Monday, March 9, 2015

State College Getaway {Weekending}

Weekend ALWAYS kick off with Thursday nights right?! 
We enjoyed being snowed in.  Happy Hour early.  Freezer meal for dinner.  (seriously, thankfully we had a few, if not it would have been actual freezer items or something from the pantry)
We dug into our "wedding night" wine early because Friday was six months for us. Yay!
I just love the wine bottles some of my girlfriends got us as a shower gift.  Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!  We knew we weren't going to drink it on our wedding night so we considered some options when to enjoy it but settled for six months.  SO glad we saved it for a time we could enjoy it.
It was a great little night.
Friday morning after Stella's vet appointment we headed out on the (still) snow covered roads and made our way to the turn pike to head up to State College.  Seriously, it looked like a little winter wonderland until we made it to the main roads.
Usually we head up Friday night after work for our weekends up there (for those that are new here, my parents have a vacation home up there) but Derek had off today so we were able to leave early and really enjoy the weekend! 
It was Miss Stella's first car ride and she didn't make a single peep!  Once we arrived, I took advantage of Michael's/Home Goods/Pier One ALL being in the same shopping center
(along with Loft and Old Navy so I had to pop in those too) and picked up a couple Easter decorations for the new house since we don't have any.
Miss Priss got a blue hair bow at the vet; our very own little nittany lion 
Our neighbors up at Penn State gave her their dog (Name: Bella, Breed: mini golden doodle.. crazy, right?!) a little sweater. So sweet. 

We headed out for an early dinner before the boys headed off to the hockey game and Mom and I had a girls night in and by girls night in, I mean both falling asleep on the couches.  Sometimes by the time you get to Friday all you need is some rest, right?!
(fun fact: Derek & I got engaged at Penn State before the biggest game of the year in 2013, if you didn't know, and we went to the same restaurant on the engagement night as we did tonight, exactly six months after the big day was over!)
 We always pack up all our navy blue for our weekends in State College, even Stells now too!
 A great time and delicious food at dinner.  Happy to finally be wearing my monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer sweater.
 A Friday night in pajamas is a good Friday night in my book.

Penn State is always such a relaxing weekend (even during the chaos of football season) so there's always lots of "lounging around the house" on the weekend agenda.  Steve Nash & I braved the icy sidewalks and got a nice walk in - it was great to finally be back outside walking, even if it was freezing.  Better days are ahead.  Everyone else went out to breakfast but I decided not to hold them up while I got ready so the pups and I hung at home.
 A few snowy obstacles along the route but we got our walk in.
Do you know how hard it is to get two pups to look at the camera AND take the photo too?! Not too terrible. 

No trip is complete without a trip downtown so Davey, Derek and I headed down to lunch
 (Perks of being a boy, you can eat those two back to back meals with little turn around and I was starving because I skipped breakfast)
and then met up with Mom and Steve for a little shopping.  We were thrilled to finally pick up a print from the game the weekend of our engagement - not only were we on cloud nine from getting engaged with a bunch of family to celebrate but Penn State won in an exciting ending with four overtimes.

The boys headed off to the hockey game, again.  And were on the big screen, again. Derek was determined to get a picture for me because the boys thought we wouldn't believe they were on the board, two days in a row.  Mom and I very much enjoyed some quiet time at home.  Online shopping, food network and HGTV in the background, time with the pups.

We had a late dinner reservation so for Happy Hour my brother, Derek and I headed off to the bowling alley.  We knew we weren't at home when our total for a pitcher of beer and a glass of chardonnay was eight dollars.  EIGHT dollars.  I was blown away!  A glass of wine is usually that much!  Anyway, we all had a blast and of course I lost.  Twice.
Dinner was at a new spot - Happy Valley Brewing Company (how festive is that name for Penn State?!) which was originally and old barn built in 1814 and we loved it! The setting, the ambiance, the drinks, every single bite of food.  Success!
We have a bar in our basement so the rest of the night was spent in our comfies enjoying some homemade drinks.

Clearly we put a focus on the pups

Yesterday we enjoyed a lazy morning and huge breakfast before heading home.  It's always great to get home to nothing to do!  We were on cloud nine last night with the extra light!  It made us happy.  It gave us extra energy and motivation to get things done.  One step closer to spring!!

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