Saturday, April 4, 2015

March Review

Much like every other first Saturday of the month, I'm doing a little recap of our month.
March finally brought us out of our winter slump.
Even though the snow didn't stop.. hoping for better temperatures ahead in April!

I gave a peek into one of my favorite places in our home, my office

We celebrated six months of marriage!

Got our final and biggest snows of the season!

Had a nice little family weekend in State College

Girls nights, Spring shopping, Nights with friends, Blogging.. just a few of my favorite things

I shared our upcoming vacation bucket list and we also booked a trip to Bermuda for this month!

We had a blast with the family at a casino night fundraiser

We kicked off Davey's 30th Birthday celebrations

Lots of family of three time

We had the best staycation in the city to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and Six Months

Really made progress with the house and got some great new additions

I had a great visits home and to my bestie Sam's while Derek had a great weekend golfing

Shared my favorite Mexican recipes + many others

Some of my favorite posts this month:
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  1. Looks like such a wonderful month!! I absolutely love your office. Looks professionally done!! Bermuda sounds amazing!

  2. What a fun month!! What breed is your pup?! So stinkin cute!

  3. Your office looks amazing! I'm jealous:) And your dog is adorable!

  4. Looks like a wonderful month! :)

  5. Looks like you guys had a great month despite the weather. Definitely hoping the weather gets better this month!!

  6. You had such a great month of March! No joke - I'm using your office as inspiration as my own. I spent 45 minutes yesterday rearranging all my furniture to get a similar set up as yours. :)

  7. Your office is so pretty!!! :)

  8. What a fun-filled March!! Okay, your office is adorable!!

  9. Your office is a dream! I love it! Are those flowers real? I'm obsessed with them.