Monday, March 30, 2015

Girls Weekend, Boys Weekend {Weekending}

A happy weekend, indeed! 
Derek headed to Maryland for some golf
and I headed to two of my favorite spots..
home and my bestie, Sam's house.
This weekend was definitely a good one; Sunday night was spent reflecting on blessings
 and an early bedtime.
Girls night photo from Saturday night

I love getting to stay over at home (I guess now I should be calling it my parents' house) even though I live just 15 minutes away.   Derek thinks I'm a little nutty but obliges sometimes so it was a no brainer when I knew he'd be away for the weekend that I'd pack up myself and Stella and head on over!

 My stepdad, brother and I are board members for my grandparent's foundation so we had an event to attend on Friday night for the local Penn State campus.  
A fun little night - cocktail hour then a buffet and we claimed a great hightop for the four of us, we were only missing Derek.
The night ended of course with playing with the pups. Both dogs were all smiles all weekend long.  Mom was overheard telling Nash "this is your house but she's our guest, be sweet" ha! It was great to be home, relax and have family time.

It's always so great to be home; my parents are always so welcoming and even got a new tv for my old room (since I took mine) because they were nervous I wouldn't be able to sleep without it.  I usually sleep with the tv on all night (weird I know, I like the little bit of light) so my parents would always tease me about the light from my tv showing under my bedroom door each night.
Such happiness being with both of my pups.  And being in pajamas :)
I slept in a little, Stella joined our walking group for the first time ever (only for a lap, but it put her right to sleep after!) and my mom made me breakfast! Great little morning :)
Yes, I did ask my mom to come out in her pajams to get a picture of Stella's first walk.  Being the great mom she is, she agreed.
I took of for my best friend (and MOH) Sam's house for the night.  Right away we set out to pick up the cookie dough that I mentioned on Friday and it did not disappoint.  Like the best invention ever.  Also in our adventures were lunch, shopping, relaxing on the couch.
The best invention.  Just as delicious as actual cookie dough or possibly better.  We each indulged in some during couch time.
Sam, her sister Carly and I set out for dinner at Sushi Lounge before heading out for some drinks.  Sushi Lounge was delicious, a fun atmosphere and will definitely be my go to spot anytime I visit Sam.
They had a fabulous drink menu! Two peach martinis and one regular.
We had a blast at the bar for the rest of the night; our other friend Gianna met up with us too.  The bar even had a little help yourself popcorn station and a live band! We stayed up way too late but had a fantastic night.
They always joke that my accent sounds like I'm from the south - so they asked on of their bartender friends where he thought I was from…. Georgia! Hey, I always wanted to be southern anyway!
Collecting my complimentary popcorn
We were addicted to watching early episodes of The Hills and got a good laugh about how terrible Lauren's fashion sense used to be and a couple of Laguna Beach too.. we love going back in time and watching old shows.

Once I scooped up Stella from her baby sitters (my parents) I snuck in a quick massage before testing out a new recipe for dinner and catching up with Derek on his weekend.  We were both exhausted, in a good way and went to bed so early.
I walked in to find the family room completely covered with toys - I asked if my parents took the toys out for them and they said the pups got every toy out themselves.

It was the best kind of weekend - I missed the hubby but had some great quality time with some of my favorite people and locations with a great girls night thrown in there.

Hopefully a great week is in store for us, more spring like weather and some great Easter festivities
(it's hard to believe Easter is this weekend!)


  1. Looks and sounds like a wonderful and fun weekend. Going home is the best isn't it?!?! Glad you had a great time, loving your top with your necklace :)!

    Have a great Monday!

  2. YAY for such a fun weekend. It's so wonderful that you live so close to home!!
    And hooray for that cookie dough goodness!
    Happy Monday!

  3. I still love nights at my parents' house too, so I totally get where you're coming from. Also, that cookie dough yumminess sounds absolutely AMAZING! :)

  4. Sounds like an amazing weekend! Glad that you had fun. My parents live here in Chicago but downtown. I haven't stayed over there in a long time, but it is always fun to do that. :-) That ice cream sounds delicious too! Have a great day!

  5. Awe, what a fun weekend! The pups are seriously so cute together. Aren't the fashion choices on The Hills early years hilarious?! I always get a kick out of that too. Happy Monday!

  6. Sounds like a really fun weekend! When Jared's away, I do the same things a lot of times! Why be lonely when you can go have a fun sleepover!

  7. That cookie dough sounds AMAZING!! I didn't know anyone else liked to sleep with the tv on all night, too. Whenever I'm home alone, I always do that!

  8. Please tell me where you bought that cookie dough from!! You're so lucky you can take your pup over to parents house and spend the night. My parents have 2 dogs that would not get along with my Pixie. Your sushi night looked like so much fun!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  9. Sounds like a great weekend! I always head 'home' when my husband is gone, too - it's the perfect little getaway! Love that last picture of the two pups, our dog always has EVERY SINGLE toy out at all times!

  10. Great post, I just love your pictures, makes me feel like I was visiting my parents)


  11. What a great weekend! Times with your family and besties is always fantastic but getting back home to the hubs is even better :)

  12. Laguna Beach and The Hills were amazing shows! Lauren's fashion has definitely improved and now I love her clothing line at Kohls. I looked for the cookie dough you mentioned last week in two grocery stores and wasn't able to find it. But I'm not giving up -- must try!

  13. It's always so nice to go home! Plus I'm a big fan of having a girls weekend every once in awhile, and Dan loves when he can spend a few days golfing with the guys. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

  14. Looks like you had a great time at home. Time with good girlfriends is always wonderful. I have to find that cookie dough! Oh my goodness it looks heavenly!

  15. What a fabulous weekend!! Okay, making lists for this one because it was just too good!
    1. Magenta is YOUR COLOR!!! You looked beautiful!
    2. Where did you get the necklace you wore with your magenta shirt?? Love, love, love!
    3. The dogs are so cute and Ava always gets her toys out like that. One day she took everything out of her crate and spread it around the entire apartment.
    4. Love your PJ's!! Where did you get them??
    5. I love family time! Mom's make the best breakfast!
    6. That bar sounds awesome!! Live music and popcorn... I am set! LOL

    I hope you have the best week!!