Tuesday, July 15, 2014

House Progression #1

Here are some of our most memorable visits during some of our many many trips to see our land/house

{September 2013}
We were vacationing in San Francisco when we got the news that we were approved for a mortgage and ready to move forward in the planning process

Since we found out when we were surrounded by wine we decided to ship some back for our new house including a bottle of champagne for when we moved in!  We flew this box back from Napa and soon we can finally start enjoying it

{October 2013}
We made two trips to the Design Center in October {Coincidentally one was the weekend before we got engaged and one was the weekend after} to design our whole house - cabinets, countertops, floors, lights, hardware, where this goes, where that goes, we designed it all here
 Also this month the plot of land finally started looking like a neighborhood!
The model home was really looking like a house and that was huge to us - we couldn't wait to get inside and see it
Our land!! just waiting to be built on
  Fun Fact: When Derek was deciding how to propose, this was one of his ideas - on the land for our new house

{Holiday Break 2013}
 Almost ready to start building - some materials in place
 We loved our visits even when it was just land 

… more tomorrow

Xo C

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