Thursday, November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving!!!
I'm SO happy to be waking up at home (aka my parents house) this morning to celebrate a day of thanks, a lot of eating and a huge football game.  This is our first year in a while to change things up and cook at home and I couldn't be more excited for a low key relaxing day at home
I'm thankful for so many things today and everyday, especially after this amazing and blessed year we've had.  I wrote out my Thankful list the other day and quickly filled my list up with endless meaningful people, activities, memories and "things" as well as a bunch of "little things" because sometimes life is about the little things
Today the HenSothBux House will be filled with parade watching, relaxing, cooking and good smells, prayers and blessings, eating, drinking, laughing, family time, traditions,
welcoming Derek (and my first year as a wife) as well as Grandma's first Thanksgiving home from Florida in a few years

A big part of our day will be the Thanksgiving Day.  The Cowboys and the Eagles is a HUGE match up for our house (which should intrigue anyone since both teams are tied for first) Dinner will be before the game and dessert at half time and lots of screaming and cheering for both teams will fill in the rest.

and I'd love to try to make a little hat for Nash like this one:

Enjoy traditions and blessings!


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