Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Weekend in DC

Most visits somehow involve this...
 and this.. brunch, of course :)  a brunch spot that took Ashley and I, 45 minutes to find 
 When together; drink champagne 
 Brunch turned into about a four hour experience since it was such a nice day outside 
 Enjoying the nice November weather 
 The boys did their thing and the girls did our thing then we all gathered back up to go to the White House.  While the photos below look "so fake" thats because… we were in the White House Store, Thanks to Sarah buying a scarf we were allowed "5 and only 5" pictures in the photo area
 We also pretended we were on Scandal, our very favorite show
 Just missing the creator and first lady of Absorb DC
 After some Georgetown exploring we went back to Arlington
 Why why why aren't there more places to place ski ball  
 There was mostly skeeball involved but also darts, pool, photo booth and a basketball game 

Already excited for the next time.


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