Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easter Decor + On the Home Front

Now that spring has hit we are fully in "finish the house" mode at Casa de Sotherden.
A little background.. We closed on our house in July, had some work done in July/August/September, moved in in the midst of a wedding in September and furnished the house then we were ready for a break and to enjoy the holidays!

We did some decorating but not a ton; I knew when the time was right we'd finish everything - once the weather warmed up a switch just clicked and I was ready for all the house work to be done!  We've come along way; basically the whole first floor and bedrooms are decorated; we just need to work on a few little things as well as the bathrooms and basement aka "Derek's Man Cave."

We also have a bar in our basement that we call "Sotherden's Saloon" (I'll make sure to share that soon!) and we're working on making our deck nice.. we think we're going to call it the oasis.

I figured now would be a nice time to show only a couple of my favorite touches!

{Easter Decor}
I love a good holiday decorating session.  I was so into enjoying the dead of winter that I just skipped over Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day but I knew for Easter I wanted to do a little something.  And only a little is what I did. But at least we have some spirit!
I love our cute little bunnies next to one of our personalized signs 
The Easter egg jar was seriously the easiest decoration ever.  $2.99 bag of plastic eggs at Michael's right into the jar. {Sidenote: We use this jar all year round but empty it out for holidays.  So far we've added mini pumpkins and christmas ornaments.  The little bunnies are from Home Goods.
Glass Jar is Crate and Barrel - they have great jars!
Again, the easiest! Leftover eggs from above, some Easter grass and a basket that we already had.
I love changing out our little garden flag for each holiday and we recently finally got an "S" for off months.

For other holiday decor…

{Wedding Walls}
After I got this canvas of my bridesmaids; I knew I definitely wanted more for our house and to make a couple wedding walls.  Since I had already ordered one; I was on the email list to get great discounts.  Like 50, 60, 70% off discounts so I ordered a bunch for three different spaces in our house.  My mom also picked up some for her house - they are a great addition!
 These smaller prints are for above one of our dressers in our master bedroom.
 We have one set of steps, a landing with a huge wall behind it, then another set that leads to the upstairs.  I had NO idea what to do with the wall but I knew something had to be done to make it look homey.  Luckily the canvas sizes that were offered were perfect to make a little wedding wall.
 This little wall is one of my favorites.  It's right in our foyer and I can see it coming down the steps, when I walk out of the kitchen or when I'm in the  dining room.  It just makes the room look so much more full!

{New Favorites}
I found this little wreath on Etsy and it's the perfect addition! I love anything personalized and this did the perfect job spicing up our entry way to the basement.  Above the door is another favorite - a little sign I picked up in Media, my hometown and a place we frequent.  A lot. 
 I've been searching for a rug for under our kitchen table forever.  You know what they always say - when you stop looking you find it - and bam! We were running errands to return a rug I had ordered and happened to find this one AND a matching runner for less than the original rug.  Score! It also happens to match a rug we already had in our foyer.  Full set.  I love sets.  I love coordinating and matching.

{Etsy for the Home}
last year I was putting so much emphasis on Etsy for the wedding.  Okay and my new monogram. I've found so many cute home items recently though! 
{Upcoming Projects}
Anyone have any tips for painting bathrooms?! We're probably going to tackle the task of ours.. hopefully we're creative enough! 

Our other big project is getting some flowers on our porch and deck!  Our first time!


  1. WOW, your home is so beautifully decorated. I love your Easter touches and your canvas walls are so lovely. We have two on our buffet and I love looking at them everyday. I can't wait to have more space on our walls to do a full canvas wall :)! Happy Friday's eve, friend!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those wedding canvases. And I'm a huge fan of monograms so I loved that wreath too! And of course your Easter touches b/c I am a huge fan of holiday decor! ;)

  3. Those wedding canvases are beautiful! We have three canvases but only one of them is hung right now (will probably hang the other two in our basement once we re-do it).
    So fun that you bought your house before your wedding--we did the same thing too! It's fun making it your own and putting your personal touches on it.

  4. Beautiful. I have the same rug in my livingroom and back door you have under your table. Wedding pics are gorgeous. Tips on bathroom painting . . . find a paint that is mildew resistant for sure and washable. always washable paint. My husband does alll our painting and knows paint and this one is a must. Don't skimp when it comes to quality either, it pays in the long run. We are fans of anything from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore

  5. I love all of your decor! It's so cute. & you can never go wrong with a monogram :P

  6. Awww love all your Easter décor! I need to start decorating my house for seasons/holidays! I pretty much only decorate for Christmas. And love the monograms! You can't go wrong with any of those!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. Love all of your decorations! It looks great! 😃

  8. I love all these decoration!! Your Wedding Canvas turned out so good :) LOVE IT

  9. I just realized I don’t have any Easter decorations out! Need to change that pronto! Y’alls wedding canvases look great!

  10. All your decor is too cute!! I love the canvases - we have one big one, but now you're making realize I need more! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  11. LOVE this post. You're giving me major inspiration and motivation to get moving on everything in our house, too. It all looks so great!

  12. I am getting married in October and I am obsessing over all of your adorable and fun ideas! Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous! and I love all of those beautiful wedding canvases!

  13. Love all the canvas photos from your wedding! We're working on ordering a bunch of those for our house now and I can't wait to hang them up :) The Easter décor is really cute!

  14. I'm swooning over ALL your wedding photo decor... fist I just DIED over the picture of you in the church with Derek in the background... but it just kept getting better and better!! I definitely need to get after it once our remodel stuff is complete. You've done an AMAZING job!!

  15. So cute, I love all of your decor!

  16. Love your decor! I haven't bought much in terms of holiday decor since we're always renting, I can't wait until I have a house with proper storage so I can go a little bit wild.

  17. I love all of your wedding canvases. We mainly just framed our wedding photos around the house but yours look so nice. As for bathroom painting, I painted my ensuite a medium turquoise colour and it feels a little dark in there. I wish I went for a lighter, airier colour to make the tiny room feel a little bit larger.

  18. I love your wedding canvases! Pictures are my favorite decorations. Also, love the Easter decorations. Too cute and super easy. Why is it that whenever you are looking for something you never find it or when you have the money to spend you can't find it, BUT when you aren't looking or don't have the money you find it!? Hate that! I am glad you found your rug and runner. Love them both.

  19. Your Easter decor is so cute!
    Next Thursday, I'll be posting my Easter things, and I'd love it if you'd link up :)

  20. You totally just reminded me that I don't have any of our Easter decorations out yet - that will be this weekend's project! I love all of the wedding photos you have framed. We got a couple of canvases done recently (one of an engagement photo and one of a wedding photo) and I just love them!

  21. Those bunnies next to your Easter egg jar are so cute. :-) Love your wedding wall too, your gown is gorgeous. You have a lovely home too. :-)

  22. Your Easter decorations are so adorable! One day, I'll have to start decorating for Easter lol I am in love with your canvases! They are so beautiful and how you placed them is fantastic!! Also loving your kitchen rugs - the table one and the skinny one worked out perfectly!