Thursday, November 20, 2014

Decking the Halls of 214

Monday night was "decorate for Christmas night" at our house.  Next week is going to go by so fast and we're going to be away Thanksgiving weekend and I wanted everything up and ready for the start of December.  Christmas decorating night has turned into Christmas decorating week with a little bit each day and our dining room looking less and less messy each day as well as a couple exchanges at Target.. Stay tuned for the final product in December but Sunday night we're decorating the tree in the basement and then we should be done.

We got our trees the same day we picked up our bar stools - not our best idea - that is a tree and some ornaments in the front seat of Derek's car next to me to bring home.  He was DETERMINED to make everything fit and he succeeded
 Derek wasn't the best at "fluffing" the branches so he was fired and only responsible for lights and heavy lifting
I fluffed and delegated and loved it all
Ready for some ornaments 
 We are both happily decorating


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