Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cowboys Game

We always have a blast at AT&T Stadium; the whole environment is so much fun there!  Here's to hoping we're back down there in early 2015..

I've been waiting since last year for these!! They are so good and I had barely eaten them and set the down to do something and Derek thought I was done and threw them out!! A year later they were just as good, maybe better
Eek, so close!
 Post game drinks in the club lounge 
 During the game I said oh Derek look there's Erin Andrews across the field and he said no, I don't think she was here… then there she was on every TV screen AT the game
 Best part of the day.. Phil!!! Derek thought he was possibly an old player and we got to talking to him for a while so I finally asked "you're not the security guard from the Cheerleaders show are you?" and he said I sure am!
See! … 
 Then Derek saw where the players come out right where we were leaving and at that point we decided (I was forced) to forgo dinner and hang at the stadium longer 
Derek and Dez, basically... Dez is in the car 
 The best part of this one is that Derek went outside since we heard it was easier to talk to the players and I went to the bathroom and then out to meet him and walked out right to see this player! I of course had no idea where Derek was so I snapped a pic to show him later.. A couple minutes later I saw him right in front of me waving me over and looking at the photos later bam! there he is right in my photo and I had no idea
Devon Street 
 Tyler Patron
 Great day and great weather 
 Another plus about Dallas, the outdoor plaza open after the game
 Until next time..


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