Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring is Here! {Friday Linkups}

You know those weekends that end when you feel refreshed and those weekends that end when you don't.  Last weekend was definitely one that when Sunday night came I did not feel refreshed.  Probably since it's spring now we had a flurry of activity last weekend which made for the best kind of weekend but I've been waiting all week for Friday night to roll around.

{One: Spring is Here}
So, we're kicking off spring today with a forecast of "wet snow."  I mean I guess it's wet and not full on snow - that's a little springy, right?!  I don't even care because it will hopefully be gone in the blink of an eye and the temperatures HAVE to just continue going on up! I think it's about time this weekend that I put some heavy sweaters away and break out some spring tops.  You know, just to be ready! The flowers, the sunshine, the warm afternoons, the floral/pastel/bright outfits… give me all of it!  Now!

{Two: Ladies Night}
It was just Stella, Olivia Pope and I last night - Derek was working late so I took advantage of some of my favorite things and enjoyed a "me" night.  I stopped for a pedicure, had tons of Stella cuddles and play, and finally caught up on the past two Scandal episodes in efforts to get ready for last night's new one. Oh, I also had soft chicken tacos for dinner.  Perfect night alone.

{Three: Davey's Birthday}
Wednesday was my brothers 30th birthday! We always go out as a family to celebrate each person's birthday and for his, Davey always picks a place we haven't been before.. so far we've found two great places!  We Went to White Dog Cafe - it has a pup theme and the food is all fresh farm to table so it was delicious, a fun ambiance and a great night for all.  The waiter actually said "I hope your not allergic to delicious." We had a blast celebrating Davey now he's off to Palm Beach for some golf and we'll continue the 30th celebrations later in the year or early next year with a family trip for both boys' 30th.
 Uncle Davey is one of Stella's favorite people so of course she didn't mind doing a little modeling for a morning birthday text.
 Might be 30 but still poses for the pictures I ask for.  Davey's favorite cake is cookie cake which I love - always delicious.
Seriously, how cute! They incorporate the dog theme everywhere and the food is beyond delicious.  I've always heard it was good but just never tried it.  We will definitely be back.  A lot.

{Four: Family of Three Time}
What a good start to the week! I looked up from my desk Monday morning and in came Derek and Stella to keep me company before we all took off for the day.  I looked over my desk and they looked so cute on the floor - I loved having us all in there together and getting a little more time together before kicking off the week!
 Fast forward to that night; Stella looks quite content… doesn't she?!

{Five: Giveaway}
If you missed yesterdays post, click here to enter for a $25 Bauble Bar gift card!! (scroll to the bottom of the post).  The site is also 30% off through the weekend… Happy Shopping :)

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Eva Mendes says sweatpants are the number one reason for divorce {here}
Obviously she's joking but I say NO WAY!
Both the husband and I are always in our comfies when we're inside the house.  Just about always.
You have to be comfortable wearing your comfies in front of your man, common Eva!

Unlike the college days, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day by doing… nothing.
Since we met on St. Patrick's Day and we've been married for six months (woo!) we're doing our celebrating this weekend!

Happy Weekending :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a great week! Love the pics of your hubs loving on your sweet pup.
    And too funny about the sweat pants. WE live in them too. And every so often I'll ask him if it bothers him that I wear them (b/c i would obviously stop if he wanted to see me looking more dressed up).. he just laughs b/c he wears them too! Have a great wknd!

  2. The birthday celebration looked and sounded fun! Love me some cookie cake! Sweat pants may end a marriage but not mine! Your dog is precious!

  3. Wow! Looks like you guys had a great time celebrating--I love that he picks a new place for you guys to try out. And Stella and your hub....I love those pics--so so cute. You can definitely feel the love just looking at the pics :)
    We were forecasted with snow today too, but so far it's just rain, thank goodness. I'm ready for Spring and totally ok with slamming the door in Winter's face! :)
    Hope you have a great weekend girl!

  4. Wasn't scandal just crazy last night?! I was not expecting that!!! I hope sweatpants aren't the cause for divorce because the minute I walk into the door I get into my comfy clothes too...and so does my husband LOL!! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Sounds like an awesome week lady!

    We have snow today, isn't that ridiculous? I'm so ready for spring and warm weather!

  6. We're back to chilly rain around here, too -- get a glimpse of Spring and then away it goes!

    After wearing business casual all day, if I'm in the house my comfy clothes are on, sorry Hubby, elastic waistbands for the win! Have a great, refreshing weekend!

  7. Three cheers for Spring, I am seriously crossing my fingers for some warmer weather. I can't wait to put away my winter clothes for good. I canNOT get over the cuteness of your dog! She kills me, and I want one! I'm off to enter that giveaway after this. :)

    After the sweatpants thing, so ridiculous! My fiancé is a super fan of yoga pants ;) not to say he doesn't enjoy when I dress up as well though.

  8. I am totally guilty of wearing yoga pants and sweats while at home. I'm with you - I think you gotta be comfortable in front of your loved ones!

  9. I seriously cannot get over how darn adorable Stella is! I think her and our pup, Finley, would be the best of friends - they both have the same cozy, cuddle positions! :) Looks like you had such a fun birthday celebrating for your brother - cookie cake, yum! And, I thought Eva Mendes was crazy for that sweatpants comment, too! I mean, seriously - my husband and I count down the minutes when we're home together until we can put cozies on. Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Totally agree on the sweatpants! It's important to try to look nice for each other but equally important sometimes to get in comfy clothes & snuggle up on the couch with a good movie :) Love the bonus quality time! Sometimes the unexpected time together is the absolute best!

  11. Sounds like a perfect "Me" night :) I love those! Oh gosh, we love being in comfy clothes at home haha!

  12. I am loving the picture of Stella with the 30s on her - what a good sport :)

  13. Your pup is the cutest! And those girls night with the pup and OP are always the greatest! Happy Weekend!
    xo Southern Style

  14. Nights to do whatever you want are super nice (and even better when they rarely happen lol) I agree with you, anytime we're at home, we're in our sweats. Might have to change that though when kids come along and at least change into some non workout clothes when the hubby comes home lol

  15. I am so ready for spring tops, too! How fun celebrating your brothers birthday! Cookie cake is one of my favorite cakes and always will be. I mean a big cookie... how can you go wrong?! That restaurant looks too cool and super fun. I am jealous of your "me" night last night. Sometimes those are the absolute best! I hope you have a great weekend!!

  16. I'm glad I'm not the only one who disagreed with Eva's comments...we are ALL about the comfy sweats over here! Your brother's birthday celebration looked so fun...I mean, you can never go wrong with cookie cake!

  17. I'm so excited that it's Spring! I hope it warms up for you soon. Stella is adorable!

  18. Scandal has been kind of weird this season?? And especially after the twist is last night's episode.....I did not see that happening to Sue at the end!

  19. What the junk, stella is adorable! Youve probably answered this hundreds of times, but what is she? Love her. Could hardly pay attention to the rest of the post because shes so cute :)

  20. I love your dog! Soooo adorable!!!

    I totally agree about the sweatpants future husband better love sweatpants because I definitely do! :) haha

  21. We had wet snow too! Luckily this weekend should be warmer, I'm so ready for Spring!

    Stella is so stinkin cute, if you need a dog sitter I'm down. And "I hope you're not allergic to delicious", that is hilarious. Have a great weekend girl!