Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Church Photo Session

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Honeymooning in LATahiti and Bora Bora

We were finally married!  And I was finally with my husband after being apart since the night before!
The 90+ degree heatwave broke with a couple rain showers right as the ceremony ended but we still were able to get our bubble send off in and we ended up taking some pictures outside the church but undercover and those are some of my favorites.

It was a great little time with just our family and friends around for the photo sessions.
Literally just married.  Right after we walked back down the aisle. 
 Checking out his new ring! I still love looking at his ring on his hand to this day.
 Glad the weather held up so we got to do this.  I also love our parents watching in the background.
 My parents did a shot like this at their wedding and I'm so glad we recreated it.  
One of my favorite pictures of the day.
 I'm so happy we got this shot with my entire family.. 
It's been a while that everyone was in the same place at the same time.
 I love these four people so much
 Our bridal party could not have been better 
 These cuties did such a great job
 Loved my shoes.  But I was thankful I had flip flops for the reception.
I love the look of suspenders 

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  1. These pictures are all beautiful! Love the pictures of you two outside of the church with the bubbles especially, but they're all wonderful!

  2. These shots are gorgeous! You looked beautiful!! It also makes me a little sad b/c our photographer turned out to be a flop and we don't have many actual pics from the big day. Thakn goodness for the DVD. Anyway we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this Fall so I told my hubs we should try to recreate the BIG day! lol But loved these pics!

  3. So pretty! Confession: I love seeing my husband's ring on his finger too!

  4. These photos are stunning! It's so cute that you have a photo of your husband looking at his ring, that is an adorable shot.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  5. OMG! Your wedding pictures are EXQUISITE! I love your dress and your bridesmaid dresses! Great picks!

  6. Love these pictures! Everything is gorgeous - I love the flowers!

  7. Love these photos!! It's been almost 2 years, and I still love seeing the ring on my hubby's finger :)

  8. I love these photos!! We did a bunch in the church, too. We did bubbles for our exit too, and that dipping kiss makes my heart happy :)

  9. Right after you walk back down the aisle is the sweetest moment to me! Love the pictures, your dress is gorgeous! :)

  10. Gorgeous pictures! I love the picture with him wearing his suspenders!

  11. Your pictures are beautiful. I love your bouquet!

  12. So many great pics! The bubbles one might be my favorite!

  13. Your dress is gorgeous!! I love it :) I just found my wedding dress too and although the wedding isn't until 9 months from now, it makes me so excited :)

    If you have a sec, I hope you can drop by my blog. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest:

    Life in the Fash Lane

  14. You were a beautiful bride!!! Love these pictures! Your bridesmaid dresses were too cute.

  15. Glad to know about your wedding photo session. I am planning for pre-wedding photo shoot as well as brother’s wedding and currently searching for finest venues Chicago for both occasions. Hope to arrange them perfectly!

  16. Congratulations for the special day of your life . And you both looks very nice in the picture captured in the Wedding Photo Booth. Thank you for sharing it with us.