Monday, July 14, 2014

Our First House!

A small look at our first of many parts of "moving"

Loaded up and ready to go!  We took three full cars over Thursday night and Five full cars over Friday and got most of our stuff over! … But it will certainly be a gradual project

Our first step into the new house once it was ours

 Derek *jokingly* reaching in for the "first fight" wine bottle
 Break time for part of the move in team
 In addition to dinner across the street, we also walked over at lunch for lunch at one of the restaurants across the street

 Some more champagne celebrations

 Filled boxes quickly turned into empty boxes

Here's the Story...
It all started last August in 2013 {11 months ago!} when this long journey began.  We had talked about getting engaged before year's end and started doing preliminary house searches.  
We found a couple communities that we liked and set out to look at them one Friday when Derek was in town - on the way home from looking - a couple days before Mom and I noticed what looked to be a construction site next to some condos I always thought I'd live in {and if I was single and probably would be!} It was LOVE at first sight!  Brand new construction, we got to design the house.. best part it wouldn't be ready until December but they could push us back to the end of February - right around the time we thought Derek would be moving here!  A couple weeks later the papers were signed and we had found our first home! 
February slowly turned into March, March turned into April, April turned into May, May turned into June and finally on July __ we closed and have two months to make the house livable for September! We've got some work lined up for the summer - window treatments, painting, some work for the contractor, furniture and we'll save decorating for the fall so we can really enjoy it and only bring in things we both really love and want there! {I've already started my look sheets for most rooms and can't wait to see the visions come to life!} 
God has a plan for everything and even though it was frustrating and annoying and painful sometimes that our end date kept being pushed back, July 2014 is actually perfect for us.
We had a longggg time to wait for our house to be built - 11 months to be exact - We loved watching the progress - when Derek was in town we'd always go over to check - once he lived here and things were always progressing we were over all the time - so over the next few days I'll share some progression photos…

Xo C


  1. The house looks great, Christina! I love how you have a wine bottle for every "first" occasion. The minute you both set foot on that house, it became a home. Anyway, I hope you both have a wonderful time together on your first-ever home. Thanks for sharing! All the best! :)

    Arlene Keller @ Scott Sauer

  2. Congratulations on buying your first house as husband and wife! That truly deserves a glass of wine and a big celebration. I can just imagine how happy you guys are because that wonderful gift. In any way, I hope that you are settling in real well. Here's to great memories on that house from here and beyond! Cheers!

    Myron Payne @ Finlay Brewer

  3. You’ve had an amazing 11 months waiting for a home that you can consider your own. God's timing is always best but I cannot imagine waiting that long. Have you thought of creating a special place in your home to keep the wine bottles? It might make a wonderful way to remember all that you have been through together.