Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fourth of July Extravaganza at PCC

Davey invited us all to go to the Fourth of July Extravaganza at Philadelphia Country Club last Thursday - the weather on Thursday was a w f u l - so stinkin' humid in the afternoon and scary stormy at night - so we went on Sunday :)

{Fourth of July Look This Year}
Top: Banana Republic// Shorts: Loft// Necklace: Kendra Scott// Purse: Nordstrom

Totally pigging out!
As if e didn't eat enough over the weekend - we indulged some more! There were hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled sausage and all the toppings as well as sides like pasta salad and corn, gourmet pizza, fried chicken, biscuits, ribs and more!
For dessert.. well we'll get to that later because we tried it all :)
We had some cotton candy
and frozen yogurt 
{I screamed when I saw a frozen yogurt and do it yourself toppings truck!}
and the boys got strawberry shortcakes
Seriously, how cute!! 
 As you can see, we were all loving the glow sticks
After we finished up all our eating we grabbed some cocktails and went to grab our spot for the fireworks
Steve was ready for the show!

We put to use one of our new shower gifts!

We hit the jackpot when they brought over these light up buttons and had a blast joking around with them
 Glowing and ready for it to get dark

I looked over and Mom had completely decked out her tote and looked so happy with herself, I loved it!!
Then I saw her shoes!! Great spirit with the glow buttons!
Our crew ready to see some fireworks!

 Seriously, I don't know how people get great photos of fireworks - not that I spent too much time trying - it's more fun to just watch :)

A last bit of glow stick fun

Xo C

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