Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Favorites

Another crazy week done! 
 The biggest HUGE news this week is that… Derek and I finally closed on our first house (July 9th) and are now homeowners!! 
Last night and today we will be moving over all the stuff we've slowly been buying the past 11 months and shower gifts, we've got a couple meetings with workers and will get going on making this a home for September! More to come on the house next week…

This week was also very much about the holiday weekend including our festive events at the lake and the Fourth of July BBQ

My favorite song right now!!
On Friday, Grandmom came home from the hospital in just a couple days away from 3 weeks after breaking her hip - she had ice cream for lunch and was a happy gal!

We ran some home errands and I found Derek like this in Bed Bath & Beyond

{Friday Night at El Gran}
We went to El Gran {PTL!} and as we we're pulling in a huge storm was rolling in too - I HATE storms and called Mom in a panic - by the time they got there, it was already calming down - but our crew had the whole bar to ourselves

For someone who doesn't love mexican - he had the most plates at the table

{Part of the Weekend in Sparta}
We got into Sparta on Saturday night and went right to our favorite Warehouse Grill - just to find out that it was a new restaurant with a new name - it was different, but we still liked it and all our favorite waitresses are still there
Derek left early for golf on Sunday and I had the best morning! Sleeping in, Watching TV, Relaxing and Gracie loved keeping me company.
Sunday afternoon I went to a bridal shower for Derek's friends from home - Tommy & Kristin - Derek's in their wedding in August
Of course I had to check out the cupcakes
I mean, how cute!!
I loved my favor - it's so cute I almost don't want to drink it 

Derek joined me for a couple walks this week - one night he walked almost the entire way with his "walking sticks" and was cracking me up - he "brought them home for Nash for a special treat"

It's always a nice surprise when Derek comes home with flowers - but on Tuesday he came home with flowers AND dinner.. great surprise :)

{Best Day of the Week: Wednesday}
We closed on the house!!!
Since the boys we're staying at the other office to work instead of ours and we had kind of blocked off the whole day for closing - Mom and I ran out to King of Prussia and did some appetizers at Chilli's (ONLY because it was a special day or I wouldn't have been able to talk her into it)
I got the best parking space ever at KOP right by the door
We were looking for dresses for all these upcoming summer/fall weddings and both succeeded! We each found a pair of shoes on the way out too

 {Dining Under the Stars}
This week was at Azzie - we lucked out with great weather and the rooftop
A lot of us had the same taste - four of us got the crab spring roles (four of us also got the rock shrimp) and that's Derek's Godzilla roll
Derek taking on Godzilla - the plate was clean by the end of the night
They had a specialty sangria on Wednesday
Our family of five humored me by going to get froyo after

Poor little guy hates when Steve cleans his ears - I should have known when he was hiding in the corner while I did zumba that Steve wasn't far behind with the medicine

{Just for Fun}
Derek sent me this text one day..

Terrible news of the week: my beloved crumbs is closing - all the other bakeries will just have to do :-(

Xo C

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