Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday {Friday Linkups}

As much as I feel like Monday morning comes so fast.  I feel like we're reaching the weekends quicker now that it's spring.

so.. Happy Friday!
Happy Good Friday!
Easter Weekend is upon us.  I don't know about you but our weekend ahead is pretty much all about Easter festivities plus a little house work.

Miss Stella is currently getting her haircut; I can't wait to pick her up in her Easter bow so I'm getting my errands in early, hopefully beating the crowds since a lot of people are off today.  Kind of like the weekend, all my errands revolve around Easter.  Gym - so I can indulge extra deliciousness this weekend, Grocery Store - so I can bake some of said deliciousness and then off to pick up our ham for part one of celebrations!

Let's get into my favorites from this week, shall we?

{One: Cadbury Mini Eggs}
I successfully completed my month of no sweets recently and it worked just as I wanted it to! I really only indulge on the weekends now and just a little.  I was in such a phase after the holidays of just reaching in the pantry for something sweet every night after dinner.
Anyway, in addition to the cookie dough I found with Sam, I treated myself to a little pack of some mini Cadbury Eggs in the checkout line at the grocery store. I mean I had to, they are only available once a year, and they were mini!  The package was finished by the end of the weekend, of course.  But there weren't that many in it :)

{Two: Dining at the Table}
During the cold winter months we got into such a habit of eating our meals on tray tables on the couches and watching TV.  All this week we've sat down together at the table for dinner and it felt pretty nice to get back into a routine.  Hopefully we're dining on the deck soon!

{Three: Jack Rogers}
Since things are quiet today, I'm going to attempt to switch over our closet to spring.  I hope I finish today - I usually hit a point and just have to stop but I'm pretty determined and also don't really have any time the rest of the weekend to finish.  
Anyway, I'm so excited to give my Jack Rogers sandals another go this summer.  I am for sure a quitter - I wore them one day at the start of last summer and put them back into the box.  
SO… I know you have to give the effort of breaking them in and then they are perfect and I'm definitely going to work through the discomfort this year because I want to wear my pretty sandals. Any experience tips on the break in phase?! 
I've got hopes that I'll be able to break them in quick and then get another color for this summer.

{Four: Easter Dress Shopping, Last Minute}
Mom and I ran out yesterday to try to find our Easter dresses.  We love dressing up extra for church/brunch on Easter Sunday and usually we're not quite so last minute.  We both walked away with two options, some other goodies and a great day was had.

{Five: Bonefish Happy Hour Date}
I've heard so many people loving Bone Fish for happy hour.  Derek and I went for our first time over the winter and I don't know how we ever went before then! Anyway, we both agreed the appetizers were for sure the best part! Derek was up for picking the spot for dinner last night so he picked some drinks and apps last night at Bonefish.  I'll never turn down drinks and apps.  

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  1. Eating at the table is great, right?!!? I love that feeling of family instead of eating on the couch [like we do sometimes, oops]. Good old Cadbury, they just remind me of childhood. As do Easter dresses. We used to have a family outing every year, growing up. Hope you find a fabulous dress!

    Hope you have a great Good Friday and Easter.

  2. Good for you about giving up the sweets. I need to be better about it. And I am still trying to shop my closet for my Easter drses. I've had the kids outfits picked out for months! lol
    Have a great Easter!

  3. Drinks and apps are my favorite dinners...I love any meal where you get to sample a variety of delicious items! Glad you found some Easter outfit options, I still need to narrow mine down!

  4. Happy Link up! Bonefish is my favorite! Their Calamari is the best!!

  5. We definitely need to get better at eating at the table. Right now we just have a little bistro table, so maybe when it's a real functional table we'll get our butts off the couch. Wishful thinking? Haha! Have a good weekend!

  6. Yes for eating at the dinner table! Ryan and I have been horrible about that lately, and we definitely need to get back into a normal routine of eating dinner at the table. I'm headed to Target today, so I'm sure I'll finally cave and purchase some Easter candy - I've been good up until now, so I think I deserve a little treat, right?! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. i freakin love those eggs! so addicting! and i haven't been to bonefish either for a happy hour but that food looks so yummy!

  8. I have to admit that I don't like those cadbury eggs- I know! I'm crazy! But I love the mini ones with the thin, hard candy shell on the outside. Yum!

  9. Happy Good Friday!

    I love eating on the couch, too! haha It's a guilty habit!
    Closet organizing is the best, I love it!

    Check out my Friday favorites at

    Have a blessed Easter! :)

  10. Happy Friday! Enjoy switching over your spring wardrobe! I always feel instantly perked up with all the fun colors :) I love all your Jack's! As for breaking them in - I wore mine once or twice on campus, got an awful blister on the top of my foot, put a band-aid on and rode it out. After that one blister, they were broken in and good to go! Now they're almost too broken in and might have to get another pair in the next year or so lol Have a great Easter!

  11. Yes for Cadbury eggs!! So good. Did you end up finding a dress? Happy Easter!

  12. I love every single thing about this post. I think I could easily eat about 20 Cadbury Mini Eggs right now. Those are my absolute favorites! Have a wonderful weekend & Happy Easter! :)

  13. Oh my gosh - those Cadbury Eggs! So yummy. I'm so glad they will be gone after this weekend and can quit tempting me! I'm so happy you got your cookie dough, too! Have a great weekend!

  14. We used to be bad about sitting on the couch, but now that we have kids I have made it known that we will always eat our meals at the table together. Course that is unless we decide to have a special floor picnic. :)

  15. We always used to eat at tray tables on the couch, while catching up on our DVR'd shows. I'm actually thankful that having a baby kind of forced us to eat at the dining room table. It's nice to be able to sit and talk with the distraction of the TV! And yay for a fun happy hour date! We're actually hitting up Bonefish after work tonight. Can't wait for some pomegranate martinis and bang bang shrimp! Have a great weekend!!

  16. Aww I love that y'all sat down for dinner together. We really need to do that more often. We usually watch TV while we're eating dinner :-/ Have a great Easter!!!

  17. Happy Good Friday, Christina!! Glad you and your mom had a great time out shopping for Easter dresses together!! Way to go on completing a month without sweets! That's super impressive!! Totally sound logic behind the cadbury purchase. ;) I can never resist since they're available for such a limited time, and pretty much the most amazing treat ever! Have a fantastic Easter weekend! xo

  18. I love my JR sandals! It does take a little bit of time to break them in, but after a weekend of wearing them, they should be good to go!

  19. Oh how I wished JRs worked for me! I got my first pair last year at an awesome Neimans sale and they just sat in the closet. I made the switch to Tory Burch Miller's - they are so comfy and go with everything! I just got a pedicure today and a fresh pair I got for my birthday in December - I see my shoe choice for Easter!

  20. I have had my Jack Rogers for 7 years and while I love them, they're not the most comfortable sandal. At least not to wear if you're planning on being on your feet for a really really long time. Don't give up them!! Those bunnies are SO cute too. Have a great weekend! :-)

  21. I cannot wait for Easter! Everything about it is good, the meaning, the dresses, the food, the family. Everything! Those JR sandals look so cute, I am obsessing over sandals for SUMMER!

    Lovely Little Rants

  22. My love for Bonefish runs verrrry deep! Any chance/good excuse...I'm there! Have a great easter!!

  23. I love Jack Rogers!! They are a must have :) I need like 10 pairs lol Hope you had a great Easter