Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Favorites

Derek wanted me to drop him off at the train Monday since we didn't get back until late Sunday so I stopped by home afterwards and Nash was so upset because he thought Derek was with me..
But he got over it
I love getting actual mail in general but it's so much fun seeing my new name!
We celebrated a birthday this week! Sort of, Derek had to work late most nights, but we still found time!  More on his celebrations next week since we're celebrating once we get back from DC
Wednesday night we didn't move from the couch and were glued into the CMA's.. that is until I went to bed and Derek wanted to face time to "talk about the show"
It's happening!! The holiday season is basically here and stores are FILLED with Christmas d├ęcor.  We put an end to our bar stool debacle the other day and finally got the ones that were "too short" returned and found some nice ones at Pier One (what a great store, why have I never been in!?) I also scooped up some more Christmas decorations for us

Newlywed Happenings:
All events this month were celebrated in Dallas - The "6th" this month and our two month anniversary fell on a Thursday and Derek ended up having to work until 11pm SO, like his birthday, we picked somewhere new in Dallas to celebrate and we had a eventful afternoon at Top Golf Dallas to celebrate our two months together as a little family!



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