Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Welcome Bags

This week is all about the welcome bags.
Next week will be the other little details.
Then - that's a wrap :)
I love the little details and I loved planning out each little thing for the welcome bags.
I wanted to put an emphasis on making them great because a ton of our friends were staying over at the hotel and the welcome bag is the first glimpse of the wedding weekend for most.

I searched and searched Pinterest and Etsy for different kind of ideas before making my list and then gathering the items!
Just a tip - do anything you can in advance! I found bags I liked probably seven months out so I ordered them.  Anything personalized and non-perishable I ordered about 3-4 months before.  Last minute items I picked up about a month or two ahead and I stuffed the bags about two weeks in advance to be able to enjoy it and not get into a pinch.  Plus the weekend before our wedding was a holiday weekend so this bride wanted to enjoy!

{What's in the bag}

Welcome note

What's to do in the city letter

Shhhh! We're recovering door hanger

Two personalized cups

Two personalized napkins

Mini wine bottle with "old, new, borrowed, blue, Christina and Derek are ready to say I Do" and ribbon tied on



Cookie pack

Baggie of candy with a homemade tag and ribbon tied on

Water bottle with custom label 

{Some Other Favorite Ideas to Include}


hangover kit/advil

postcard of the city you're in

fan (depending on the season)

pashmina (depending on the season)



tide to go/wet wipes

fruit (I just didn't want to have to worry about that at the last minute)

drink other than water


  1. Wow, lady, your bags are amazing! Just amazing. Love the way they look, so fancy :)!

    I think welcome bags are so important and fun for out of town guests. We did them, as well, just not as fancy. Everyone said the map and list of things to do while they were in town was super helpful and of course they loved the snacks, water and hangover medicine the next day. It was fun crafting the welcome letter, too. Just to let everyone know how much we looked forward to seeing them!

    Again, yours are amazing.

  2. WOW! Love those bags and everything in them. HOnestly, those are probably the nicest ones I've seen!!

  3. You definitely did it up with these welcome bags!! I love all of the details and thought you put into them! We did welcome bags too, which I think is just a nice way of letting everyone know how much you appreciate them being there. We had our wedding during the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC so that was on our list of "events" to check out :)

  4. These are great bags! I love the personalized cups that y'all did, as well as the door hangers.

  5. These are gorgeous! I'm sure everyone loved coming to their hotel room with such a sweet welcome. I really wanted to do something like this, but no one had to stay in a hotel for our wedding - everyone was local or close family that stayed together.

  6. What a thoughtful welcome bag - I love all of the custom details! The door hanger is particularly cute!

  7. Your bags were amazing! Love the color scheme. I couldn't find personalized bags that I liked, so I actually used gift boxes (with handles) and had personalized stickers made to put on the front. It's such a nice touch that I think all guests appreciate!

  8. These are such a fun idea! I love the bags themselves!

  9. I love the idea of having something special waiting for your stay-over guests. So sweet and thoughtful! Especially the info about the surrounding area.

  10. love love love these bags! Such a special treat for your guests :)

  11. Super cute! Putting our Wedding Weekend bags together was a part of the planning that I absolutely loved! We had a ton of out of town guests, and I know that I personally love receiving a welcome bag when traveling for a wedding, so we thought of all the tasty treats and handy info that we could provide to make the weekend that much more relaxing for everyone.

  12. I love your "welcome to Philly" list. I was at a wedding this weekend and we could have really used that. We gave out Utz Crab Chips at our wedding, since my husband is from Maryland, and people loved them. The small touches is what people remember.

  13. So Thoughtful, great little sweet touches!!

  14. Beautiful! I wanted to do welcome bags but then everyone ended up being spread out across like 7 hotels.. and coming in on all different days. I bet everyone loved them =)

  15. I seriously love everything, but especially the bag, glass, & do not disturb sign! I am a huge fan of welcome bags and am always slightly disappointed if I travel for a wedding and don't get one...

  16. LOVE this idea - this is something I totally thought of doing for my wedding - but by the time I had the idea - it was too late to put together!!! It's on the list of things I'd do differently!!! I'm sure your guests adored these bags!!!! :)

  17. These welcome bags are amazing!!
    I wish I would have done something like this. :)

  18. This. Idea. Is. Brilliant. Love love love this!! Especially if you are having an out-of-town wedding.

  19. I love your bags!! (Tangent: we were married 09/07/13... Wedding weekend twins almost!!). I loved doing the bags too because SO MANY PEOPLE TRAVELED FOR US!! Yours are so elegant and perfect!! I'm w huge fan!!