Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Decorations

We've put some effort into decorating our house in general this month, but what's a house without holiday decorations?! Our fall decorations are minimal but better some than none - next year will be better for sure, but this year we decided to put an emphasis on getting the house decorated with actual d├ęcor and getting ready for our Christmas decorations.

Since we didn't do much we decided to do decorations that we could leave up from the time we got home from the honeymoon until time for Christmas decorations.  We meant to borrow some of Mom's extra Halloween decorations but we weren't even home and since only twenty or so houses are finished we wouldn't have had many trick-or-treaters anyway; looking forward to that next year!

Napkins, Napkin Rings and Placemats are Kohl's
Plates, Pumpkin Dish and Candles are Crate and Barrel
 Pumpkin Dish: here
 The "Give em' Pumpkin to talk about" plates are my absolute favorite and they were only $2 here 
{They also have: "I don't carrot all" "Hello Gourd-Geous" "Just Beet It" and "What is the Fig Idea"

DIY Pumpkins
I made these pumpkins for Halloween last year - they are super easy and make a nice display - they are set up in our dining room
For the Boo Pumpkins:
  • Hot Glue the "B" "O" "O" on one pumpkin each - you can get the letters at Michael's
  • Place glue dots spaced out around the pumpkin then sprinkle gold glitter over them
For the Gold Striped Pumpkin:
  • Evenly Paint every other section of the pumpkin with white paint
  • When you finish one section - sprinkle gold glitter on, make sure to do in between each section so the paint doesn't dry up
For the White Polka Dot Pumpkin:
  • Make a circle cut out (I think I used the bottom of a little plastic cup and evenly trace circles around the pumpkin
  • Outline the circles with white paint
  • Fill in the remaining part of the pumpkin with white paint

Mini-Pumpkin Centerpiece
For probably the easiest centerpiece ever just get an empty jar or vase (mine is Crate & Barrel) and fill it with 10-12 mini pumpkins which you can find at a local pumpkin patch or even the grocery store
 It can go great anywhere!

 We've got our front entrance ready for Fall too! We're on our third flag and ready for Thanksgiving - so far for Fall we've already had "Happy Fall Y'all" and one for Trick-r-Treating 

The rest of our decorations are just B-U-Y instead of D-Y-I

We don't usually have candy laying around but these candy corn gummies were too good to pass up


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