Friday, March 13, 2015

Buy a Lady a Drink, A Bride No More & Spring Shopping {Friday Linkups}

Can we just talk about how nice the weather has been this week!?
Like nice enough for me to take my pup out in my workout shorts (and my hubby's coat/snow boots since our backyard is a slushy mess.  Our new neighbors might think I'm crazy but hey, I don't care because it's warm enough!!)
I am seriously craving all the bright colors.  All the florals.  All the pastels.  All the patterns. 
Spring anything and everything.

1. Buy a Lady a Drink
Ok, no, it's not what you think.  But that's a great little attention grabbing gif isn't it?!  For those of you who don't know our pup, Stella was named after her daddy's favorite beer.. Stella Artois.  Every once in a while she gets the full name thrown at her.  Usually if she's guilty of trying to eat my feet while I zumba or does something funny and turns into super dog.  But that's also not the point..

Stella Artois teamed up with donating and starting a new campaign to get water to 750 million people around the world that don't have clean water.  More specifically, for the ladies that have to desperately try to collect the water for their families each day. They've designed three different beer glasses - one inspired by India, one by Ethiopia and one by Honduras.

One glass purchased will provide five years of clean water for one person in one of these places.
That's amazing!

Snaps to the husband for finding this great cause!  Such a clever title because when he told me to look it up I definitely thought it was a bar app or something like the gif above. We're getting ourselves a set this weekend. To find out more or pick up some yourselves; check out their website: here

2. Spring Shopping.. Finally!
Today Mom & I are playing hookie (it's nice when your boss Mom is fun like that) and taking a little spring shopping trip.  I can't wait to come home and flood with new spring items to lust at until it's really warm enough to wear them.  (this week was a little tease, but I'll take it!)

3. Hollywood Happenings
How perfect was it that Ben Stiller announced Zoolander Two.  AT Fashion Week. AS Derek Zoolander.  Whoever thought up the idea for Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson to walk the runway at the Valentino show is a genius. I can't wait until next February.
*Fun fact: In college I broke my rib and spent a lot of time in the apartment recovering, my roommate and I tried to watch this since it was one of our faves and had to turn it off because all the laughing was too painful for my rib*
Anna Wintour and Derek Zoolander chatting: here. Kinda surprised she played along.

How fantastic would this be if it was actually true.  These three girls together = pure hilariousness.  I've heard rumors it's on.  I've hear rumors it's a rumor.  I've heard rumors that Jen is out and the other two are in.  What is the deal people?! I have a feeling it's definitely not happening, but it would be so fabulous if it was!
And we will definitely not be seeing Lauren Conrad's future kids on television.  Good for them for being private but I'd for sure tune in if she did another reality show; preferable her as a mom.

4. Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels
Okay, so whoever came up with this saying never tasted cupcakes.
Or cheese fries.
Or cookie dough.
Or Enchiladas.
Anyways, a while back I blogged that I'd given up sweets for a month (then I switched it for all of lent) but I vowed to give myself two days off - my brother's birthday and my grandma's birthday.  Only two days for six weeks! Anyway, those two days are both this week!  You can imagine how excited I am for one little piece of cake each birthday.  Oh my gosh!
Whenever I eat my tiny boring little lunches I think of this scene in The Devil Wears Prada.  
Every time.
The diet's going well but my goodness I can't wait until it's over.   

5. Wedding Tasks - Check!
Six months after our wedding and we've finally wrapped up our "post wedding to do's."  We ordered our wedding album this week! Wahoo!  Best part was since we prolonged it.  Then cancelled an appointment.  They let us do everything over email and not go in for an appointment (total score for one less errand). It won't be in until summer (seriously, why does it take so long) but it feels good to keep checking little things off the list and be done with it.  Oh and I can't wait to see the final product. Also the girl at the photographer sounds just like Yolanda from Real Housewives of BH so I love chatting with her one the phone.

Alas, a bride no more.  Well not to Derek, he still calls me his bride.  Being a wife and newlywed is much better.  

Bachelor Talk
Of course Whintey handled the meeting the family situation perfectly, like she always does!!
Becca brought cookies?! You go girl! so cleaver and she'd win my heart if I was a blonde sister.
The consume a lot of wine in Iowa.  A lot.

The Soules family looks for a great time.
How sweet when Chris' mom wiped Becca's hair out of her face - what a sweet lady!
Also, did we already know that Chris owns 800 acres of land?! I must have missed that before.
Neil Lane appears in every finale now I guess?!
Must have been a little ticked off that he was in Iowa. In the cold.
They made the barn where Chris raised his first pig look good. Well good for a barn.  Okay, they really should have been on a cliff in St. Lucia or something, I mean they were shivering.
I've been 100% Team Whintey for Bachelorette from the beginning.  I always cheer for my favorite to loose, it's better to have them steal the show next time! But anyways, girlfriend needs to learn to play it cool! Let Chris speak.  Don't get so excited that someone most likely needs to get you a bag to breath in.  Everyone knows you love Chris.  Relax.
I've gone back and forth about this a little bit since everyone is so into that Chris picked Whitney because Becca didn't love him.  Becca got a date in the hotel room.  Whitney got a date AT his house and ON his farm.  He's loved her all along too.  I think that was a little pot stirring there at the end.  I think they'll last.  I hope they last.  As long as Whintey #2 (another fave) keeps her hands off the farmer.
How sweet were Chris' parents at the end?! Those two were just so happy! We (as in plural, as in my husband AND I might have shed a tear at this point)
Has there ever been a bigger bachelor nation star bigger than Ashley S?  I don't think so. She's beautiful.  Smart and normal (see this article from Reality Steve: here) and everyone's talking about her and loves her.  I think she's the real winner of the show.

Nothing can top Jimmy Kimmel.  "Should I load Juan Pablo into your car." HILARIOUS. Do we know if Chris actually gets to keep him?!
For once in his life (well Bachelor Hosting) Chris Harrison finally was not lying about shocking twists.
How is Britt even involved?! The audience even barely clapped for her.
I read they start filming this weekend so hopefully we'll know soon who it is.  And hopefully we're hearing Kaitlin's name.  Girlfriend looked pisssssed on the After.

 I think Stella's expression below says it all. We are ready for the weekend!!
Poor girl had a rough time with the time change just like us.
Sometimes she sits on my lap at work and she's just recently learned to hoist herself up onto the desk.  Usually she sniffs around where she shouldn't but she needed a new nap spot on this day.

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  1. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it!!!
    I have a question about the bachelor. I loosely followed this season so I didn't get to watch everything but I am curious why everyone is so down on Britt? From what I could see she just seemed like a nice girl. Is everyone down on her because she wore makeup to bed? I don't think that's such a big deal being that when I'm dating someone I wouldn't want them to see me without my makeup for the first 6 months at least. And I'm I'm a pretty laid back gal. Or is it cause some people say she is fake? Can you explain what it is? Because if she's fake which I don't know but at least she was always nice and upbeat and never mean. But I would love to get your insight into why people don't like her? Thanks a million! !

  2. Stella is actually my husbands favorite beer as well and love that you guys call your pup by her full name when she's done something naughty lol!! Hope you have the best time spring shopping today! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Hmmmmm I wonder if LC would feel the same way if she wasn't on Laguna which is how she got started. I absolutely love her and think she is a little mini mogul but she was like what 15 or 16 when she started? I cracked up over your bachelor recap. Those girls just were straight up crazy town this season right?

  4. stella is absolutely adorable!! the soules family were all sweethearts--loved his parents!

  5. Oh there is so much I want to say about this! First of all how cute that your dog is named after his first beer. Have fun on your shopping trip..I hope the warm weather is here to stay sooner than later. My mom and I are also going on a getaway this weekend! :) I'd LOVEE to see a Mean Moms, it'd be hilarious but I have a feeling it's not true either.

    As for the Bachelor, oh my goodness! I am SOO happy Whitney won. It's not that I don't like Becca, but she didn't love him and I just know Chris and Whitney will work out. His parents were adorable! The girls really lost out not getting to go around the world this season (except Whitney since she actually got Chris), and even though it would've been awesome for them to be somewhere tropical I feel like the barn was somewhere that means something to them and is personal --as a normal proposal would be.
    HATE hate hate the Bachelorette idea. I do not want Britt for a whole other season...blah. Have a fantastic weekend girl!

  6. Loving all of this and I totally almost used that same clip of Kim in my post today.. haha! Great minds :) I've seen commercials for that Stella campaign and love it- such a great cause! I give you major credit for giving up sweets so fully enjoy your two days this coming week!! And I can't take those adorable puppy pics, she really has the sweetest little teddy bear face! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

  7. I am so excited for Zoolander 2!!! Mean Moms would be such a funny movie! I'd see that one in a heartbeat. Have fun shopping with your mom!

  8. I would definitely watch a new LC (Yes, I put LC--a throwback to the Laguna days) reality show. And Mean Moms would be great, but I would kind of like to see the cast from Mean Girls in it now.

  9. I've heard that Mean Moms is not a spinoff or related to the Mean Girls movie (that's a fan created movie poster) and that Sandra isn't in it and only Jennifer is attached to the film. Still excited about it though! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  10. Oh my gosh, Stella is so cute! I am obsessing over spring shopping too. Hope you have fun shopping today! :)

  11. Ah! I admit that I just totally skipped over your bachelor talk! I still need to watch the episode and somehow I haven't found out who he picked! I can't believe I haven't seen posts on FB or anything!
    But YAY for your cake this week! You are super woman to go a whole 6 weeks (minus these two special days) without sugar! Go you!!
    Okay, I really hope those actresses + that movie really happen! It would be TOO good!

  12. If they really do make the movie Mean Moms I would TOTALLY watch it :)

  13. Your furbaby is the most cuddly looking baby I have ever seen! New follower from the Five on Friday Hop.