Thursday, April 23, 2015

Own It: Featuring Jenn from Going the Distance

Today's the day.  Our long-weekend trip to Bermuda is here! AND it's rumored that Princess Kate went into Labor last night (BUT it could always just be a rumor.. don't want to spread lies here, ha!) Anyways, I'm hoping she can hold off until we get there - Bermuda is a british territory so I know those people will be celebrating!
You can follow along on instagram to follow along until I'm back.

I haven't forgotten about things around here though, Like I mentioned last week, I've got some friends filling in while I'm gone.  I owned it last week and today Jenn is here to own it too.  Jenn is sweet as can be and always has the nicest things to say.  She was one of my first friends when I started blogging and if we lived in the same place I know we'd spend lots of time chatting over a bottle of wine.

Hi, lovies!! I'm Jenn and I blog over at Going the Distance!
Your regular blog host, the super sweet Christina (or Tina Mouse as I recently learned is one of her nicknames hehe), asked me to come and guest post for her!

She recently did a post about owning it--talking about the little quirks and things that make you YOU! She asked me to do my own post about owning it so here goes!

I'm a horrible swimmer
I used to say that I can't swim, but that's not really true. I know how--I just kinda panic in water that I can't reach the bottom of. Or I get really tired. Or I get really tired because I'm busy panicking lol. I wish I was a water baby, but it's just not my most comfortable environment.

Sometimes I count the number of letters in a word to see if there's an even number or not.
I'm not even sure why I do this anymore. I remember doing it in elementary school and sometimes I catch myself doing it now. Usually it's been when I'm in a meeting and I'm bored.

I have an addiction. To Chapstick.
As hard as I try to break my addiction, I cant. I have them in all areas of my life (my desk at work, my work bag, the night stand, my purse(s), etc.) And if I realize I don't have some form of lip product with me, and wont have access to it, I kinda panic.

I hate emptying the dishwasher.
I don't mind loading it (and you know I already have a method for all of that--one that I'm pretty sure MG has yet to pick up on-- lol) but I really hate putting the dishes away. Same with folding laundry. I'm totally the person who puts it on 4 cycles in the dryer because I dont want to fold them (luckily MG is a good motivator and a good folder)

I don't like driving.
I'll do it--I do it every day, but given the opportunity to drive or ride along as a passenger, I will choose  passenger every single time. Especially in our area where drivers are either primarily idiots, or super aggressive, it just stresses me out.

A perfect, relaxing day to me is sitting outside and reading for hours on end.
Hence why I was able to rip through 4 books when we were on vacation for a week. I love to read and I wish I had more time to do it during the work week.

My husband and I have been known to be goofballs in the car.

And they are some of my favorite moments. Whether it's on our way to run errands or on a road trip, MG and I know how to make dull stuff more fun (just the other weekend we were singing an 80s song and taking turns singing the male and female parts lol). We've always said that we knew we were an especially good fit when we could make boring stuff like errands, more fun. And I think that's the key to a really happy relationship--finding joy in the every day stuff.

One of my biggest pet peeves is people pretending to be something that they aren't. 
(I copied this one from you, Christina)
It's SO true. Throughout life you meet people and sometimes they're genuine and kind and other times they surprise the heck out of you with the about-face that they do. Like the person who professes to anyone who will listen that she's the most loyal person to her friends, and then you find out she's talking about you behind your back.  Just be who you are, and let others be who they are, without judgement. Why can't people just be nice and supportive of one another instead of destructive? People like that drive me nuts.

I'll leave you with this quote, which I think sums up the whole topic of owning it:


I want to give a special thanks to Christina for letting me take over her space for the day! Hope to see you guys around my part of the blog world sometime, too!

A huge thanks to Jenn for keeping the blog afloat today while I'm away.  Another reason the own it posts are so much fun is because you tend to see people are just like you with their quirks. 
I'm so with you lady, I HATE driving - I'd rather ride along any day then be the driver.  Amen to finding the joy in everyday stuff in a relationship - that's when you know you've got something special! 

Make sure to check back tomorrow to see another great gal, own it!
If you had fun reading Jenn and I both own it, join in the fun next Thursday and the last Thursday of each month with your own post!  Own anything, big or little.  Share that "little thing you do."  Have a confession session.  Things from the past week/month or just in general.  


  1. Have a great trip, lady!!! Hooray for the Princess in labor!!! :)!

  2. Hope you have a great time in Bermuda!!! that I don't own a car and we walk everywhere (for the most part) I long for the days I had a car...ahhh if you come here I'll drive you places LOL! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. I loved this! And I'm completely with you on the chapstick thing! I am SO SO addicted!

  4. This was so fun! You know you have a winning relationship when mundane tasks can be fun and entertaining. Oh, and I can't stand driving either. Ever since my accident in 2011 that totaled my then-car, I'm so over it.

    Christina, have a great vacation!

  5. Hope Bermuda is great!! Can't wait to see the pictures :) Love this post! Owning the crazy is so fun!

  6. Have so much fun on vaca!! Can't wait to hear all about it :) I hope she went into labor - can't wait to see what she has ;)

  7. Wow your trip will be incredible (and stay away from the triangle lol!). Have a fabulous time! YES to Chapstick! :)

  8. Way to own it, Jenn! I have slowly grown to dislike folding laundry more and more, which explains why it sits in the laundry basket for almost the entire week. Whoops!

  9. I'm in for Own It next Thursday! I have a post drafted up and everything :)
    Have fun in Bermuda! Fingers crossed for a royal baby soon! I can't wait.

  10. OMG stop.. I literally count the number of letters in words all the time. I'm probably a little more extreme, because now I can instantly tell anyone how many letters are in any word they say to me. It's a problem haha

  11. I hate unloading the dishwasher and folding laundry too. Sometimes it just sits in the dryer for day going through a cycle each day as I am hopeful that will be the day I actually put them away.

  12. What an awesome post, Jenn! I would much rather be a passenger too and have to have Chapstick at all times too! Hope you had a great trip, Christina! Xo, Stephanie