Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Reception Photos.. The End! {Wedding Wednesday}

Before your wedding everyone always tells you 
"try to take it all in, it will go by so fast and all be a blur".. if you haven't gotten married yet, then when the big day comes, you'll here that more times than you can count.

For just a couple of minutes (probably 2-3) I have one clear vision from the reception.  Sitting at the sweetheart table overlooking the dance floor and just watching my family and friends having so much fun.  I remember someone coming up and saying "common, why aren't you dancing" and I said,
"I'm just taking it all in for a minute."  I am so glad I took those quick minutes to sit because I got a clear memory of all the fun.

Watching all the bridal party be silly and get announced
Being announced with my husband! for the first time
The prayer, the toasts from my best friend and his
Having a couple minutes to enjoy by ourselves over dinner
Dancing with my husband, with my father, with all my friends
Enjoying the result of a year of planning
Celebrating mine and Derek's love.

I won't bore you with the overload of photos taken at the reception but just some of my favorite.
And for those of you that are bored with the photo overload.. this is the last recap!!

The flowers and the centerpieces were one of my favorite parts!
We picked to have a sweetheart table with our bridal party at rounds on either side of us
 My favorite!! The cake!  Vanilla pound/almond pound with vanilla buttercream frosting (my favorite), fresh flowers and a monogrammed cake topper (fun fact: we have a sheet cake of "extra" cake in our freezer along with our top tier)
 Place settings with the monogrammed menu cards
Our first dance as husband and wife to "Better Than Love" by Griffin House

Father/Daughter dance to "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins
Praying on our new marriage 
With the maid of honor and best man after their fantastic speeches 

Some great friends shots 
Bouquet Toss 
Derek showed his true personality during the garter toss and put on a complete show for everyone
Us with my brother or I should say "our" brother now
I was so thrilled to have so many sorority sisters there!  This isn't even all of them! All except one had to travel into town for the big day.
One of my favorite parts! Cutting (and eating) the cake

Ice Cream Sundae Bar in the dessert lounge

Some outdoor shots to finish the night

Well, that does it for the wedding photos! If you missed any of the previous posts…
Bridal Shower herehere and here
I posted some personal wedding photos our friends took back in October herehere and here
Bridesmaid's Luncheon
Rehearsal Dinner
and for the more recent posts (with ALL the pictures)…
Getting Ready
Pre Ceremony
Church Photo Session
In The Gardens

In the following weeks I'll have only a few more "wedding" type posts with little details, welcome bags, notes for future brides, etc.
Then… on to Newlywed life!


  1. Such a beautiful reception! I'm glad you were able to that minute!
    Love the pics of y'all outside at the end! So sweet! And you were gorgeous!

  2. Looks absolutely beautiful! Your tables were so pretty and I love the chargers!!

  3. I love your flowers! One I the things I wish I had done was take a few minutes with Dan to soak it all in -- it just flies by in such a blur!

  4. Omg your cake was amazing!! Love that :) I finally got organized and did my first wedding post today! You were my inspiration!!

  5. Looks like it was a great party, which is a testament to your planning!! I loved all your flowers!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. LOVE the pictures!! Everything was gorgeous and perfect! I can't tell you how in LOVE I am with your dress! Perfection on you!

  7. What a beautiful reception - I love every detail and you looked gorgeous! But those centerpieces... WOW. They are stunning! It's truly sad how quickly the day goes by. I wish I could relive my wedding day!

  8. Gorgeous centerpieces!! Looked like a blast!

  9. Ice cream bar... get out! Brilliant and tasty :)

  10. This looks like you had a wonderful time!! Congratulations. I love the idea of an ice cream bar- it sounds delicious!

    Thanks for sharing!
    -A Peachy Sonder

  11. Your flowers were so gorgeous-so feminine and romantic. And the ice cream bar is such a good idea! Is it wrong that I want one right now?

  12. Hi Christina! What a small world. Found your blog through Amanda (Meet @ The Barre) who is the sister of my best friend's sister in law - yes I know that's confusing lol. Your pictures are gorgeous - hope all is well! My mom says hi too :)

  13. BTW- i'm blogging at!

  14. I could stare at wedding photos all day long! And yours are gorgeous! Beautiful dress, and I am just loving those earrings too!

  15. Your floral arrangements were gorgeous and I'm OBSESSED with the chargers!! Loe, love, love!!

  16. The reception was absolutely gorgeous! And you look stunning!
    xo Southern Style

  17. You look stunning and I am completely obsessed with your floral arrangements and bouquets-- so gorgeous!

  18. Such beautiful details! I couldn't agree with you more that we are so glad that we took a few minutes out of the night to sit and take it all in. Xo, Stephanie

  19. The decor at this place is absolutely beautiful. In terms of decor, this is definitely a big step above a typical wedding venue. The wedding location venue is spacious, breathable, and absolutely glowing. They can bring in an open bar as well into this place.

  20. What an absolutely gorgeous bride you made on your big day Christina! It looks like you had a wonderful time that will live long in the memory - just as a wedding day should. Your dress looked amazing and so did your maid of honors. I specially liked the choice of "You're Gonna Miss This" for your dance with your father... Priceless.