Saturday, March 7, 2015

February Review

A short month, a short review.  
More living in the moment, less photos.
Here we go…

 This month was all about Stella and helping her adjust
We checked out the Philadelphia Auto Show
 Celebrated Mom's birthday
 One of my besties, Bianca visited for the night 
 We had multiple snow days and multiple single digit temperatures 
 We had a whirlwind trip to DC, Virginia & Baltimore to see some friends, attend Derek's nephew's baptism/first birthday and celebrate Valentine's Day
 We had many date nights including seeing 50 Shades of Grey
We enjoyed brunch to celebrate five months of marriage
 We had a great time having friends over, having family over and hosting in general
A couple more great date nights and nights out
 and Miss Stella's first haircut

Some of my favorite posts from the month were
Wedding Wednesday Posts herehere and here


  1. What a month!! What did you think of 50 shades? I loved it! Your fur baby is the most precious!!

  2. What a cool way to do a monthly recap! Do you ever post monthly goals? Your pup is totes adorbs ;)

  3. What a fantastic month, but I seriously canNOT get over the cuteness of your dog! What kind of dog is it?