Thursday, April 9, 2015

For All The Dog Lovers..

Miss Stella is flattered by all the comments :) I get asked a lot what breed of dog she is.  She's an F-1 mini golden doodle and probably won't get bigger than twenty pounds.  Aka she can curl up in my arms for life.

She actually jumped on my lap last night as I was typing this post so I guess todays words are brought to you by both of us!

She got some treats recently from that she just loves.
I've got a little update on her; mostly so I can remember her little moments
and I've got some of her favorite items at the bottom because I know there's a lot of pup mamas out there.
So.. if your not a pup lover, you might just want to hit the x at the top of the screen for today
Stella with her namesake. I guess when your named after a beer, it's no surprise that you like licking beer/wine bottles.

{Chewy Treats}
When the nice people at contacted me about sending Stella some treats, it was so nice and I was so excited but I told them unfortunately none of the treats would appeal to Stella since she's just a puppy and they offered to switch it up and send her some puppy treats and a teething toy.  Perfect!

We love spoiling Stella (as most pup parents do, I think!) so we let her get right to her treats when the package arrived on our doorstep.  
Stella got the Blue Buffalo puppy treats and a teething toy.  She loved the treats! When she heard me rattling the bag after I sent her off with her toy, she came running back in for another.  Since they are a harder treat and take a little bit longer to chew, we sometimes put them on top of her meals (in addition to just giving them to her) and she LOVES the special surprise.  She usually hunts out all the pieces then gets to her normal meal.
I don't even know where to start with the keys.  She would play with only them for about two days straight. A week or so later she still loves them! She took them right under one of her hiding spots, under the dining room table, and chowed down until we had to go out to puppy school.  They were the first toy she grabbed the next morning!
We had gotten her a tone of teething toys but I think she loves these the most since they are bigger.  Definitely helping her little teething mouth.  Plus she's cute when she plays with them because she uses both paws to hold them in place!

{A Few of Stella's Favorite Things}

Did you know how easy it is to make dog bows?! All you need is the clear tiny hair rubber bands and a little ribbon!

{What's New in Stella's World}
Baby Stella
Present Stella
Our little Stella will be 5 months old at the end of the month! 
 She loves playing and plays hard. She's getting so confident. She'll graduate from puppy school next week.
 She loves loving and cuddles and sitting on laps. 
She loves toys. She loves fetch. She loves riding in the car.
She loves watching the planes take off and land (I work near the airport), she loves watching the construction works work and she loves chasing leaves. 
She's grown to love her crate (a big PTL) 
She's teething. Hard. She was generous enough to leave some teeth marks on the couch. And try to eat my pants. While I am wearing them. 
She loves people. All people. Any people. They MUST say hello to her. 
She's gotten a couple haircuts and we LOVe her hair short.. good thing she loves spa days.
She's such a joy and I'm so happy she'll stay little forever and I can continue scooping her up in my arms. For now her 10 pound body is perfect lap size.
She makes our little family feel so much more whole.  For now.
As my mom always says; She's just so "Stella."
We've all got our bad days.  And our good days.

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  1. Stella has to be the cutest lil doodle in the world! She looks so cute and cuddly! :)

  2. My in-laws have a mini petite golden doodle and she's no more than 10 pounds--she's also FULL energy and super cute! Just like Stella. I think any dog with a little poodle in them just has that great fur and perfect personalities :) Stella is no exception!! :)

  3. Ahh she is so cute! This post makes me want a dog so bad!

  4. Stella is just too cute. I love her little bows. I need to get me a girl dog so I can do that!

  5. This post just has too much cuteness to handle. Those treats and teething toy are/were Finn's favorite, too! He only stopped playing with the keys a couple months ago once all his adult teeth were in. So, way to go people of Chewy! Stella looks like such a loving little girl - you are lucky pup parents!

  6. she is seriously like a stuffed animal!! adorable!!

  7. Oh. My. Gosh. Was a precious pup! I've never heard of a mini-golden-doodle, but I've heard nothing but good things about golden-doodles so I can only imagine she's an awesome pup. Adorable Stella.

  8. I just want to snuggle her! She's so stinking cute! We're thinking a golden doodle may be the next addition to our family.

  9. So cute! We went through so many Nylabone products with our pup during teething and they were a lifesaver.

  10. Stella is so cute! We have a golden retriever and he's the best. I'm partial to anything golden!!

  11. Oh my goodness she's ADORABLE! And love her name :-D

  12. aw, she's so cute!! Love all the pics!

  13. I just want to DIE. SOOOO adorable :)

  14. ADORABLE! Please tell me you'll rent her out to the highest bidder!

  15. She is soo adorable! That's so nice she'll stay little forever :)

  16. OMG Stella is so freaking adorable! Since she's part poodle is she hypoallergenic? That's one of the things I love about my pooch. That and the no shedding... and that's he's ridiculously cute :)

  17. Oh em gee- She is absolutely adorable!!!

  18. I LOVE when puppies hold things they're chewing with both hands =) Our pup does that all the time whether it's her bone, or a leaf, or my fingers...

  19. She is so darn cute! I esp love her puppy picture. My golder retriever grew to be 70 pounds and I totally missed the days when I could pick him up and have him cuddle in my lap. Those are the best moments!

  20. Stella is perfection, Christina! I have a 10 pounder and a 65 pounder, and I love my big girl cuddles, buy my little man wins my heart. And Blue Buffalo is the best food and treats!!! :)

  21. Stella is so adorable! I didn't know there were doodles who stay small!

  22. She is absolutely precious! Our fur babies are the best! Xo, Stephanie

  23. She's soooo cute!! We have a mini goldendoodle and she's 35lbs at full grown now. They told us between 25-35 but 35 is still totally managable except that she is crazy and full of energy, haha!

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