Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Absorb DC

We left Friday afternoon to go down to DC for the launch of our friend Dom's new company…

We had a fantastic visit {as we do every time in DC}, it's just a fun area to visit but what makes it the best it getting together with our great group of friends.

 You marry juan, you marry them all
 So happy to be reunited - the first time since the wedding festivities ended
 Obviously the big cup on the right is mine 
A trip isn't complete unless it's full of laughs
The next two are the best we could round up of a college friends photo
 Priceless.  The D Crew in all their glory.  We are an evenly balance group right now with 3/7 members starting off all their names with a D; all three of the "boyfriends" so we're pulling with our 8th final member to have a D name ;)
 Great way to close out the Absorb launch

Tomorrow, the rest of our trip


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