Monday, March 23, 2015

Staycation {Weekending}

Another weekend in the books!
Enjoying our staycation.  Staycations are really starting to become a favorite in this house.

I heard that on Friday it wasn't officially spring until 6:45 so I guess the snow happened when it was still winter and now that winter is in the past, we should be in the clear.  Hopefully.
To celebrate spring's aririval I bundled up in my snow boots, coy scarf and used my seat warmers.  Let's change this soon, okay mother nature?!  Thank goodness I didn't jump the gun and change over my closet to spring last week like I considered.

The weekend kicked off with me burning my skin accidentally with my curling iron (ironicaly about a half hour before my skin appointment at the dermatologist).. anyone have any remedies to get rid of the burn mark?!

Whoever said a dog was a man's best friend never met Stella.  We had some cuddles and extra indoor play time while watching the spring snow.
Stella can jump up to the couch if she really tries her hardest.  Sweet girl put all her effort into the jump so I didn't have the heart to kick her off.

Can you imagine what it will be like when we actually have tiny humans to love on?!
Friday night we quickly cancelled our plans and stuck close to home by going next door to sit at the bar for some wood oven (delicious) pizzas.  I fell asleep on the couch.  Wild Friday night.
Remember Friday's post about the sweat pants.  Keeping it very real right here.

Miss Stella was invited up into our bed for the first time for some morning cuddles.

We ran all the errands, all the grown up errands, we hit all the hot spots.. Home Depo, Pet Smart, Home Goods, Target.  But we stopped for Mexican so it was okay.
Tim the tool man Taylor or what?!

My amazing MOH, Sam gave us a gift card to the Four Seasons as a shower gift which we were suppose to use on the honeymoon but we forgot it the day we went to the spa and didn't want to just tack it on to the final bill.. we wanted a special memory from it.  We've been saving it for this past weekend to celebrate six months of being married (wahoo!) and St. Patrick's Day since that's when we met!
Fun Fact:  We used to do Thanksgivings at the Four Seasons when I was growing up and could watch the parade from the window.  The hotel is moving locations in the summer so it was nice to go back one more time! 
We decided to really enjoy the stay-cation and just relax with no city wandering.  After some relaxing in the room we headed down to the hotel bar then out to our favorite restaurant, Ocean Prime.  The night was finished off the same way it started.
So nice it was to have a lazy morning and sleep in before heading down to the best brunch.  We had a nice little table right by the fire and indulged in the huge buffet.  Made to order pancakes were definitely my favorite! 
There's a PA state law that you can't be served liquor before 11am on Sundays.. how did I never know this?! I guess because we usually brunch 11 or after but anyway we had our bellinis and bloody mary's for dessert.
Miss Stella did fantastic at her first over night at the puppy resort and loved play group (I mean, of course she did).  Since my parent's were in Charleston and my brother in Palm Beach, Nash was staying there too so they let them have some special playtime together.

Melts my heart - look how happy!! And those are Uncle Nash's paw prints to the right.

A high priority is getting our house finished.  asap.  One day a switch just flipped and I decided it was time to just get it done. We spent most of yesterday getting wall hangings hung up and making a lot of progress around the house.  I'm hoping to have everything completely done by the start of summer.
Highlight of the weekend: We booked a quick little spring vacation to… Bermuda!
Has anyone been?! Any recommendations or tips?!

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  1. Awww it looks like SUCH a fun weekend (Minus the snow of course! ;)
    Lots of times staycations are better than actual vacations!!

  2. Wow you guys sure packed in a ton this weekend! I love how you decided to use the gift from your friend and that you did a little stay-cation to celebrate 6 months! Stella is as adorable as ever!!! Love her :)
    Yay for your trip! I've never been to Bermuda but heard good things! I'm sure it'll be an awesome trip--when do you guys leave?

  3. I love a good staycation too, so I'm totally jealous of yours!!! Stella is soooo cute, but even she seems to be saying... Enough with the snow already!!!

  4. What a sweet celebration! Also, alcohol laws are the worst -- don't they know you're celebrating?!

    We're still trying to figure out our big trip for this year -- explore Europe, or relax at an all-inclusive? Bermuda sounds amazing, though and makes me lean towards the latter!

  5. stella is adorable!! and a good staycation is always nice. just to relax. and mexican with make any errand ok!!

  6. We have that same brunch law on Sundays in NYC and I didn't know about it either until I randomly discovered it during an early I make sure we never brunch before noon, haha! I was a bridesmaid in a destination wedding in Bermuda once, and it was absolutely stunning. The beaches are simply amazing!

  7. I'm telling you, I can't even handle Stella's cuteness. I mean, look at that face! I hear ya in when there are actual human babies to love on - we basically treat Finn like a human now. You had such a fantastic weekend! I'm into all things house right now, too, because I don't want to be stuck inside all summer. Happy Monday!

  8. Oh my gosh, Stella is so adorable! I love all of those pictures.

    Staycations are awesome - feels like a trip without the stress of traveling.

  9. I can't believe you got more snow! Seriously, I want it to just stay away for the rest of the year!

  10. I love the daycard report cards! I got snow on Friday too but luckily most of it melted pretty fast. Let's pray for no more snow!

  11. Hi!

    I love your dog! She is so cute! I used to take my dog to daycare and he LOVED it! The "report cards" are the cutest, aren't they? It looks like Stella did very well!

    I think my dog, Maxwell, and Stella would get along so good haha:)

    I am going to be doing a "dog behind the blog" post soon and would love for you to check it out. I'll let you know when I post it.

  12. I can't get enough of Stella -- she's just the cutest! And how crazy is the snow?!
    xo Southern Style

  13. What a great celebration for your 6 month anniversary!! Looks like a wonderful weekend!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  14. Staycations are so much fun! I think that was the perfect 6 month anniversary idea!!!!

  15. Your weekend looked like so much fun! Staycations are the best and that's fantastic you were able to work on the house and book your trip! That's going to be so much fun and can't wait to see pictures! Also, that was totally me on Friday night - pj's and laying on the couch lol

  16. Ugh girl, if you find any remedies for burn marks let me know! I burnt my skin on the metal ring on my bikini and it's left a horrible mark! Staycations are seriously the best. So fun to not be in your house but not feel like you have to go out sightseeing and everything either. And Stella is so darn cute!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  17. Your staycation sounds like tons of fun and makes me want to get on the band wagon! That is a weird law... I guess whoever made that doesn't enjoy brunch - ha! Stella is so dang cute!!

  18. What a fun weekend! Your puppy is beyond adorable!

  19. Stella's picture from her doggy daycare cracks me up! We need to get our house in order too! I feel like I would have to take 3 weeks off just to get it done!

  20. I love that y'all did Thanksgivings at the Four Seasons growing up! That is such a neat tradition! Also, that picture of Stella is seriously adorable! What a ham!