Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: June Wedding Planning Review

Two Months To Go!! 

Starting June 1st things got c r a z y and planning really picked up speed!  Every week there was more and more appointments and more and more things to do - hopefully July will settle down a little bit (part of the craziness was because of the house!)

- My Mom & Bridesmaids threw a fantastic shower here in Media 

- On that note we had many shower for mom to go to/pre shower event appointments for both of us in early June 
- My wedding dress came in!! We had my first fitting last week!!
- All the other dresses came in!  Bridesmaids first, {Bride second}, Mom third - The out of town girls went for their fittings while they were in town for the shower, and we're going to do Mom's after the holiday

- We picked up, stuffed, stamped & mailed the wedding invitations 

{It's a lot more work then it seems - this was a process through the whole month, glad it's over and excited/can't believe they have been mailed!}

- Picked the menu for the wedding and returned our first packet to the hotel with miscellaneous information for the reception
{another long process}

- Had our linens appointment and picked the linens for the reception tables

- Completed our second meeting with Nikki at church and formed the layout of the ceremony complete with picking our readings and songs

- Formed "Derek's Cigar Bar" and are working on gathering our supplies

- Honeymoon Excursion Planning

Bridal Shower:
For Pre Shower Events: click here
For Bridal Shower Part One: click here
For Bridal Shower Part Two: click here
For Bridal Shower Part Three: click here

Somebody not helping...
Somebody trying to help...
Invitation Mailing Day!!

Calendars Galore trying to keep all these dates/to do's in order!

Menu Planning:
First Wedding Dress Fitting!
Bridesmaid Fittings:

Honeymoon Excursion Planning:
We're going to go with the flow for the majority of our honeymoon but two things we definitely wanted to do (that needed to be reserved in advance) we set up with the hotel concierge - it was felt crazy to be emailing over to Bora Bora! They'd usually answer while I was sleeping - so it took about a week to set up 
 Half Day on a Catameran
Safari Tour to see around the island one morning

Last but not least.. we had a couple Bridal Breakdowns (as we call them) this month

Xo C

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