Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Lilly


Let's all just take a moment for Queen Lilly - it's her birthday today!
 Did you know... that Lilly Pulitzer - the land of the beautiful bright and bubbly - all started with a juice stand?!
Did you know... that she decided she needed a "juice stand outfit" after always getting messy squeezing the fruits. She then began to sell her "Lilly's" because people loved them
Did you know that first lady Jackie Kennedy (and old friend) wore a Lilly then everyone wanted them
Did you know... that from for almost ten years the Lilly Pulitzer stores closed and in 1993 reopened better than ever before

Did you know... that Lilly lived in Palm Beach (I guess that's a big reason the brand is so popular down there)
Did you know... that Lilly Pulitzer died in 2013 and I know all these facts because Mom left out the newspaper article on her death for me

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