Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Little Things {Wedding Wednesday}

{Place Cards}
The place cards were picked to match the invitations and the table numbers matched the place cards.  I loved the ribbon on the table numbers.

{Entrance Table}
We had this long table at the entrance of the ballroom with plenty of little touches on them.
Florals to match the centerpieces, guest book (more below), a few signs, etc.
In the middle of the table (the gold plate) were hearts with "C & D" on them for people to write marriage and travel advice to us.
They were placed in the golden carriage.

{Guest Book}
I made our guest book on snap fish out of our engagement photos, leaving plenty of open room for guests to sign.  We also had a nice feather pen.  It makes for a great coffee table book to flip through every now and then.

 {Menu Cards}
I love how a menu card adds to a place setting; A reception is the first time you can show off your new monogram so of course we had that at the top.
Derek and I also had some special touches at our tables like the Mr. & Mrs. forks.

{Flip Flop Basket}
One of the first things I look for at a wedding is for sure a wedding basket!
This girl does not keep her heels on all night so I knew this was a definite for our wedding.
I purchased a bunch of flip flops in our wedding colors from Old Navy in early spring before they got over picked for the season.  I tied the ribbon and a size on them early on and then just had to take the box to the venue the week before.
{Ceremony Extras}
At the entrance of the church we had bubbles as well as cute DIY tissue packs that I made for anyone who wanted them

 {Cigar Bar}
The ballroom connected to the gardens so we had access to them all night.  There was a little cigar bar set up for the gentlemen with personalized matches, cigar cutters, ash trays, mints and plenty of cigars.  A custom sign as well.

{Home Touches}
People were in and out of our house all weekend - we had friends stay Thursday, the bridesmaids stayed Friday and we had a late lunch and hangout on Sunday so I wanted a couple little touches.

{Mimosa Bar + Getting Ready}
Who doesn't love a mimosa bar?! Especially on wedding day.  We had a few variety of juices and plenty of champagne. 
In addition to my parents' house looking fabulous; My mom had cute little touches all over.

{Groom's Cake]
Okay, so not part of the wedding but I couldn't not share.  I love love love cake, Derek not so much but I knew from the start I was doing him a great groom's cake that he'd love. They were everything I wanted and more! The bakery accidentally put the Yankees symbol on the baseball cake instead of the Mets but I didn't care, they looked fabulous, it was a funny story and I was getting married the next day!

This post was getting a little lengthy so I decided to save the ladies room baskets and bridesmaid survival kits how-to's for another day.  Keep an eye out for that in the upcoming weeks or so.


  1. Love how all of these little details came together to make a big impact! A mimosa bar is always a good idea, and I really like the gemmy plates!

  2. Love all of the personalized touches you put on everything! I thought the Cinderella carriage card holder was super cute :)

  3. I love the cigar bar! My husband would be so jealous if he saw that and I didn't give him one at our reception! The little details are what make it -- and yours were perfect!!

  4. What lovely touches!!! We had a snapfish book too and I love looking at it! Annddddd I had a kickball cake for the groom's cake and it said you are my home run, too! HOW FUN!!! Now, happy hour is a must!

  5. Wow, so many great details! I love when a bride/couple takes so much time to make their wedding day personal and meaningful to them and their guests - you definitely nailed it!

  6. So many cute touches. I think my favorite has to be the Mr. and Mrs. forks! So cute!

  7. Oh my goodness I LOVE all of this. Especially the little gold carriage :) so sweet!

  8. Y'all had so many great details! Love the new monogram on the menu and the personalized little canvases. Very detailed and creative :)

  9. Our guest book was also made up of our engagement photos. I love that you had a flipflop basket! I bet it was so nice for the ladies to change out of their heels for comfy dancing!

  10. It's such a good idea to decorate your home as well! I may have to do that. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of grooms cake to have, the ones you got are so cool!

    Thanks for linking-up with us today!

  11. I love your groom's cakes (even though it had the wrong logo!!). Your long entrance table looked so pretty. We did the same thing with the engagement photos as the guest book, and it makes it even more fun to look back on :)

  12. I love those groom's cakes! And can't wait to see the bridesmaids' survival kits.

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