweets & Treats}
one // two // three
four // five // six
I'm pretty sure I'm making the Cadbury Egg Triffle (one) as well as possibly the Confetti Bars (two).
The Peeps bunny cups were high up on my list too.

one // two // three
four // five // six
We always go out to brunch so I won't be making any of these but if I was cooking, those little cinnabunnies look pretty hard to pass up! 
Before today ends, let's get to a couple little goals for this month, again nothing huge and personal (gotta keep some things to yourself) just fun things to check off the list.

April Goals:

1. {Enjoy Easter}
Like I said above, we've been on the go the past two Easters, I'm so looking forward to really enjoying the meaning of the holiday and the actual day and all it's celebrations and not rushing through the weekend.

2. {Spring Cleaning}
Switch our closets from our winter clothes to our spring clothes.
Clean up the outside of our house the best we can (our neighborhood is still being finished so it's a little messy out there!)
A couple other organizing and tidying up tasks inside the house as well.

3. {Big Giveaway}
Anytime we do a closet switch we always have a nice size giveaway pile to take to good will.  That's definitely ahead for us this month as Derek's already pre-started his pile in the guest room.

4. {Vacation!}
A couple days away to enjoy some sun, each other's company and relaxation.

5. {Finish our Bathrooms}
Our bathrooms our up next on the home finishing list.  I've already been busy searching for wall hangings and Pinterest inspiration so hopefully we can just find the time to tie everything together.

6. {Be Outside}
The temperature should be on the upswing?! Soon?!
I'm hoping some walks and nights out on the deck are ahead this month.
*Sidenote: I can't wait until it's time to be able to eat outside; there's few things I love more than dining outside.*

7. {Nothing Nights}
As the weather gets nicer I feel like we (and everyone) get busier and busier.
There's just so much more to do when it's nice out.  We have family dinner once a week, we're always wanting to be outside.  This month I'd love to come home from work a couple times a week and just have nothing to do.  Just some couch time and no distractions before our hectic spring/summer heats up.
Checking in on my March goals… 

1. Get some wall hangings up in the house and tackle another room 
Yes. Our first floor is done after we find a plant for the foyer… next up, the bathrooms!

2. Find and purchase patio furniture
Yes. We realized the set we liked at Target was never going to be available in store so we ordered it and it actually just came this week.  It's sitting in our basement now we just need to find a couple little accent pieces to finish it off.

3. Work on commands with Stella.
Yes. girlfriend is making major progress.  Still lots to go.

4. Start walking with Stella
Yes. Stella's walks are pretty short but she's doing great trotting along and it so tires her out.  Win win.

5. Celebrate six months of marriage and St. Patrick's Day
Yes.  We had a great staycation in the city to celebrate both of these milestones.

6. Girls weekend
Yes. I just got back from a fabulous visit to Sam's.

7. More relaxing time doing nothing
Not as much.  I feel like I'm always "doing" even when relaxing.  Definitely giving it another go.

8. Get a vacation planned
Yes. We're heading to Bermuda later this month with some more on the horizon!

For this holiday, I feel like there's so many different ways to celebrate.  Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, a combination of all.  Easter Egg hunts, outdoor activities, etc.

How do you celebrate Easter?!


  1. Love all your Easter inspiration. It's one of my favorite holidays to celebrate, I can't imagine not being with family or traveling on Easter, yuck. I love the centerpieces you picked, they are so bright and festive.

    You have some great goals, lady! I do the closet switch too and while it's time consuming it's great getting rid of stuff I no longer use. :)

  2. I love Easter as well!!! I'm really looking forward to it!

    Great goals!!! I told myself last month I'd blog about my April goals and then I forgot. Darn! I'd like to so that I can hold myself accountable!

  3. Those tablescapes are precious and could be used all spring!

  4. Easter is the best! Probably because I love spring so much and anything that has to do with spring is fantastic in my book. Good luck with your April goals!

  5. Love the monthly goals! We are going to see Disney on Ice on Easter this year, but not before we have a fab family breakfast and an Easter egg hunt ofcourse! :)

  6. i love easter too! that egg shaped fruit looks so festive up there! great goals girl! get yourself some vacay time. it's good for the soul!

  7. I love all those Easter table designs! I am always so late with my holiday decorations.

  8. Pretty much drooling over all of the food! And you did great on your March goals! What patio set did you get from Target? That is on my 'to buy' list this month but I haven't found one I love yet!

  9. Loving all your inspiration for Easter! Ryan has to work Sunday, so we aren't getting too festive around here. You have so many great goals for April, and you pretty much nailed them in March, too. Go girl!

  10. Love your Easter ideas! So many cute things out there! Enjoy your Easter this year :)

  11. I swear this is the year that I'm going to try peeps for the first time. I think I may be the only person on the planet that hasn't tried them! Good luck with your goals!

  12. Can't believe its already April... Time is flying by. I love these centerpieces :)
    Chelsea @

  13. You are very ambitious to do a dinner and a brunch but these are some great picks for inspiration!! I definitely recommend the mimosa bar for the brunch. I've done it a couple of times now and it's always a hit, plus it makes it super easy since you don't have to constantly serve people.

  14. 6 months of marriage!!! Woo hoo- so fun to celebrate each of the milestones... One year is so close after 6 months it seems :) happy Easter!

  15. Awe, I looooove Easter! I've been looking forward to this weekend forever, at least that's the way it feels, ha ha! It sounds like you have some fun plans and it will be a beautiful weekend for you!!

  16. I love your tablescapes, they are beautiful! Our April goals are very similar, lots of Spring cleaning and enjoying the nice weather! Xo, Stephanie

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