Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Jet Setters Forever

We're itching for the summer weather to get here.
Other than a couple quick weekend trips, we haven't been on vacation since our honeymoon back in September!
So, we're also itching for a trip.

Brainstorming honeymoon locations last year helped us to start our travel bucket list and this year, we've narrowed down those options and added to it.

We decided we're done with major international travel… just for now.
So all those places {London, Spain, Italy, Paris, Scotland topping the list} we're saving for future years.
Not counting out the islands, though!

To give ourselves plenty of time to plan, prepare, etc. we've kind of mapped out our trips for the next year and a half or so with the hopes of a couple little spur of the moment long weekends away thrown in there too.

We love traveling and taking in new places together; trips are great for bonding, great for laughing, great to make memories and great to just enjoy each other's company.
There's so many places that are different lifestyles from where you live and I feel it's important as well as fun of course to see as many as possible!

Let's take a peak at the list.. shall we?!

I've always wanted to go to Bermuda; I've always heard great things about how pretty and clean it is, how nice the people are, how beautiful the water is.  Bermuda is a very easy flight from Philadelphia so this is at the top of our list for a spring vacation if we can pull it together in time!

Los Angeles Area 
We've already decided that we're most likely going to head back out to the Los Angeles area in August for an early anniversary trip.  Before flying out to Tahiti and Bora Bora, our honeymoon started with an overnight stay in Beverly Hills so it'll always have those special little "start of honeymoon" memories.  I've been to Los Angeles on family trips and we got a little taste of it before but we think it will be fun to go back for more time to further explore the Beverly Hills/LA/Malibu area with some day trips in there. Plus there's some great hotels out there with fabulous pools for relaxing.

I've been a few times (I almost picked to go to school at University of Arizona - if I did, I never would have met my husband!) and it's one of my parent's favorite go-to vacation spots.  We usually still take a family vacation every year (we took a break last year per wedding activities) and neither my brother nor Derek have ever been so I think we're eyeing this for our next one!

St. Lucia
I've never been to an all inclusive resort!  St. Lucia is at the top of our favorites for an island visit and an all inclusive.  This was also high up on our honeymoon list.

We haven't traveled here together but I went with my family when I was in college.  Definitely Maui and probably the main island too, we'll see if there's time for more!  Possibly a two year anniversary trip?!

For those that are new here, Derek and I met while attending college in Providence.  We've been meaning to go back, together but have never made the time.  We're heading up at the end of the summer for a wedding so we'll finally get our chance to visit again.

New Orleans
We've both thrown this idea out there many times; it looks like the cutest city;
we can't wait to visit one day and see what it's all about.

We were in Miami once prior to leaving for a cruise and we just had one day and one night which we mostly spent just relaxing by the pool so we'd love to go back for a weekend to take it in a little more.

I went with my girlfriends for my bachelorette party and it was the cutest little city!  I'd love to go back for Derek to see it and continue eating our way through the area.

Key West
I've heard such great things and it looks beautiful and like such a nice getaway!

Not in the freezing cold but this looks like a fun city with plenty of sightseeing!
I'd also love to grab a meal at RPM.

San Diego
San Diego has the perfect climate and everyone is so relaxed there.  More specifically the Coronado area.

We'd both love to go to a college bowl game (Penn State, obviously) and I know one day we'd love to attend a southern college football game.  Also in the sports area, the Kentucky Derby would be an amazing weekend!

Also on the list I'd love to go to Miss America or Miss USA (if Miss America stays in Atlantic City, that makes it easy!) and a county music awards show.

Some favorites that we've traveled to previously and definitely know we want to return in the future are
Palm BeachSan Francisco/Napa ValleyNashville and Dallas.

Any other suggestions for anything from weekend getaway to a week long vacation?!
Locations and/or resorts?!
Activities, Restaurants, Sights to see in any of the above places?!

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  1. I LOVE your list!! My hubs and I love to travel too, but it has gotten harder with the kiddos. We definitely have a few cities on our bucket list for the (hopefully) near future; Nashville, Gulf Coast of Florida, Vegas, etc (just mentioning US places). But our next vacation might be Disney! ;)

  2. These are all wonderful places!!! My husband and I had St. Lucia on our honeymoon list, too. Whenever we do tropical vacations, we always do all-inclusives. It's the ultimate way to relax and not think about a thing :)

  3. Bermuda is one of my absolute favorite places! It is absolutely gorgeous.

    Chicago is my favorite US city - I actually got engaged there! The restaurants there are amazing. I've never had a bad meal in Chicago.

  4. St. Lucia was also a top contender for us for our honeymoon. I had some friends that went and they said it was amazing! You definitely have a good list going for some great vacations!

  5. I'd love an LA & Napa vaca sometime! We road tripped to Arizona last year and went to the Grand Canyon, best trip ever! We do Mexico every year, it's so gorgeous and can't beat those all inclusive prices ;)

  6. We can't keep ourselves away from NYC. We absolutely fell in love when we visited last Summer, and just keep thinking about going back, eating more food, seeing more late night shows and taking in more of the city. Boston is on our short list on in-country trips that we want to make happen in the near future, as well!

  7. I am in SERIOUS need of a vacation. I have heard great things about Hawaii... but unfortunately I've never been! How did you like it the first time you went? I would love to go there someday. But it just costs so much!

  8. You've got some great places on your list!! My brother and sister-in-law went to St. Lucia (Ladera Resort but not all inclusive) for their honeymoon and loved it! We want to do a big family vaca to Arizona within the next few years and I'm dying to go to Chicago. Charleston is my favorite place ever and I want to go back soon!

  9. Wait, these are all the places you're going to go in just a year and a half?! Insane! So many adventures

  10. All of your choices are awesome!!! I love traveling and seeing the world. You gain a different kind of wisdom from that. I love any place tropical and all-inclusive is the only way to go!

  11. Yes! Come to Charleston! I'm biased, but it's the best city =)

    Another option to get to Bermuda is to take a cruise out of New York (or it might've been Jersey City where I cruised out of).. probably cheaper then flight + hotel + food, and when I went the ship actually docked there overnight for a few days

  12. i just got back from Nola - so fun!! and completely different than what i was thinking. bourbon st. is a blast!

  13. Oh my gosh you have so many good ideas here. I want to visit all of them :) I'm all about Hawaii!

  14. We did an all inclusive in St. Lucia for our honeymoon and it was incredible! All inclusive is the way to go for a trip like that!