Tuesday, November 25, 2014

December To Do List

The best month of the year is upon us!  I know it's going to fly by but I'm ready to savor every little bit of it.  This is the first December of Derek and I living in the same place and I'm really excited about the little things but especially being HOME.  This December is about being low key and ENJOYING the holiday season and not being rushed/traveled through it.
It's a given that this month I'm excited to celebrate my Birthday, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years and all the usuals.. here are some other, "more specific to this year" to do's...
Sotherden Family of Two Christmas
Holidays Hosting
We've already got our house ready for Christmas and we're excited to host at least one Christmas Meal, Party and/or Happy Hour

Christmas Cheer Making
This is the first year of making Christmas Cheer on my own!  I'm eager (and have requested) to help make the cheer at home (which we're doing this week) and for the very first time make it with Derek for our new house (making our stash next week)!

Christmas Movie Date Nights
I live for the 25 Days of Christmas - my favorite movies are already marked down on my calendar and all our other favorites we have out and ready to watch.  "It's the little things" and I'm looking forward to watching one or two each week on the weeknights with Derek this year.

Family Shopping Trips/Christmas Shopping Together
I love Christmas Shopping but not the crowds.  I like taking my time to find perfect presents (and pick out what items I want to come on Santa's sleigh) but I like doing it in peace when the mall is quiet. I'm excited to do some weeknight shopping with Derek and possibly a Sunday family trip and dinner.

Bowl Game Pool
 Not only is Penn State FINALLY back in the bowl games (most likely the Pin Stripe Bowl, but hey, I guess it's better than nothing) but we have a family bowl pool that makes these couple weeks very exciting.  We'll finish out college football season strong taking in most of the games. Fun Fact: Little Ole Me was the winner a few years back :)

Elf on the Shelf
Derek and I so want an Elf on the Shelf (we just have to find time to get him) and take turns hiding him in some creative places - I think all the Pinterest ideas are so cute and Derek already came up with "having the elf throw up marshmallows because he's hangover" and while that was an interesting one, I loved his spirit and creativity.  We will be naming him Dez.

Gingerbread House Making
Gingerbread house making, Christmas Crafting and trying some new baking recipes are all up high on the activity to do list.

Present Wrapping
Early in December I like to stock up on my wrapping paper - I like to have a theme each year - and ribbons to make my own bows. 

Christmas Lights Looking
I love taking one night just to do a little driving and specifically look at some Christmas lights - a lot of years we do this the night we celebrate my birthday, but this year we might do it a little earlier

and I'd really like to do this to Nash...





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