Friday, March 6, 2015

Six Months & The Final Snow, I Hope! {Friday Linkups}

Dreaming of florals, brights and SPRING!

1. Six Months!
Six months ago my last name changed
Six months ago today the heat factor in September broke records 
Six months ago today ALL of our family and friends were in one place
Six months ago today I was allowed to eat all the cake I wanted
Six months ago I married my best friend and became a Mrs!!

Some days married life isn't always glamorous and perfect
Some days it is glamorous AND perfect
Everyday it is the best.

I love marriage, I love doing life with my best friend. Life is good. God is good.
I cannot believe that it has been six months!  Part of me feels like it was yesterday and part of me feels like it was so long ago (ever feel like that!?)  That day was filled with so much joy and love and I get more happiness then I ever thought just "thinking" about that day.  

Derek & I met on St. Patrick's Day so we always like do a little something special to celebrate that day so we'll be celebrating six months AND St. Patrick's Day in a couple weeks!

2. Give me all the statement necklaces 
I wear some statement necklaces in the winter but I more use scarves and I am so ready to get back to my necklaces (most of which are bright and summery anyway)
I've been lusting after this one for a while and finally ordered it in the mail this week!
3. March Goals
I don't usually post on Sundays but I did this week 
so, if you missed it, click here for my March goals

4. Mother Nature Owes Us.. BIG TIME!!
Snow/sleet/ice on Sunday
thunder.. crazy right!
Snow/sleet/rain on Tuesday 
 rain, fog, etc. on Wednesday 
More snow yesterday with I our biggest snow fall yet!!!
It's March!! What's the deal?!
 Neighborhood Watch

I actually didn't mind the snow.  I love watching it fall and yesterday was a beautiful one because most people were stuck at home and the snow went untouched and was beautiful.  It's the aftermath that I hate. It was too high for Miss Stella out back so we played in the drive way and the street.  Little miss is a killer in the snow, you would never know she's a lady! She plays HARD!
Yesterday was filled with a little extra cuddling and sleep, an extra mini muffin with breakfast. A two part nap.  Yes, two parts like woke up, got a drink, curled back up under the blanket and went back to it.  Probably too much time outside, but I couldn't help it when I saw how much fun the pup was having.  I had hopes of working on some house decor things but seeing as {hopefully} this is the last snow day, I opted for ultimate laziness.
Happy Hour to warm up. Bless it! Thank goodness for freezer meals because clearly we weren't going to be able to get out for dinner so we pulled out some frozen enchiladas. Amen.

PLEASE LET THIS BE THE END OF IT!!! Bring on the sunshine, blue sky, being able to see the grass and warm temps!

5. Repeat After Me
If you haven't seen that new show Repeat After Me on ABC, tune in!!
It's only a half hour but it's hysterical!!
I just started watching this week and caught up on the past couple episodes (I think there are 3?!)
I have no clue who the host is but she's hysterical and the celebrities they get are hysterical.

6. Bachelor Talk
Let me just start with this tell all reminded me of Sean's season when Ashlee and Des were both in talks for Bachelorette and Ashlee threw a little hissy fit and Des clearly won out.  
Britt is now Ashlee and Kaitlin is Des.
Why can't I be part of a huge, Bachelor themed (did you see some of the foods?!) viewing party?!
Just a repeat.. Chris Harrison has THE best job.. ever.
Britt had to put cucumbers on her eyes because she was crying so much?  From her salad.
Did anyone else catch that.
Also could have hugged Chris longer?! So glad that he stuck up for Carly.
Jillian - annoying (but dying when CH said she was "a little jacked up" in referring to her talking)
Britt - ANNOYING, drama queen, trying her ever so hardest to act into being the bachelorette.  She would cry, then five seconds later be fine.
Kelsey blew her nose in CH's hankie. Who does that.
Samantha talked!!! Somewhere Jeremy Piven is so proud of his girl.
Kaitlin was so classy.  She sat there perfectly and handled herself so well while everyone else was screaming over each other.  Well, her mouth was quiet.  She spoke through facial expressions.
My favorite Ashley S!!! Kaitlin's impression of Ashley S was everything.
No actually, the montage to Ashley S was everything.
Is she really growing onions?!  She cannot be funnier.
The best part was you could tell in here eyes she was sane and normal on the tell all.  Just super funny.
Go girl, she just owned everything and lightened the awful mood {PTL}.  
Oh please Ashley, please accept CH's impromptu offer even though its just "so weird" that they are on tv
I loved Trina's bright yellow dress and the statement necklace.
Jordan looked so much better when she was not drunk.
Samantha's dress I want. Kaitlin looked beautiful.
Carly.. in Derek's words "she looked hot!"
I've never wanted to find a yellow dress more.  Would go great with my new necklace above.

Can't wait for CH's book!!

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  1. The women tell all was just a lot of Britt crying lol and that jillian girl being scary haha!! Happy 6 month anniversary - time flies when you are with your best friend right?! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Oh girl... The Bachelor seasons just never get old,do they??? I just can't seem to get enough! Lol

    Happy 6 month anniversary! And I do hope the last of the snow is behind us!! This momma can't take much more.

    Oh, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE statement necklaces too!!

    have a great wknd! hugs!

  3. Happy 6 months!! Time flies when you're having fun, right? :) I still can't believe that in almost exactly a month it will have been a year for my husband and I. It feels like it was just a few weeks ago :)
    I agree with you on everything Bachelor, especially the comparison with Ashley and Des! I hope Kaitlyn gets the next Bachelorette, and I think she will.
    I need to watch Repeat After Me...I totally meant to watch it and then forgot that it was on. I'll have to see if it's On Demand.
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. I think Kaitlyn will be the next Bachelorette...and cute statement necklace!

  5. I think Kaitlyn will be the next Bachelor too!
    And happy 6 months, lovely!
    You're melting me with the presh snow pup pics. Bless! xx

  6. The snow...I just can't take it anymore! Ohio is covered in mush, and cold. I am so ready for spring, and those spring clothes anytime now! That statement necklace is perfect -- and ready for spring too!

    Happy 6 months -- a year will be here before you know it, and you'll be wondering where the last 6 months went!

  7. I remember the first year being married seemed like such a long time! We'll be celebrating 7 years next week. Where did the time go!?! Your necklace is adorable - I need to invest in a new one too - I'm getting bored with my old ones. Happy Friday!

  8. i could not agree more with your bachelor re-cap!!! SO TRUE. happy six months!! my husband and i are celebrating 9 months tomorrow and i can't believe it! time flies when you are having fun :)

    stopping by from the link up! excited to follow!

  9. Love the Women Tell all recap :) Happy 6 months.. I love being married it was the best decision I have ever did :) Happy Friday

  10. I have been loving Repeat After Me! It is so funny. I die laughing. I totally agree about the Ashlee/Des and Britt/Kaitlyn thing. Happy Weekend!
    P.S. Still loving the pics of your pup!

  11. I haven't watched this season of "The Bachelor," but I've heard it's been pretty epic! Ha! I am with you on the snow; so over it and praying this was our last one of the season. I HATE the aftermath, too. My car is absolutely disgusting and it needs a wash so badly. Happy Six Months! :)

  12. Happy Six Months! So exciting! OMG - you dont know who the host of Repeat After Me is? That is BEV GOLDBERG! You have to watch the Goldbergs! My whole family is obsessed with it! Seriously watch it. It is on demand and the funniest thing ever.

  13. Seriously, Repeat After Me has been killing me!! So freaking funny! I don't even know why I started watching it one day but now I can't stop haha! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  14. Six months is exciting!!! We'll be married eight months at the end of this month!
    Who do you think Chris will choose?? I have no idea!

  15. Congrats on 6 months! It's always fun celebrating "monthaversaries" although my husband was over it after the first year (too much to remember lol and quite frankly I forgot ours was yesterday until now) I agree with all your Bachelor comments! That women tell all special had so many things happen... I feel like Kaitlyn will be the next bachelorette but I'm not a big fan so I'm not sure if I'll watch it. Hope y'all stay warm! That's a TON of snow!

  16. Congrats on 6 months ;) Your Stella necklace is so pretty, love all the color!

  17. Happy 6 months! So fun that you two always do something special for St. Patricks Day :) I loved reading your description of each of the girls from Women Tell All! You are spot on! Hahaha

  18. Happy six months, your rings are gorgeous!

    Love the statement necklace, I need more. And, Miss Stella is so too cute! Have a great weekend!