Monday, April 13, 2015

Be Happy. Be Bright. Be YOU. {Owning It}

Everyone has quirks.  Everyone is different (amen), everyone has different believes, ways of life, things they like/don’t like, NOBODY is perfect.  
If you even think your perfect – send me some of your self confidence!

If everyone was the same would that be any fun? NO! 
God made us all different for a reason
So many people try to be something they aren’t – just be you that’s good great enough

Be who you are. Love it.  Embrace it.  Go with it.  OWN it.
I  l o v e  a good to do list.  I love crossing things off.  
Sometimes I make the list just to cross things off. I live for it.

I only like even numbers.  If I could do things in only even I would.  
It bothered me a little bit that September's number is "9" for our wedding date.
Ha, at least the year was an even :)

I like to sing along on the radio in the car but I never actually know the full song.  My husband on the other hand can turn down the background music of the actual song and sing every word.

I hate hot drinks. HATE them.  It always burns my mouth and I'd rather my drinks be cold.  
I do love coffee cups though.

I can’t get on board with breakfast 8 times out of 10 I go toward lunch at brunch but if I’m in the mood for breakfast, I’m really in the mood and go for it.  Kind of hit or miss I guess.

Cats sort of freak me out – I can be around them but would never ever be able to have one as a pet.  My husband and I got to name a cat at his aunt's farm.  We named it.. cupcake.
Can you guess which one of us picked the name?!

I actually hate pants – I wish I lived in a climate where it was summer all year long,
If I could wear a dress every day – life would be amazing.

I would love to be friends with the royal family – I find them and that lifestyle SO fascinating.  I feel when we vacation to London my husband will have to just leave me lusting at the palace gates.

I like to give the dishes a nice scrub before I put them in the dishwasher – were just two people – it runs only once or twice a week.

I love planning love it but also lately I love just going with it – I made my husband promise in this new year that we would have no more than two weekends with set plans a month 
and it’s the best thing ever.

 I live for holidays – ask my family – I start planning Christmas at the end of the summer – they think its nutty but always go with it – we do matching jammies, themed meals and lots of “annual activities”  can you imagine what I’ll put my kids through?!

I was SO not cut out to be in a long distance relationship – but I was in one.  He’s now my husband.  

I love some good alone time.  Sometimes it's shopping alone, couch time alone, eating alone,
just some time to be by myself.

 I follow the rules – the sales clerk at michales once forgot to ring up one of our picture frames and I made my husband go back inside – the girl didn’t even care she forgot!!! But I felt better.

Sometimes I bake cookies/brownies/etc. just to have a little taste of the batter.

I love going "out to sushi" but don't actually like sushi
I just tag along because it's usually a fun setting fun drinks and I like the non-sushi items.

Thursday has always been my favorite day of the week - I love looking forward to the whole weekend ahead.  Recently (and strangely) I've also been liking Mondays and hitting the refresh button.

I'm terrified of hamsters and guinea pigs.
Just typing this made me squirm.

I'm not really a phone talker.  I talk to my parents, brother and husband and that's about it.
Those conversations never drag either - I'm just not into long phone convos.

I really don't like my food to touch on my plate.  I don't get a bite of everything on my fork.  I like to enjoy it all separately. 

I’m not one to sing in church – I love listening to the worship band but I don’t belt it out – once my grandma actually called me out on it.

I’m very sensitive – On Friday actually told Derek “Stella really hurt my feelings outside.”

Patience is a virtue I do not have.  I’m teaching myself. I sometimes go with that it’s a sprint not a marathon – I’m working on changing that.

One of my biggest pet peeves is people is acting one way, but being another.  
Just be you and own who you are.

Part two might be coming because this list was too long, 
maybe even part three because there may or may not be a newlywed edition 
(yes, I cried the first night in our new house because I was “homesick”)
… if anyone wants to join in on the fun and own somethings too – let me know below!


  1. Great post, lady! It's always fun learning new things about bloggers. I might join in the fun next time, it's always great to own things :)!

  2. i Loved reading these things! And we have a lot in common. I also love the quotes!
    And I might work on a post in the near future!

  3. So many fun facts about you! I laughed when I read that you squirmed writing about guinea pigs haha. I LOVE your quote at the top--there are definitely people out there who try to be something they're not, or pass judgement on others because it's not what "they would do". Everyone just needs to be happy being themselves and accept others for that! :)
    Love this post!!

  4. I'm such a rule follower, too, that it drives my husband crazy!

  5. Always fun to learn new things about bloggers! I am a total planner and rule follower too. As much as I love to plan, lately my boyfriend and I have instituted a similar rule where we have at least one weekend a month with no set plans, and I'm liking it way more than I expected to!

  6. I love these sort of posts! I don't like talking on the phone either, sometimes I force myself so I don't turn into a bad friend - but I'd rather just send a text.

  7. This is such a great post! Own all those quirks, girl - they are what makes you YOU! I'm telling you that you and I are long distance BFFs - our similarities from this list is insane.

  8. I agree with So many of these! I also like even numbers. I insisted on getting marries in 2012 because the thought of 2011 or 2013 irked me. August 4, 2012! I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

  9. I love posts like this! I make lists too and I definitely write things down just to cross them off. ha! I scrub the dishes off before I put them in the dishwasher, as well. I also follow the rules. Jake laughs because I am the rule follower and he is not. I don't sing in church either. I am just not made to sing and sound like the penguin on Happy Feet - not cute!!!

  10. I'm so on board with SO SO SO many of these. I also hate pants. Everyone laughs at me for it. I walk in the door and put sweats on immediately. I cannot wear slacks. I will always wear a dress when I need to look nice. Also, speaking of Royal family (also a big fan) have you watched Royals on E? It is kind of tacky but I love it because it is about a fake royal family. I love my alone time too. Sometimes I just want to curl up and read a book without interruptions :)
    Happy Monday!

  11. Great post!! I'm with you on quite a of these. I don't like cats, I never want my food to touch, and I'm a sensitive person. Sometimes I take things personally when I shouldn't. :-/ I also only talk to like 8 people on the phone haha. I hope that you have a great day! :-)

  12. I love this! Such a fun post and great to learn more about you. I actually have a similar post in the works for my birthday.

    I am SO with you on the list making. I make lists for EVERYTHING.

    Your note about the dishes made me laugh. Not because it doesn't make sense - if the dishes are sitting there for a while, you gotta get the crud off. But my husband spends so much time giving dishes a quick scrub before loading them that I swear they're completely clean and ready to be put away.

  13. This is so much fun!! I am with you on so many things especially the hot drinks, cats, the royal family, dishes, etc. so fun :)

  14. I definitely can relate to a lot of this! YES to iced coffee versus hot, singing in the car (who cares if you know all the words ha) and I'm really sensitive too. Of course our pets can hurt our feelings, too! This was fun to read.

  15. I am fairly confident Princess Kate and I are meant to be best friends because I adore her style so very much. Have you ever visited If not, you have to!

    Loved learning more about you!

  16. Great post! I loved learning more about you! I also like Thursday, because it means the weekend is in our grasp. :)

  17. these posts are my favorite! which reminds me, I should probably do a part 2 to mine :)

  18. love the beginning of this so much! and it makes me laugh bc i like even numbers too. yet my wedding date is the 29th in 2015. gah!! at least the month is even - August :)

  19. i love both of these prints! I dream of having an office one day with amazing quotes and lots of gold!

  20. I loooove making lists and crossing things off as well. Number one on my to do list today was eat lunch. Sadly, it is also one of the only things I have been able to cross off so far...

  21. Great post - I wash our dishes before putting them in the dishwasher (friends laugh at me), I have the same feeling about cats and love making lists and checking the items off! Xo, Stephanie