Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Weekend in Dallas

We spent a quick but great weekend in Dallas!  Everyone/everything is so nice down there - because it's the south - if we didn't love living here (and the summers weren't quite that hot) we both would totally live in Dallas.  We're already planning our next trip..

Relaxing moments at the airport.. at 6am
 Our very first trip as a little family of two with the same last name
 Mini vacation underway
 52 texts before 10am.. something to be proud of or not?!
 We got upgraded from our suite to one of the penthouses - awesome! But the best part was definitely the huge terrace
We took a few minutes to relax and watch the Penn State game
 Our first (and probably favorite) stop of the day was Top Golf Dallas - a driving range with interactive games, a table at our driving range where we could get drinks and food delivered, the Penn State game on the TV and outdoor heaters (the weather there was great but in the shade it could be a little chilly with the breeze)
 We were thrilled to be able to watch the Penn State game down in Texas 
 We stayed definitely longer than we thought.  The first round I was winning the entire time - because Derek was actually golfing and I just tried to get my balls to roll into the first hole section, if you keep getting a couple points at a time they add up, right?! The second game he won and the third (after he told me to stop moving around so much and keep my feet still) I won… with only a couple lucky shots.  We spent the rest of the time playing a different game, which I was terrible at since I couldn't hit out to the farther targets
We decided to try all new things than we did last year so next we went to the Uptown Area for some shopping
 Ahhh! I was so excited to finally go in an actual Kendra store
 Then it was back downtown for some final adventuring 
 And we finished out the afternoon (before naps) at Pioneer Plaza
 We went to our favorite Dallas restaurant, Nick and Sam's for dinner then out for drinks to the bar next to the hotel.. our only photo from the night
 Derek saw a bunch of tables with this when he went to the bathroom.. a huge light up cotton candy display with homemade marshmallows and truffles underneath.. we had to have it!
 It was nice enough Sunday morning for breakfast out on the terrace
 And I was obviously thrilled to find a Chili's Too at the airport before we flew home (especially since we decided to forgo dinner downtown and stay at the post-game events at the stadium longer)
 My sweet husband - we were ready to get home!

Tomorrow… the game!


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