Friday, April 24, 2015

Own It: Featuring Karly from Miss in the Midwest

Day two in Bermuda is underway.  You can follow along on instagram to keep up.  Lots of relaxing, beach time and fun cocktails await us today. 
I'm back today with the second lady helping me out while I'm away so read below to see Karly own it.
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If there were a few less miles separating us, we'd for sure be fast friends with lots of puppy play dates.  Seriously, check out her blog to see how cute sweet Finn is! Karly is quite the fashionista - I'm always finding inspiration in her outfits and day after day we find more and more similarities.

Hi, everybody! I’m Karly, and I blog over at Miss in the Midwest about all things beauty, life and style.

I’m thrilled to be guest posting for Christina today while she is away for the weekend, and I’m especially excited to help get the party started with her new Own It series/linkup! I believe that it’s important that we all remember to be proud of our quirks and unique characteristics that make us individuals in this (sometimes) nutty world. Never be afraid to be YOU, and never, ever apologize for who you are and what you stand for.

I love myself a good to-do list or checklist for every aspect of my life. Even if I’ve already completed a particular task that I didn’t write down, I will still add it to the list and cross it off purely for personal satisfaction.

I’ve been known to listen to full musical productions – think Wicked or Phantom of the Opera - while doing long-distance driving and singing every. single. word of every single song. Oh yeah, I even do imitations of the different character voices.

As much as I’m looking forward to becoming a mommy in the (hopefully) near future, I’m worried that I won’t have as much affection for my human child as I do for my dog, Finley. On the contrary, I also fear for how much love and affection my human child will receive based on how I treat Finn – pet parents hopefully understand me here.

One of my biggest pet peeves is not holding the door for the person behind you when walking into a store, restaurant, etc. I’m that person that sarcastically shouts “THANKS!” to the person in front of me when the slams in my face.

I talk to my mom each and every day – sometimes, multiple times a day – with no exceptions. I even called her once while they were on a cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean to inform her that Patrick Swayze died. She’s my best friend, and I tell her pretty much everything.

Also on that note, after seven years together with Ryan, including living together beginning in 2011, and two years of marriage, I still at times get homesick and want nothing more than a day with my parents.

I should be a poster child for the term hangry – I even scare myself sometimes. The minute that I’m hungry, a flip basically switches – I either get really quiet and withdrawn OR I get super aggressive and angry, throwing swear words all over the place and yelling for no apparent reason. But, the minute that I get food in my stomach, I’m back to normal.

I am borderline obsessive about Hollywood, pop culture, celebrities – you name it. I watch every red carpet and awards show and talk to the TV like I’m actually there interviewing the celebrities, and I critique all the anchors and correspondents on their questions and sometimes annoying behavior. I figure this will keep me prepared in case I ever get the dream phone call that the E! Network somehow found me and wants me to take over for Guiliana Rancic (or better yet, Maria Menunous. Ew.)

Purging my closet and general household clutter is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Ryan even has a term for this – he calls it my “get sh*t out mode.” It’s a real thing around here, and I am not to be questioned or bothered when I’m trying to clean out the house.

At 26 years old, I definitely envisioned something else for myself, especially career wise. I never thought I’d be the one who is at home all day, still working but also managing the household. But, you know what? I am happy as a clam, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Now it’s your turn! Share something in the comments that you would like to own about yourself, and don’t forget to get your own posts ready for the linkup next week.

Thanks, again to Christina for hosting me today!

Many thanks to Karly for taking over this little blog today while I enjoy another day of vacation. Another reason we'd be fast friends is the homesick thing.  Seriously, I love a gal that can confess being homesick (I mean I had a breakdown just last week over missing home) and love people that 
"get" it.  I also call my mom an absurd amount of times a day so I love that she does the same!

Stop back by on Monday to see another great gal, own it!  If you had fun reading Karly, Jenn and I own it, join in the fun next Thursday and the last Thursday of each month with your own post!  Own anything, big or little.  Share that "little thing you do."  Have a confession session.  Things from the past week/month or just in general. 

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend! 


  1. I laughed out lout at the hangry thing and your husband's term for your cleaning modes. I can NOT stand when someone doesn't hold the door open--it's SO rude, and I have been known to do the same thing that you do haha. And who doesn't love a good to-do list?? I make them ALL the time! Was fun getting to know more about you Karly!
    Hope you're enjoying your beach vacay, Christina!!

  2. Haha! I'm obsessed with musicals too! I used to listen to them in my car on my compute to work. Rent and Hairspray are my absolute favorites!
    xo Emily

  3. Love this post! Great getting to know you Karly! I do the same thing with my to-do lists! It's not nearly as much fun completing a task if you don't get to mark it off a list :) I also have get stuff out mode. It's just so cleansing to clean out closets & drawers!


  4. I felt like I was reading my own thoughts! Nick and I JUST had this conversation about whether we could love a child as much as Brady on Wednesday, haha! I know we could but it's hard to imagine ;) And I hear you on thinking you would be in a different place career wise - that is one thing I struggle with sometimes (being bored at home) but same as you, am pretty happy! Now if only we lived closer so we could get together during the day :)

  5. LOL I also felt like I was reading my own thoughts... Obsessed with to do lists, pup love, Hollywood obsessed, H A N G R Y (I'm the worst, my poor hubby). Love this own it thing too! I think it's so important to just be and do you. We're all different, we're supposed to be :)

  6. I literally sobbed when Patrick Swayze died. #firstcrush

  7. Totally wearing this shirt today lol. TGIF and cheers to great minds! :)