Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

Bowl Eligible 
After a long wait.. it was announced (when we landed in LA for our honeymoon) that Penn State would be able to play in a bowl game this year - the first since the scandal - and on Saturday they won their sixth game making them officially eligible 
Penn State vs Temple Weekend
a late night Wegman's run (because nobody has tailgate food better than Wegman's - thanks Steve for the gift card) to kick off the weekend followed by drinks and Emergen-C for one
 Our tailgate group all bundled up.  It wasn't too bad when the sun was out
 The first half of the game wasn't bad.  Around the third quarter it started getting colder and colder - luckily Penn State kept making the score higher and higher 
 Post game we all enjoyed the rest of the day in sweats around the fire place relaxing, eating, watching football and just hanging out.
 The mitts aren't only cute but also double as face warmers!
 Brothers ready to head home
Enchilada Casserole Night
Last night Mom, Steve and Davey came over for Enchilada Casserole and we've been trying to get this together for weeks! After years of making me meals, I was happy to make them one in the new house

We also finally had Derek's (ice cream) Birthday Cake
 Nash is just like his big sister - loves being by the tree
 After dinner Nash and I got some cuddle time under the tree
Having my buddy over makes having a sore throat a little bit better 
Derek to the Rescue
This week was not my best - it dragged and dragged and I had a sore throat that just wouldn't go away! I finally broke down on Wednesday and went to the doctor and left with a diagnosis of most likely strep throat, some prescriptions and spent the rest of the day on the couch. Photo below: Flowers from my sweet husband who is in the background making chicken noodle soup, earlier in the week.
Holiday Prep
Mom and I got going on our Thanksgiving meal plans this week 
Monday, Derek had off (wahoo) so we met Mom and Davey quickly at the mall for some holiday shopping at the Macy's sale before the rest of us went to work
Shopping for Holiday decor with Mom
Winter came early this week and seat warmers were used… a lot 


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