Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How To: Ladies Room Baskets + Bridesmaid Survival Kits {Wedding Wednesday}

One of the first wedding posts was sharing how I asked the girls now today one of the last posts is about their bridesmaid survival kits.

But first… 
 {Ladies Room Baskets}
It's a nice little touch to have a basket of bathroom items ladies might need on the wedding night.  Let's face it, wedding purses are usually small, you don't pack anything in the world that you might need and you might not realize you are going to get a huge blister and need a bandaid!

Along with this sign, we filled two baskets for the ladies room with anything the girls could need.
{Mini versions of all} 
mouth wash
first aid kits
 tide to go pens
 lint rollers

{Bridesmaids Survival Kit}
I gave my girls their bridesmaids gifts the day before the wedding and wanted to include a bridesmaid survival kit in case they might have forgot to pack anything they might need for the big day plus a couple extra little beauty treats!

I ordered a personalized bridesmaid makeup case from Etsy (no longer available) to put all the goodies in but there was too much so I put them in a clear bag with a homemade label and some ribbon and just placed the make up case in with the other goodies.

Included in their kits were:
lint roller
bobby pins
eye shadows 
nail kit
face wipes
mini shampoo/conditioner
anti bacterial soap
flip flops 
face mask

Other favorite Items I've seen that are fun to include:
tide to go pen, nips/mini alcohol bottles, breakfast bar, first aid kit, mirror, mini brush, tums, safety pins, 


  1. These are awesome, lady! I did a small bathroom basket for guests and everyone said it was a great addition. I think it was helpful because we all know the dance floor can mess up hair and get you all hot and sweaty, haha.

    I love your gifts to your bridesmaids. I didn't do kits, but did give them makeup bags and a big tote initial bag for the big day [plus other fun stuff]. They loved that I thought of them and that it was something they could use.

    Have a lovely day, lady!

  2. You definitely did it up right!
    I love the bridesmaid gift boxes that you did--I'm sure they loved the special thought you put in for them!

  3. how cute and original!! i love those bridesmaid boxes. i bet the girls were very appreciative!

  4. So cute! We did bathroom baskets at our wedding for both the men's and women's bathrooms, and they were a big hit! I bet your girls loved all their goodies from you!

  5. Morning!!! So I was nominated for the Liebster award, and part of it is nominating other people and you were one of mine :) Check it out on my blog! Happy Wednesday!

  6. I haven't seen the ladies room baskets before, that's such a good idea!

  7. This is such a good idea! I bet tons of this stuff came in handy. You're so thoughtful :)

  8. Awww you had some very lucky bridesmaids-those gift boxes are fantastic!

  9. We did bathroom baskets too!! We are so much alike! I will post some of this kind of stuff when I'm done with pics too so you can see :)

  10. love this idea!! so creative (and much needed)!!!

  11. A ladies room basket is such a thoughtful and much-appreciated gesture! You did an amazing job on all of this!

  12. Love your survival kits! So cute and sweet :)

  13. love the LP coozies! I may be stealing that idea ;)

  14. Oh wow, those kits are adorable! You really nailed all the little details for your wedding!

  15. These are so cute! True story... Tuesday night, I pulled out a shave kit my mom have my hubs for the wedding. Since we didn't do the real honeymoon right after, I never really looked at it. (I'm the worst.). Anyway, I was going to use it to pack for our honeymoon, and when I opened it, it was filled with all the things you mentioned here plus his favorite cologne. I think my heart about burst... I'm just wondering where she came up with her list, lol!!!

  16. I love the idea of putting a basket in the bathroom for things they might have forgotten. Genius! I just wrote it down to remember for August. And these boxes look so cute! I love the koozie I spied in your box.