Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

We had a couple big wins early in the week
Belated from last week

Derek turned 29 last week!  Next year we will be celebrating the big 30!  He had work on his actual birthday, he left home before I got up and didn't get home until about 10:45 so we didn't do much celebrating on his actual birthday! But we celebrated plenty in Dallas … (we'll FINALLY be having his birthday cake next week!)

Any excuse to decorate the house!  Even though we didn't celebrate much on his actual special day, I wanted the house to look festive when he came in from a long day!

We've got a new family dinner spot - Maggiano's!  We had a blast and my lasagna was out of this world, we've already been plotting our next dinner!
On Tuesday, Veteran's Day, Granddad was being recognized at the end of the Veteran's Day parade in Media and we were invited to be there in honor of him
 It was a great parade and the way the sun was beating down so much you would have thought it was Fourth of July!
We are the littlest of specs over there in the background on stage but our courthouse sure is beautiful 
It's the little things.. we walked to lunch in Media after the parade, eating lunch with my family on a Tuesday was a great day
That night Derek had to work late so I joined Mom & Steve for dinner.  While Steve, Nash and I walked Mom prepared one of my favorite meals
 The sadness because he didn't think he got enough people food.. the struggle
 He really knows how to guilt
 We went into full Christmas mode this week! One day I woke up singing Fa-La-La-La-La and we picked up our Christmas TreeS - more on that next week
The mail is beginning to look a lot like Christmas too
 On Thursday it was ladies day at the office - the boys were in NYC for an event so Mom and I enjoyed the quiet and may have worked on a little Christmas shopping at times
 Seriously a highlight of the week, an Acme gift card #youknowyourgettingoldwhen 
The one night I spent an hour at Acme, in my gym clothes, while it was rain/snowing reading the sales and stocking up on goodness for our house
Thanks, Mom :)
 Last night we had our first snow, sort of
It stuck to the roofs a little bit - we'll really celebrate when we have our first snow day, then we'll be over it for the winter 
 Just about the best news ever - when you think it's the mid-season finale and that's really happening next week


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